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Secret History Of The United States Book
U.S. History: Cobwebs & Lies!

Was Christopher Columbus Jewish? Did you know about the plots to kidnap George Washington? Who was Agent 355? What about Nixon's ties to the mob?

From the beginnings of our national history up to the events of 9-11, you'll read fascinating accounts of the underside of our hidden history that isn't taught in school.
Timechart Of Biblical History Book
About 4,000 years of Biblical history is packed into this book, in an easy-to-understand visual style.

The Bible comes to life thanks to the unique accordion fold pull-out section. With illustrated timelines, maps, family dynasties, chronology of the life of Christ, and much more.

Helps make the people and events of the Bible fall into place.
DC Comics™ Superman Files Book
First-ever comprehensive account!

The life and times of Clark Kent employs clippings from The Daily Planet, journal entries, relics from his childhood in Smallville, artifacts from Krypton, files from Stryker's Island, schematics for Jor-El's rocketship, as well as hundreds of "photos" of Superman's enemies and allies.

Written by a leading Superman historian in conjunction with DC Comics. A must for fans!
Ultimate Book Of Imposters
Was: $16.99
Now: $11.97
Astonishing true stories of over 100 of the craziest and funniest phonies in history, such as a fake French official who managed to sell the Eiffel Tower... twice! Or how one of the Wild West's toughest and most admired "male" stagecoach drivers was actually a woman!

Packed with fun facts and outrageous accounts of fake pilots, phony princesses, imitation Indians, and serial sham artists, this book exposes the truth behind the world's wildest frauds.
Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business Book
Jump Start Your Business! Shark Tank Secrets To Turn Ideas Into Cash!

Each week, millions of Americans tune in to watch ABC's hit show Shark Tank, as hopeful entrepreneurs secure lucrative deals with powerful investors. So how do you turn an idea into a business?

This book is filled with practical knowledge plus time-tested advice from the "Sharks" themselves. Learn how to assess an idea, launch and run a company without breaking the bank, all about branding, and more.
Voyage To The Heart Of Matter Pop Up Book
This intricately-constructed pop-up book is true paper engineering!

Just what is the origin of matter? This is the heart of the ATLAS experiment, being conducted with the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN facility. Each page is chock full of pop-out details, and explains, in an understandable way, how the detector works and what it's searching for in the world of particle physics.
Are There Rainbows On The Moon Puzzle Book
Perfect for astounding friends, impressing party guests, and annoying relatives!

Every puzzle in this book is based on real world science. A question is asked, like "Can you stop an echo?" then using scientific principles, the answer is provided (on a separate page, which encourages you to try to solve it yourself first).

Learn how the moon causes tides, whether you can cool a whole room by leaving the fridge door open, what makes glue stick, and much more.
Three Stooges® Curly Biography Book
Today, Curly still stands out as the zaniest, most beloved member!

In-depth biography, compiled by his niece, offers written material and rare photos of Curly's family, films, and personal life that overflow with the intimate details of his relationships with his parents, siblings, wives, and children.

Updated edition; includes previously-unpublished material, and a foreword written for the book in 1985 by long-time fan Michael Jackson.

Click here to see our entire Three Stooges® collection!
Soldier Of Fortune™ Book
How To Disappear Without A Trace!

Whether you're being stalked, followed, or just need to get away, being able to disappear (and not be found) is a skill that is imperative to ultimate survival.

This priceless guide, by a former British SAS expert, reveals the secret ways to disappear in our social media environment, how to have records erased, how to create a cover story, places to disappear to, and much, much more.
The Classic Era Of American Comics Book
Highly-illustrated volume explores a stunning selection of cover art and comic strips from the 1930s through the 1950s.

Revisit the iconic superheroes, ravishing females, westerns & war stories, true crime & detective tales, romance, funnies, and other genres, with tributes to the artists and editors who made the comics of yesterday so collectible today.
Lost Race Of The Giants Book
Could giants be a true earthborn race?

Giants are a cornerstone of the myths, legends, and traditions of almost every culture on Earth, from the Greek and Roman titans, Norse frost giants, and the biblical Nephilim. There are even recent finds of giant skeletons in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and India!

This book reveals evidence of their existence and how giants may have helped humanity from by passing on their knowledge and technology before being wiped out in the great age of cataclysms and floods.
Fire Your Gym Book
Don't want to pay for a personal trainer? Need a break from your current tedious workout routine? Dive into this book and you'll find a challenging, time-saving, fun program that delivers striking gains in muscle size, strength, running speed, endurance, fat loss and all-round peak fitness.

A highly-motivating 9-week workout system that will keep you super-fit for life--right from your own home.
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