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The Mammoth Book Of More Bizarre Crimes
Incredible Real-Life Criminal Cases!

Discover extraordinary stories of criminal acts far stranger than any fiction!

Huge collection of unusual true crimes includes the murder of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace, the killing of intern Chandra Levy, citizens wrongly convicted of heinous crimes, numerous unsolved cases, and much more.
Real Visitors Voices From Beyond And Parallel Dimensions Book
Are we alone, or are there intelligent life-forms beyond our world? Perhaps they walk among us?

Explore the myths, stories, history, and facts of documented encounters, mysterious experiences, and unexplained entities inhabiting our universe!

Contains over 200 stories including the US Air Force chasing a UFO, apparitions of lost family members and religious figures, and even tales of time travel, out-of-body experiences, and more!
The Nazis Next Door Book
Once-secret government records and interviews tell the full story of how thousands of Hitler's men--from concentration-camp guards to high-level Third Reich officers--tried hiding from their crimes in our own backyard.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Eric Lichtblau sheds light on the war criminals who fled to America after WWII, the Nazi hunters who exposed them, and how our government used them to its advantage.
The Year That Made Hitler 1924 Book
Before Adolf Hitler's rise to power, there was 1924--the year he served time in prison for treason and produced Mein Kampf.

1924 was the year of Hitler's final transformation into the self-proclaimed savior and infallible leader who would interpret and distort Germany's historical traditions to support his vision for the Third Reich.

Discover the stories and scenes of the year vital to understanding the man and the brutality he wrought in WWII.

Includes 16 pages of photos, documents, and illustrations.
50 Guns That Changed The World Book
Discover the history of 50 firearms that influenced and helped shape our world since the 19th century!

Full-color guide includes full specs, operation, and variations of such game-changing guns as the Winchester Model 1873, AK-47, and Barrett 82A1.

Illustrated with full-color and black & white archive photos and ads, as well as contemporary action shots.
Spooky Treasure Troves Book
There's an undeniable link between long-lost treasure and the supernatural.

Discover tales of hidden riches protected by ghosts, UFOs, and others, as well as successful fortune seekers lead by mysterious entities to million-dollar bounties.

You'll even find tips and tricks for hunting your very own treasure!
Why Does Asparagus Make Your Pee Smell Book
Why does bacon smell so good? Why do onions make you cry? Can mixing drinks make your hangover worse? Why do fish smell 'fishy'?

The answers to these and other burning questions are revealed in the hidden science behind everyday foods and drinks.

With colorful graphics and fun, easy-to-understand explanations from biology and chemistry, you'll finally find out why asparagus makes your pee smell funny.
Trump's America The Complete Loser's Guide Book
The founding editor of The Onion brings you the road map every citizen needs to thrive and survive in a "Trumpocalypse!"

Discover how "The Don" will improve the constitution, navigate foreign policy, take out Bigfoot, and more!

You'll even learn how to conceive superior children, become immune to poisons, and how to tell if your yacht salesman is a nobody! It'll be great!
Haunted Presidents Book
Discover stories about ghosts of late presidents--from George Washington to Ronald Reagan, reported experiences of unexplained phenomena, and odd encounters involving members of presidential families.

Such tales include Abraham Lincoln's prophetic dreams, Dolley Madison's spirit seen in the White House rose garden, the demon cat that materializes prior to national disasters, and more.
The Hitler Legacy Book
Underground Nazi networks exist to finance global terror and continues to threaten our security by infiltrating and manipulating religion and politics to push their dangerous ideology on the masses.

Now you can learn the truth about the genuine character of the Nazi cult and the people and political movements it has influenced in the decades since the end of WWII.
Ultimate Tattoo Coloring Book
Amazing Body-Art Imagery For You To Color!

Create colorfully badass works of art with over 170 different tattoo-style designs to fill in using your favorite coloring pencils, markers, or paint. Find dozens of snakes, crosses, skulls, dragons, intricate flowers, and more!

Each page is single sided, allowing you to remove and frame your completed masterpieces.
Ghosts And Poltergists True Stories From Beyond The Grave Book
Are you sensitive (or psychic) enough see and hear the ghosts and spirits that inhabit the world around us?

Re-examine recorded sightings from as far back as Roman times, not as chain-rattling spooks or cold clouds of vapor, but as actual entities that share our greater reality. Next, dig into mysterious accounts of poltergeists, who wreak havoc by throwing things around and playing tricks with light and sound.

Documented accounts from earliest times to present day shed some light on these mysterious beings from the "4th dimension" and their bizarre behavior.
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