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The Ultimate Unofficial Guide To Minecraft Strategies
The perfect right-hand man for your gaming adventures!

Unofficial guide has everything you need to know to build, explore, attack, and survive in the world of Minecraft. Learn how to blow up houses, defend yourself against zombies, launch cows, ride pigs, and more!

An essential how-to for all levels of skill from novice players to expert minecrafters.
Facts To Blow Your Socks Off And Make Your Jaw Drop Books
$16.95 - $30.90
Did you know that the CIA reads up to 5 million tweets a day? Or that coyotes can run faster than roadrunners? (What's up with that, Wile E.?)

The creators of the hugely popular BBC quiz show, QI, have packed oodles of trivia into 1,227 Quite Interesting Facts to Blow Your Socks Off, and heaps of entertaining factoids into in its sequel, 1,339 Quite Interesting Facts to Make Your Jaw Drop.

Hundreds of fun conversation starters are at your fingertips!
Optical Magic Book
You won't believe your eyes!

Impossible objects, ambiguous figures, anamorphic illusions, and a range of designs that will fool your sense of perception. More than 300 optical illusions of all varieties!
Underground Bases And Tunnels Book
With 50 Pages Of Photos & Illustrations!

Dive deep into the little-known corners of public records and discover there are more underground installations and more going on than meets the eye! Well-researched book includes locations of bases, information on UFO-like technology, plus photos and illustrations.
American Monsters Book
A history of the creepy creatures and countless things that go bump in the night... right in your own backyard!

From pre-Columbian legends to modern-day eyewitness accounts, this comprehensive guide covers the history, sightings, and lore surrounding the most mysterious monsters in America--including Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and more.
The Weiser Book Of Horror And The Occult
Hidden magic, occult truths, and the legends that started it all...

Packed with stories selected from one of today's leading esoteric scholars, this book will do more than make your toes curl and your skin crawl. These tales reveal hidden truths, inspire forbidden pursuits, and divulge the secrets of magical initiation in the guise of fiction.

WARNING: You'll wanna read this book with the lights on!
Nazi Women The Attraction Of Evil Book
Have you heard of Gertrud Scholtz-Link, aka the "Female Fuhrer" before? Or concentration camp commander Maria Mandel, who kept Jews as "pets" and sent them to the gas chamber when she tired of them?

From the Reich Bride Schools, bizarre breeding programs, and espionage brothels and more, this book covers the lives of women in the Third Reich.
Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions Book
Are all things--from mundane to the mysterious--tied together by a vast and invisible electromagnetic web? Could it explain ESP, poltergeist disturbances, psychokinesis, UFOs, and other paranormal phenomena?

Explore these ideas and more, like whether humans possess a magnetic "sixth sense" similar to that of homing pigeons.
The Mammoth Book Of Cult Comics
A compelling selection of some of the very best of the underground, counter-cultural phenomenon!

What were once mostly photocopied and stapled pamphlets in short runs of a few issues are collected together here in a single volume. Contains outrageous sex stories, chilling (yet comedic) cut-ups, and so much more!

Adult content; not meant for children.
Sons Of Anarchy Official Series Guide
A must for anyone who is a fan of FX's highest rated series!

An insider's guide to all 7 seasons of the show--including the final episode. Collector's edition features a "leather effect" embossed front cover and is filled with official photographs, commentary and memorable quotes from the actors.
Special Forces Fitness Training Book
Gym-Free Workouts To Build Muscle & Get In Elite Shape!

Do you have what it takes to be a special-ops solider? Here are 30 gym-free, hard-core workouts that help you build massive strength, increase speed and agility, extend fatigue threshold, improve balance and flexibility, and boost mental fortitude.

No gym equipment required!
Cannibal Killers Book
Some people take the saying, "You are what you eat," a little too seriously!

Disturbing tales like those of Jeffrey Dahmer, the Crossbow Cannibal, and the Rostov Ripper give (most of) us the creeps--and for good reason!

Through the case files of The People and the Daily Mirror, the author was given access to thousands of hours of investigative journalism to bring these killers' (and more!) real stories to life.
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