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Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Paper Dolls
Just in time for one of the most contentious campaigns in history!

Vying for a place among your collectibles are former NY Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton and businessman/TV personality Donald Trump.

Each includes 15 different outfits, so you can dress them for success or just for laughs.

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The Mammoth Book Of More Bizarre Crimes
Incredible Real-Life Criminal Cases!

Discover extraordinary stories of criminal acts far stranger than any fiction!

Huge collection of unusual true crimes includes the murder of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace, the killing of intern Chandra Levy, citizens wrongly convicted of heinous crimes, numerous unsolved cases, and much more.
Brain Dump Book
Why read the shampoo-bottle ingredients while you're in the john when you can stimulate your brain instead?

Our crapper companion is loaded with puzzles, games, "kernels" of wisdom, and even Poo Logs so you can track your... output.

Enjoy such gems as Sudopoo, Dumpy Differences, Toilet Trivia (did you know the Romans had a manure god?), and more!
True Crime In The Civil War Book
For many, the Civil War was merely an opportunity to profit from illegal acts, seek revenge, and simply run violently amok while a nation tore itself apart.

Learn about Beast of New Orleans, Benjamin Butler; Detroit's Draft Riot; the Fort Pillow Massacre, and many other atrocities that occurred alongside Civil War battles.

Includes 16 pages of archive photos and illustrations.

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Gangster Women And The Criminals They Loved Book
What persuaded the gals of infamous gangsters of the 1930s to abandon their conventional daily routines for the inevitable uncertainty of life on the run?

Discover the fascinating story of the "gun molls" who were said to be more dangerous to society than the gangsters with whom they ran.
Real Visitors Voices From Beyond And Parallel Dimensions Book
Are we alone, or are there intelligent life-forms beyond our world? Perhaps they walk among us?

Explore the myths, stories, history, and facts of documented encounters, mysterious experiences, and unexplained entities inhabiting our universe!

Contains over 200 stories including the US Air Force chasing a UFO, apparitions of lost family members and religious figures, and even tales of time travel, out-of-body experiences, and more!
The Nazis Next Door Book
Once-secret government records and interviews tell the full story of how thousands of Hitler's men--from concentration-camp guards to high-level Third Reich officers--tried hiding from their crimes in our own backyard.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Eric Lichtblau sheds light on the war criminals who fled to America after WWII, the Nazi hunters who exposed them, and how our government used them to its advantage.
World War I In 40 Posters Book
Collection of 40 full-color propaganda posters provides an informative, provocative perspective on the first world war.

Includes essays explaining each poster, and its significance within military, political, social, and cultural history.

Covers the timeline from mobilization and recruitment to war bond drives and efforts to sustain morale in the US, Britain, Canada, Germany, Austria, and France.

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Tesla Vs Edison Book
Thomas Edison is considered the world's most famous inventor, but were his achievements greater than those of Nikola Tesla?

Learn about the life-long feud between these brilliant scientists alongside other key players in the world of scientific engineering on a mission to electrify America.

Vintage-style layout filled with historical photos, illustrations, and documents makes a handsome conversation piece.
The Drone Pilot's Handbook
The Fun Exciting Guide To Getting Airborne!

All-inclusive illustrated guide is packed cover-to-cover with tips, tricks for piloting your drone. Learn tweaks for better drone performance, photography techniques, how to perform aerial stunts, where it's safe (and legal!) to fly, and more!
The Story The Soldiers Wouldn't Tell Book
Sex In The Civil War!

The Civil War was a time of great bloodshed. What historians often fail to acknowledge is that wartime didn't diminish the desire to sew one's oats.

Learn how soldiers sought carnal solace with widows, prostitutes, slaves, and more in this tell-all that explores both the frisky and the frightful sides of Civil War soldiers.

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Shit Happens: The Book
Somewhere, someone is having a worse day than you!

From kamikaze crows to man-eating sofas (you can't make this sh!t up!), this collection of true, entertaining tales of bad luck and stupidity will make you feel leagues better about your own life.
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