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Bootlegger's Blackjack Guidebook
Beat The Casinos At Their Own Game!

Blackjack provides plenty of excitement and entertainment--but wouldn't it be more exciting if you were walking away with more of the casino's money?

Guide covers all the basics of casino blackjack, proper table etiquette, how to take full advantage of casino freebies, an easy-to-use card-counting system, money-management advice and how to avoid common mistakes, traps and casino heat.
Voodoo Dolls Spellbook
Over 175 Spells & Rituals! Authentic Voodoo Magic From New Orleans!

Improve any area of your life using one of the oldest tools of mankind--the voodoo doll. Here are secret spells that help you bind your enemies, banish naysayers, make yourself irresistible, find a lover, spice up your sex life and more.

Also includes instructions on how to make a Get Even Gris Gris doll to even the score with someone.
Crop Circles Book
All over the world, these gigantic works of art appear in the dead of the night in crop fields. Often these designs are incredibly clever and inventive!

Learn the secrets that lie behind these crop circles, from sacred geometry, numerology to other mystical concepts long forgotten in modern design. Stunningly illustrated with full-color photographs.
Dollar Battle-Gami Book
Sharpen those origami skills by folding your dollar bills into 15 different war machines!

Create a jet fighter, US Navy destroyer, UAV drone, a sniper rifle, Japanese zero fighter plane, a hand grenade plus 9 more impressive projects!

Kit includes book, plus 100 practice sheets.
52 Prepper Projects Book
Live A Self-Reliant Life!

52 Projects To Prepare For The Unexpected! Illustrated guide gives you a project for every week of the year, designed to start you off with the foundations of disaster preparedness. Not just for "preppers" either--great for anyone who wants to learn more about "doing it yourself".

Learn how to make a tin can stove, liquid laundry soap, a clothes washer from a bucket & plunger, or how to eat acorns, make cheese, start a fire with a battery and more!
Art Of Illusion Book
The Art Of Optical Illusions!

Just try to solve the magical mysteries of these optical illusions. As these magnificent works of art prove, you can't always trust your eyes!

Engaging book is filled with colorful deceptions to challenge the eye and the mind. Over 200 of the finest images in the world--including rarities by the great M.C. Escher.

These images will make you look... and look again!
Urban Legends Book
Giant Collection Of Urban Legends!

Here is the ultimate collection of outlandish, funny, eerie and gross tales, like the scuba diver found dead in a forest fire, or the murderer in the backseat, or the story of the cat in the dryer!

You'll laugh, shudder and cringe with every turn of the page. And then you'll find yourself saying to a friend "Someone told me this really happened..."
Where Are They Buried Updated Book
Updated & Revised!

Ever found yourself wondering where Heath Ledger was buried? How about Anna Nicole Smith? Discover the final resting places of over 450 cultural icons from around the world, from the likes of Jim Morrison and Al Capone to George Carlin, John Wayne and Johnny Cash.

This encyclopedic roadmap has 50 photos, and index of grave locations and a brief bio and detailed direction to the gravesite for each entry (plus a few secrets to gaining access to some of the more private ones).
Conspiracy Journal Reader
Deep, Dark Conspiracy Secrets!

What sinister forces are determined to control our lives? Is anything really what it seems to be? Filled with over 35 reports that will keep you glued to your seats.

Topics range from the underground lair of the Reptilians, to the "Mickey Mouse Syndrome", to debate over whether Noah's Ark was really a vehicle from Mars, to the weird world of crystal skulls and much more.
Suppressed Intelligence Reports Book
Could this be the most dangerous book ever published? Filled with forbidden and controversial topics that may have you peeking over your shoulder to see who is watching.

Articles like "Still Believe You Have Rights?", "School of Assassins in USA", "Pharmaceutical Racket Out Of Control", "Who Wants Population Control", and many more.
Naked Eggs And Flying Potatoes Book
Mind Boggling Tricks & Experiments You Can Do At Home!

Transform the ordinary into the amazing as you make everyday objects ooze, bubble, fizz and pop! From flying toilet paper to trash can smoke rings, or erupting soda to exploding sandwich bags, the experiments here will spark your imagination.

Over 200 color photographs accompany the step-by-step instructions, along with explanations for the "how" and "why" science behind each activity.
Secrets Of The Ninja Book
Learn The Secrets Of The Ninja!

A successful ninja owes his life to the shadows, where he waits in ambush, invisible even to those who search. Some techniques included in this book are: the 5 preferred methods of "Inpo" the art of hiding, a technique on how to appear invisible, and how to observe while inside enemy lines.

A rare chance to pierce the secrecy surrounding the ninja craft!
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