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Underground Bases And Tunnels Book
With 50 Pages Of Photos & Illustrations!

Dive deep into the little-known corners of public records and discover there are more underground installations and more going on than meets the eye! Well-researched book includes locations of bases, information on UFO-like technology, plus photos and illustrations.
Cannibal Killers Book
Some people take the saying, "You are what you eat," a little too seriously!

Disturbing tales like those of Jeffrey Dahmer, the Crossbow Cannibal, and the Rostov Ripper give (most of) us the creeps--and for good reason!

Through the case files of The People and the Daily Mirror, the author was given access to thousands of hours of investigative journalism to bring these killers' (and more!) real stories to life.
Operation Paperclip Book
The Covert Operation To Bring Hitler's Scientists To The U.S.

Was Operation Paperclip a moral outrage or did it help America win the Cold War? In the aftermath of WWII, the U.S. government faced many difficult decisions, including what to do with the Third Reich's scientific minds, many of whom were accused of war crimes.

Book details how many of these men and their families were covertly brought onto American soil and put to work. Draws on exclusive interviews with dozens of Paperclip family members and interrogators, German archival documents (including previously unseen papers), plus numerous other governmental resources.
Nothing But The Truth Book
Top intelligence experts reveal the key tools you need; including 8 conversation motivators, techniques to turn a hostile source into a cooperative one, the means to control the sequence of a conversation, getting the truth through email or on the phone, and much more.
Tales From Langley The CIA From Truman To Obama Book
Politics make strange bedfellows, as the convoluted chronicles of the CIA prove beyond a doubt!

Chronicled here are tales of the murkey world of CIA espionage, with endless plotting, and double, even triple agents! With a focus on founder Bill Donovan, Operation Paperclip, the hunt for Osama bin Laden and then the mysterious helicopter crash that decimated the ranks of Seal Team 6.
Elvis Is Alive Book
Could Elvis Still Be Alive?

Blockbuster book is an attempt to finally put to rest the notion that somehow, for some reason, the pop culture icon faked his own death. Concise history of The King's life and death examines 30 years of persistent theories surrounding Elvis' untimely passing.
The Instant Coin Collector Book
Here's everything you need to know to get started in coin collecting... for fun and profit!

Packed with useful tips and tidbits like which coins to start collecting (and why), collecting terms and definitions, how to maintain and store your collection, and advice for moving beyond the basics.

With more than 650 color photos!
Are You Sh*tting Me Book
Over 1000 Facts That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You!

Did you know that NASA predicts an asteroid larger than 55 yards wide will strike the earth roughly every 100 years? Or that "blue ice" (frozen waste) from an airplane's leaky toilet tank has been known to break off the craft and fall to earth? (Look out below!)

Entertaining book arms you with a ton of freaky facts to harass your family and friends with!
The Card Games Bible
The ultimate card-player's companion!

Crammed with games to provide hours of entertainment, including a tricks section, which gives you ways to astound your friends. Bridge, Brag, Poker, Rummy, Cribbage--all the classics are here, along with lesser known games such as Red Dog and Klaberjass.

With easy-to-follow instructions and clear illustrations.
5,000 Side Splitting Jokes And One-Liners Book
The definitive collection of one-liners!

Here are 5,000 puns, zingers and witty remarks, like "Promises are a bit like babies: fun to make but hard to deliver" and "Schizophrenia--together I can beat it" plus a TON more.

You'll always have something to say for any occasion now!

Adult humor; not meant for children.
Navy Seals Workout Book And DVD Set
Train like a spec op athlete!

Considered one of the world's toughest training regimes, the Navy SEAL elite exercise program can increase overall fitness, build core strength and improve performance.

Book and DVD guide you through a U.S. Navy SEAL-inspired workout of 21 exercises--the very same ones used daily by active duty SEAL platoons around the world.

With comprehensive illustrations, photos and clear guidance on correct form.
Minecraft Hacks Book
Craft your world exactly how you want it to look, while discovering the hidden gems of this insanely popular game!

Hacker's guide gives you tips on mining (diamonds and rare minerals), how to make your farm grow the fastest, how to scare creepers, beat ghasts and defeat the ender dragon, plus building a mob farm and murder hole!

With more than 100 full-color screenshots of in-game footage, you'll never be stuck again.
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