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101 Secrets Of The Freemasons Book
An excellent resource for both Masons and non-Freemasons!

Learn how and why this enigmatic organization has had such a profound effect on our lives--on everything from the movies we see to the cash we carry.

Tell-all guide unravels the mystery of this intriguing society, one secret at a time, as well as providing insight as to where certain conspiracy theories about the brotherhood began.
Spartan Warrior Workout Book
Get Action-Movie Ripped In 30 Days!

Do you have the strength to stop an entire army? In just one month, the high-intensity workouts in this book can give you the jaw-dropping physique of history's greatest soldiers. Every muscle set is sculpted, chiseled, shaped, toned and strengthened!

Detailed instructions with photos also include guidelines on active rest, pre-hab and nutrition to keep your body healthy as you reach higher levels of fitness.
Bad Birthdays Book
The Truth Behind Your (Crappy) Sun Sign!

There are no sappy or mindless cheerful affirmations here! Here's the truth--whether you like it or not--about your sun sign.

The quirks, oddities, and unpleasantries that characterize your unlucky sign (Plagued Pisces? Lame Leo? Tragic Taurus?). You can even check your so-called compatibility with other unlucky signs.
Tesla The Life And Times Of An Electric Messiah Book
Did you know Tesla spoke 8 languages? Patented more than 700 inventions? Had a photographic memory and did advanced calculus and physics equations in his head?

Here is a fun, yet smart read, about the greatly-misunderstood genius. Printed in a style similar to an old early 1900s newspaper, complete with photos, diagrams and sketches.
Countdown To Preparedness Book
Guide To Total Disaster Readiness!

In this dangerous world, there's no place where disaster won't find you. And if you want to make it out alive, you need to be ready to act on your own!

Straightforward guide lays out a 52-week plan that takes you from clueless to completely ready! Life-saving program includes information on storing food & water to advanced techniques for defending your family & property.
JFK Conspiracies Book
The assassination of John F Kennedy is one of the defining moments of the 1960s and still one of the most shocking events of modern times.

Many conspiracy theories have risen--this book investigates and analyzes them (Russians? The Mob? Fidel Castro?) to decide if Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman, or if there were other assassins in Dealey Plaza in November 1963.

Includes stunning black and white photographs of the assassination.
Alien Hand Syndrome Book
Book Of Too Weird To Not Be True Stories!

Over 90 fantastic-but-true stories! Featuring entries about nature's nightmares (like the Kola Superdeep Borehole), or man-made disasters (how about the Molasses Flood of 1919?), to animal anomalies (like Mike the Headless Chicken), and other historical arcana (like Undark and the Radium Girls).

Every story is, well, damn interesting!
Fifty Weapons That Changed The Course Of History Book
Here's the story of the last 3,500 years told through the weapons that shaped it, from the simple stone ax to the autonomous robots being built today. Illustrated with technical specifications and explanations on the weapon's part in human conflict and long-term legacy.

A fascinating read for history buffs!
Bizarre Crimes Book
Enjoy plenty of laughs thanks to the fumblers and bumblers in this wacky lineup.

Meet fast food felons who punch workers when their favorite snack isn't available, a robber whose mask made the victim laugh so hard he wouldn't turn over the money, a thief that left his resume in a car he'd stolen and many more!

These crooks are high up on the idiot-meter!
The Book Of Impossible Objects
25 Eye-Popping Illusions!

This book will mess with your mind--and show how your mind messes with you! These 25 projects work like magic, but there is actual science behind each one.

You get a booklet of activities and explanations; a genuine wobblestone, set of hinged mirrors, acetate animations viewer, a variety of card-stock curiosities and more!
Demons Book
Demonic Bone-Chilling Tales!

Good luck getting any sleep if you're foolish enough to read this at night! Compilation features vintage tales, contemporary classics and brand-new stories involving the Devil, demons, fallen angels and possession. Over 35 tales by noted authors like Neil Gaiman and H.P. Lovecraft with articles on the details of demon lore.

Note: contains graphic language and situations; not recommended for children.
Secrets Of Making And Breaking Codes Book
Become A Codemaster!

Hands-on guide to both the simplest cipher schemes (that need little more than scratch paper and a pencil to crack) to more sophisticated codes that use one-time code books, pocket calculators, to even the most advanced computer-based systems used by militaries and governments!
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