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How To Build A Hovercraft Book
25 Amazing Science Projects!

You're never too old to be the coolest kid on the block. Learn to cause a metal can to crush itself, turn soap into a growing mass of lava, or pierce a balloon without popping it. And amaze onlookers as your head inflates to twice its size!

Plus, each "experiment" includes an explanation of the SCIENCE behind it all--told it a way that makes it interesting (and not boring).
Journal Of Inventions Leonardo Da Vinci Pop Up Book
Da Vinci's Inventions With Pop-Up Blueprints!

Clever three-dimensional pop-ups showcase the complexities involved in the designs of Leonard da Vinci's inventions. Many pop-ups use pull tabs or strings to add movement!

This book is destined to be in the hands of da Vinci fans, collectors as well as art and engineering aficionados.
UFOs Wicked This Way Comes Book
The UFO "Fear Factor"!

Horrifying Accounts Of Alien Encounters! Be forewarned! Friendly UFO encounters are only one side of the coin.

Here are authentic accounts of aliens who attempt to take control of our thoughts and bodies, try to possess our souls, and wreak havoc in the lives of those they come across.
How To Fight Presidents Book
Think you could beat George Washington in a fight? Andrew Jackson? Don't be fooled: our founding fathers were more bandanas-and-muscles than powdered wigs-and-teas.

Here's a comedic (but all-true!) history of the wildest, most-interesting and manliest facts about the U.S. Presidents. (Watch out for Teddy Roosevelt. He once gave a 90-minute speech with a bleeding, undressed bullet hole in his chest.)

Adult content & language; not meant for children.
The Secret Lost Diary Of Admiral Richard E. Byrd
Is This Proof Of A Hollow Earth?

Admiral Byrd was a respected adventurer, and in 1947 he embarked on perhaps his greatest flight ever. Here is the secret diary of the man who claims to have visited the paradise that exists inside the Earth!

Plus, a "long-lost" manuscript detailing the phantom of the poles and more Hollow Earth theories.
The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America Book
Did Ancient Giants Rule America?

Drawing on 400 years of newspaper articles and photos, first person accounts, state historical records, and illustrated field reports, there is surprising evidence that North America was once ruled by an advanced race of giants AND that the Smithsonian has been actively suppressing the physical evidence for nearly 150 years!

Learn about concealed giant discoveries, such as the giant mummies found in Nevada, red-haired bog mummies found in Florida, and the ruins of the giants' cities in Arizona, Oklahoma, Alabama, Louisiana and more.
Erotic Dots Book
Spice up the day with some dot-to-dot fun!

Each puzzle starts with a tantalizing color photo... but you have to make the connections if you want to see the full sexy scene! It's racy, raunchy and sizzling hot.

Adult content with sexually explicit material; not meant for children. You must be at least 21 years old to order this Book.
How To Be Safe Book
How To Protect Yourself From Theft, Predators, Scammers & Intruders!

Jam-packed with unique tips and handy guidelines to deal with muggers, burglars, stalkers and worse, you'll learn what attracts criminals to you and arms you with proven tactics to scare them off.

Written by the founder of Guardsmark, one of the world's largest security service companies. Covers every aspect of personal safety, from your home to your workplace and beyond.

Includes information on computer security--from eBay scams and fake work-at-home offers to protecting data theft from laptops and other devices.
How To Drink Snake Blood In Vietnam Book
101 Things Any Interesting Man Should Know!

Fill your head with these trivia bites and you're guaranteed to be the most interesting man at the next party.

Guide is packed with the craziest and wildest facts, like how to eat chilled monkey brains, how to climb Mount Everest, how to cool a 6-pack of beer when it's 100-degrees Fahrenheit in the shade... plus top 5 lists (5 best red light districts, 5 best nudist colonies, etc.).
Villains, Scoundrels And Rogues Book
Incredible True Tales Of Mischief & Mayhem!

Everyone loves a good villain! From the back pages of history, here are the entertaining stories of little-known scoundrels whose misdeeds range from simple inept to truly horrifying.

From the drunken cop who abandoned his post at Ford's theater (the night Lincoln was shot) to the quack who made millions by implanting goat testicles in gullible male patients, there are plenty of unforgettable tales of human misbehavior.
The Encyclopedia Of The FBI's Most Wanted List
Over the past 50 years, the types of "Top Tenners" have changed with the times, from the bank robbers of the 50s, the anti-war radicals of the 60s, to 80s drug lords and the terrorists of more recent times.

This encyclopedic book includes all the Top Ten lists, from the inception in 1950 up to the end of 1999, with the criminals' photographs, crime details and interesting fugitive facts.
Aliens In Ancient Egypt Book
The sophisticated civilization of ancient Egypt seemed to flourish overnight, but then was lost (or suppressed?) after the death of Pharoah Akhenaten. But evidence of this former Golden Age, complete with the alien visitors behind its rise and decline, still exist.

Are reptilian beings depicted in the Temple of Hathor? Did Thutmose III have an alien encounter? Are Martian minerals found in stones of the pyramids? Did a reptilian race known as Shemsu Hor infiltrate the priesthood?
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