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Who What Where When Book
What does humble pie taste like? Where is the most crowded place on earth? Did London Bridge really fall down? Can you really get scared to death?

Find informative and amusing answers to 150 quirky questions you never thought to ask.
Evil Book
Why are we so fascinated with evil deeds, and the obscure?

Evil is an epic account of the world's most infamous murders, containing shocking details of more than 60 homicides along with images of criminals, forensic evidence, and more.
SAS Urban Survival Handbook
Urban-jungle dwellers absolutely need this indispensable guide!

Packed with essential strategies for dealing with the stresses of daily life in the modern world, from fire drills and power-tool safety, to terrorist threats and home invasions.

Includes instructions for making your own survival kit, recognizing everyday hazards from poisons to computer hacking, self-defense, persevering through natural disasters, and more!
FBI Handbook Of Crime Scene Forensics
CSI buffs and crime-procedural fans will find plenty of information to devour in this official guide for submitting evidence to the FBI.

The manual outlines the proper methods for investigating crime scenes, examining evidence, packing & shipping evidence to the FBI lab, and observing safety protocol at crime scenes. Types of evidence discussed include: bullet jacket alloys, computers, hairs, lubricants, tire treads, and much more!

A guide for experts and laymen alike.
The Omniverse Book
Enlightening guide combines science and spirituality to reveal startling replicable evidence about extraterrestrial and extra-universal life, the intelligent civilizations created by souls in the afterlife, top-secret technology, and the existence of a secret base as well as life on Mars!

Learn all about how our souls are actually holographic fragments of God, and about the invisible hyperdimensional controllers who feed off negative energy.
The SS: Hitler's Instruments Of Terror Book
From the street fighters to the Waffen-SS, this definitive volume examines in full every aspect of Hitler's private army.

Learn about SS units and their battles, the foreign legions, the non-military departments, and the key figures who led formations in the field and oversaw internal affairs within Nazi Germany, such as Heinrich Himmler, "Sepp" Dietrich, and Kurt Meyer.

Unflinchingly takes on questions of atrocities committed against prisoners and civilians as well as the SS's role in the concentration camps. Includes biographies of notorious SS members like Adolf Eichmann, Reinhard Heydrich, and others.

Illustrated with 270 color and black-and-white photographs--many of which are seldom seen and/or from private collections--and 25 color artworks.

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Star Wars Trading Cards Book
Volume One of the original Topps trading-card series, first published in 1977 and 1978, and reprinted here in its entirety for the first time!

Deluxe compilation includes fronts and backs of all 330 cards and 55 stickers, plus movie facts, actor profiles, plot summaries, and puzzle cards with scenes from the movie that started it all.

Also includes 4 limited-edition bonus cards produced exclusively for this collection.

Truly a must-have for the real fan!

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Ghouls, Ghosts And Ninja Rats Book
Whether you're a fan of crime stories, or skin-crawling horror, you'll find an unhealthy dose of suspenseful frights to whet your whistle in this fiction collection.

Brace yourself for 18 of the spookiest, strangest, most bone-chilling crime stories of all time!

Featuring everything from supernatural con artists and shape-shifters to werewolves and motorcycle-riding ninja rats, these gripping tales of magic, murder, and suspense will send a shiver up anyone's spine.
How To Think Like Einstein Book
Learn how to think like the greatest minds in history and unleash your inner genius!

Discover how to solve problems using techniques from the likes of Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, and the brains at Google.

Includes fun and unique tools, such as thinking like a bug, pretending you're James Bond, acting like a millionaire, and more to tackle everyday challenges in business, parenting, creativity, and relationships.
M.C. Escher Pop Ups Book
Stunning showcase presents some of MC Escher's most intriguing works in mesmerizing 3D pop-ups. Appreciate Escher's impossible geometry, and themes of infinity and paradox in a completely new way.

Features quotes from the artist, and reproductions of many of his other works.
Hitler A Pictorial History Book
An illustrated chronicle of the life of the evilly enigmatic Nazi Germany dictator.

Includes 100 black-and-white photographs portraying the legacy of a man whose actions resulted in worldwide conflict and the deaths of more than 50 million people.

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How To Fight A Bear And Win Book
A new and unique take on survival guides--don't expect to see "how to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together" in this book... Instead, you'll learn to make fire with a car battery!

You'll also learn to swing from a vine like Tarzan, how to land an airplane in a crisis situation, how to perform emergency surgery in the woods, how to identify edible (and poisonous) insects, and, of course, how to beat a bear in a fight.
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