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Star Trek Spock's Logic Puzzles Book
Pit yourself against Mr. Spock's "highly logical" way of reasoning with this officially licensed puzzle book!

The half-human, half-Vulcan has come up with a range of fascinating and highly challenging conundrums that gives solvers a unique opportunity to "mind-meld" with the renowned STAR TREK character.

With 150 color and black & white illustrations.

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Blackjack For Blood Book
The Card-Counter's Bible & Complete Winning Guide!

Discover a comprehensive strategy for obtaining a winning edge at the game of Blackjack as it is commonly played in world-class casinos.

Learn how to bet properly, play accurately, deal effectively with casino personnel, and maintain control under pressure.
Pick Up And Play Guitar Chords Book
Pick up and play all the essential guitar chords with this easy-to-use guide!

Simple format and lay-flat design lets you quickly find the chord you want to learn, work out how to play it, and hear how it should sound.

Each page contains a QR code directly linking you to online audio files when scanned with your smart device.

Perfect for song writing, playing with others, in a band, and for all styles of music.

Note: Smart device not included.
The 10 Worst Psychopaths Book
The Most Depraved Killers In History!

From The bloody Countess Bathory, the imfamous Captain Blackbeard, tyrannical cult-leader Jim Jones and more!

What makes someone a violent psychopath? Discover the disturbing details surrounding the bone-chilling careers of the 10 most unrepentant and terrifying killers in history, including the Harpe Brothers, Ted Bundy, Eric Harris, and more.
Close Combat And Hand To Hand Fighting Handbook
This Fleet Marine Force Manual provides the methodology and techniques of the Marine Corps System of Close Combat (MCSCC).

This manual addresses close-combat fundamentals, the Linear In-fighting Neural-override Engagement (LINE) program, bayonet fighting, and weapons of opportunity.

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501 Unarmed Self Defense Skills Book
Discover 501 handy tips on how to defend yourself against assault, including defending and delivering punches, strikes, and kicks.

Invaluable guide also contains advice for improving fighting fitness, mental training, grappling and chokeholds, and even defending against firearms and edged weapons.
Great Quotes From Great Leaders Book
What type of leader do you want to be?

Drawing from the timeless wisdom of leaders such as Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, Ronald Reagan, Eleanor Roosevelt, and many more, each page of this collection offers motivation for your daily challenges, and inspiration that can lead to change.
Lost Science Book
Take a journey down the little-explored byroads of scientific history, including the first-century ancestress of modern chemistry, a 1960s NASA experiment involving cats and rocket fuel, and many other bizarre and astonishing tales of long-forgotten discoverers and under-appreciated geniuses.
The Commander X Files Updated Book
Dive into the complete dossier of the mysterious Commander X's many exploits with extraterrestrials and battles with earthly authorities hell bent on keeping these top-secret events from the world.

Includes such revelations as: the alien-dinosaur connection, alien powers, Nazi collaboration, and more.
Mafia Hits Book
100 Murders That changed The Mob!

Revenge killings, gangland shootouts, brutal executions, and drownings--there was no escape from the Mob's hit-men. Discover the stories of the mobsters who lived and died by the gun in this fascinating tale of the American underworld.

Includes historical--often gruesome--victim photographs.
The Apocalypse Coloring Book
Embrace your inner nihilist and the reality that you might not be sticking around too much longer by coloring 38 humorously terrifying apocalyptic scenarios.

Each perforated, single-sided page contains an inspirational quote to help you come to terms with the end of civilization as we know it.
Prepper's Total Grid Failure Handbook
Learn how to create, store, and utilize lifesaving power in critical circumstances.

Easy-to-understand guide gives you the know-how to harness wind with turbines, install a high-efficiency refrigerator, charge laptops & cell phones, and more.
Live Like A Millionaire Book
Money is power, but you don't need it to live like a millionaire. Learn how to dress to impress, amass a $64 million vocabulary, how to charm your way into the Inner Circle, and more.

Humorously informative guide helps you attain the trappings of luxury--no matter your net worth!
Prepper's Survival Navigation Book
How will you find your way when disaster strikes and your GPS fails?

Easy-to-understand primer teaches time-tested navigation techniques using map & compass, stars, and natural landmarks.

Learn how to escape disaster areas, find your safe zone, find north without a compass, and more.
Proud To Be A Marine Book
Behind one of the most celebrated military branches in America are the often little-known actions of its brave warriors.

Discover how runaway slave and Union hero Robert Small laid the groundwork for the Marine Corps's Parris Island boot camp, ROTC cadet Vernice Armour's rose from police officer to become the first African American female combat pilot in USMC history, and many inspirational tales of Marine Corps bravery.

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Field Notebook Organizer
With 2 Weatherproof Notebooks!

Rugged organizer is ideal protection for your field essentials. With zippered main compartment, hook & loop external pouch, 6 internal slots and elastic pen loop, and carabinier clip for attaching to belt or bag.

Includes two spiralbound weatherproof grid notebooks--with unique, durable paper designed to be written on even when wet!
The Couples' Kama Sutra Book
Discover expert tips for experiencing a more intimate, powerful, energetic, and playful sexual connection with your partner.

Includes 40 beautifully illustrated sex positions, suggestions for communicating your desires and acting on them with confidence; lessons for erotic talk, touch, and teasing; and how to introduce new pleasures like sex toys and more.

You must be at least 21 years old to order this Book.
The Dream Interpretation Dictionary
Symbols, Signs, and Meanings!

What do recurring dreams reveal? What's the purpose of nightmares--and can they be stopped? Why do some people show up in dreams? Are some dreams actually warnings?

Massive guide includes entries ranging from "Abandonment" to "Zoo," including dreams about sex, money, falling, running, paralysis, and more, to help provide deeper understanding and self-awareness.
Survival, Evasion, And Recovery Handbook
Quick-reference, pocket-sized guide contains military tactics, techniques, and procedures for basic survival, evasion, and recovery, regardless of geographic location.

Includes tips for navigation, communication, first-aid, and more.
The Illuminati Book
The Secret Society That Hijacked The World!

Chilling initiations. Big banks and money manipulations. Possible links to the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Adamses, and Bushes.

Wealth, power, and intrigue come together in this in-depth exposé on the Illuminati, their history, connections to powerful people, and their place in modern America.
Brain Games CSI Book
More than 150 puzzles to challenge your visual, verbal, logic, reasoning, and memory skills!

Train your eyes and your mind to spot the smallest details, remember what you've seen, and collect the clues to crack the case.

Stumped? All the answers are in the back.
Star Trek The Original Series And The Next Generation Coloring Books
Take a colorful journey with your favorite space adventurers!

Each volume contains 45 highly-detailed black & white illustrations to color however you please. Each is accompanied by a Stardate log entry.

Choose The Original Series, The Next Generation, or both!

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The Most Awesome And Amazing YouTube Videos Ever Books
Unofficial and unauthorized guides take you on a journey through the most popular clips on YouTube!

Each feature over 150 of the coolest, craziest, and most entertaining clips complete with descriptions and QR codes for instant viewing.

Enjoy such classics as Charlie Bit My Finger, Leave Britney Alone, Dramatic Chipmunk, and more in Most Amazing.

Discover or relive BatDad, Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal, Animals vs. Mirrors, and more in Most Awesome.

Buy any 2 or more, $6.95 each.
Night Sky Atlas Book
If you have binoculars or a small telescope, this informative atlas contains all the maps you need to know to learn your way around the night sky.

Now you can find remote galaxies, sketch lunar craters, make estimates of variable stars, and more.

Suitable for use in both northern and southern hemispheres and includes seasonal charts, as well as detailed constellation maps, complete moon maps, and more!
Another F*cking Coloring Book
Perfect for anyone who knows that neither sunshine and kittens, nor gardens and puppies can fix everything.

The funny, relatable swears and phrases that accompany the paisley patterns, meditative mandalas, and all that other sh*t will help you express your frustration with any situation.

Adult content; not meant for children.
Secret Societies Book
Shedding light on sometimes sinister and coercive groups, this complete guide is packed with details on nearly 200 organizations, their histories, founding members, backgrounds, and suspected conspiracies.

Includes history of Illuminati, the Freemasons, Skull & Bones, extraterrestrial invaders, and more.
Native American Almanac
Explore the experience of America's first people!

From ancient rock drawings to today's urban living, you'll journey through a fascinating mix of biography, pre-contact and post-contact history, current events, tribal Nation histories, languages, and more that will help provide insight on the influence and impact of Native Americans on American history, society, and culture.
1000 Tattoos Book
Find your ink inspiration here!

Discover 1000 tattoo images from a variety of themes including (but not limited to): tribal, fantasy, nature, and mehndi (henna) motifs! Great for helping create your own design, or copy artwork straight from the book.

Offers tips on style, placement, creating your own designs, finding the perfect tattoo shop, and more.
Pentagram Leather Embossed Journal
Was: $34.98
Now: $29.97
Intriguing yellow & black journal with metal clasp features embossed center pentagram design surrounded by intricate stylized "knots", with laced cording on the spine.

Perfect for jotting down thoughts, spells, visions, or sketching mystifying artwork.
The Psychology Bible Book
Was: $19.95
Now: $17.97
This definitive guide takes you on a journey through the history of psychology, the "science of the mind".

Includes biographies of the most influential psychologists, theories that shaped society, fascinating psychological phenomena, and more.
Star Wars Folded Flyers Kit
Was: $19.98
Now: $14.97
Fold 6 starfighters for STAR WARS adventures right in your living room!

Each galactic vehicle exterior is STAR WARS authentic to the last bolt. Includes 40 sheets of custom-designed paper--enough to fold 5 copies of each design, plus a few spares, just in case--tape, and 6 foldable display stands.

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Nikola Tesla's Electricity Unplugged Book
Was: $21.95
Now: $17.87
Discover overwhelming and convincing evidence of Tesla's high-efficiency, low-cost, wireless power transmission!

Unique anthology contains articles tracing Tesla's original intention for wireless electricity all the way through contemporary genius engineers and physicists finally making this elusive technology a reality.
Hair Of The Dog To Paint The Town Red Book
Was: $12.95
Now: $10.97
English is filled with curious, intriguing, and bizarre phrases.

Discover the surprising, captivating, and even hilarious origins behind 400 of them, including: "Read between the lines", "Close, but no cigar", "Bring home the bacon", and more!

Perfect for trivia and language lover alike.
The Swiss Army Knife Book
Learn how to build a wilderness camp with nothing more than a pocket knife!

Informative guide teachers you how to use simple, natural materials for making a waterproof roof, a chair, bed, fridge, oven, and much more!

Full of ideas for exciting activities suitable for families, teens, and adult explorers.
Voices Of The Winds Book
Discover over 130 Native American legends from tribes all across the US!

Colorful anthology includes many tales and fables told to the authors by elder storytellers and tribal historians.
The New York Times Book Of Crime
For 166 years, The New York Times has been a rich source of information about crime.

This fascinating compilation captures the full sweep of the newspaper's coverage of the subject, from vice, serial killers, and white-collar crimes, to kidnapping, assassinations, and the Mob.

Chronologically organized by crime type, and drawn from The Time's archives. Features 80 photos, as well as reproductions of front-page stories.
D-Day The Campaign Across France Book
Was: $44.95
Now: $39.97
Heart-wrenching testimony from those who stormed the beaches of Normandy and southern France, provided by those who jumped behind the lines, manned the ships, and flew the missions in the great invasion.

Includes the words of veterans of all forces, Allied and Axis alike, interweaving their stories into an event-by-event history of the war.

Accounts are augmented by high-quality photos, graphic images, and detailed maps for a complete picture of the war from those who fought it.

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Fifty Years Of Star Trek Book
From the vaults of STAR TREK Magazine, this unique collection of archival interviews reveals the true story behind the world's favorite sci-fi saga!

Packed with insights from William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, and many more.

With input from Chris Pine, Zach Quinto, Zoe Saldana and other stars of the recent movies on how they made the classic characters their own.

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Erotic Stories Book And DVD Set
Learn from real-life couples how to be a better lover, improve intimacy, and avoid sexual boredom!

Sexual Secrets And Erotic Encounters contains over 2 dozen exciting true tales of sexual adventure. Explicit-instruction DVD includes 3 full-length films demonstrating a thrilling variety of sensual techniques.

Sexually explicit. You must be at least 21 years old to order Intimate books and DVDs.
Connect The Erotic Dots And Naughty Dots Adult Books
$7.99 - $12.95
Is that a pencil in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us?

Forget zoo animals and flowers (unless that's your thing--we don't judge). Connect The Erotic Dots book contains 90+ provocative puzzles revealing images of couples doing the horizontal mambo in a variety of inspiring positions.

Get a little hot under the collar solving 80 sensual, teasing, erotic puzzles in the Naughty Dots book. Actual (wickedly explicit!) photos and solutions in back.

WARNING: May cause carpal-tunnel syndrome. Intended for adults only.

Save 10% when you buy any 2 or more!
Military Mental Toughness Book
Train your mind as vigorously as your body, and you will handle high-stress situations as smoothly and professionally as a special-ops soldier.

Using the program presented in this guide, you can root out any personal weakness and replace it with strength! Learn how to effectively make decisions, stay focused, implement plans, and more.

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Hitler The Psychiatric Files Book
Was: $12.95
Now: $9.87
How did a former Austrian corporal with no apparent gift for leadership or strategy become the Führer, and turn Germany into a nightmare state?

Learn what created Adolf Hitler's messiah complex, and what drove him to become one of the world's most murderous dictators.

Concise analysis contains details on Hitler's sexual relationships, the psychopathology that influenced his actions, as well as the personality types he attracted to his inner circle.
Healing Secrets Of The Native Americans Book
Uncover the secrets Native Americans have known and practiced for generations. Learn to harness the bountiful gifts of nature to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

You'll find uses for 40+ healing herbs to remedy bad breath, headaches, high blood pressure, indigestion, and dozens more!
Comic Books The Origin Story Book
Was: $20.00
Now: $18.97
A detailed history of the timeless favorites that have made comic books a popular pastime and sought-after collectible item since the early 1930s.

Everything from the superheroes of the Golden Age in the 1940s, to the funny creature, teen, horror, and humor titles are colorfully profiled.

Sure to rekindle nostalgia for comic book devotees, and serve as an entertaining reference for those just looking to acquaint themselves with the genre.
Military Dot To Dot Book
While the pen may be mightier than the sword, we're not entirely sure how it would stand up to an M1 Bazooka.

Reveal a host of ships, tanks, airplanes, guns, medals, uniforms, and much more from the infantry of WWI, to the bombers of WWII, all the way through to today's drones.

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Prepper's Guide To Knots Book
Was: $14.95
Now: $6.67
When catastrophe strikes and modern technologies fail, ropework skills will be absolutely essential.

Learn how to create sturdy shelter, move fallen trees, transport injured persons, secure your home, and many other survival skills!

Indispensable guide features clear, step-by-step instructions on tying each knot and provides information on selecting the right type of rope, and much more.
Witchcraft Handbook
Magic, Spells, And Potions!

Tap into the magic all around with this illustrated guide to ancient potions, spells, chants, rituals, and incantations from around the world.

You'll discover hundreds of spells and potions for banishing headaches, winning riches, summoning the dead, reading minds, and more!
Native American Warriors Book
Their many different types of warfare, based on different traditions of combat and honor, were often misunderstood by European observers.

More than 200 photos and illustrations explore the aspects of warfare from early colonization, through the late 19th century.

Covers weapons, equipment, techniques and tactics, such as the use of hit-and-run tactics by the Plains-dwelling Sioux, the war lodges of the Blackfoot, the camouflage and stealth tactics of the Cherokee, maps of key battles, and much more.
U.S. Air Force Survival Handbook
Was: $17.99
Now: $12.87
Designed for use in formal Air Force training, this survival guide was written to help a pilot who finds him or herself in a hostile environment.

Now you can learn: first aid, how to find your way without a map, build a fire, survive at sea, track animals, and more!

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The Witch's Book Of Power
Learn the secrets to unlocking the Witch Power within you, and discover specific techniques for working with personal, cosmic, and ally energies to realize your full magical potential!

The perfect resource for witches who intuitively feel that more power is available, but seems just beyond reach.

"True witches use what works, and you'll find much in this book that yields results." -- Ivo Dominguez, Jr., author of Spirit Speak.
To Poo Or Not To Poo Book
Was: $10.99
Now: $4.77
Did you know that crocodile dung was used as a contraceptive in ancient Egypt? Or that one of the most expensive teas in the world is fertilized with panda poo?

The average human spends one and a half years in the bathroom--why not spend it digesting trivia and philosophical musings from some of the world's greatest thinkers?

"Each forward step we take we leave some phantom of ourselves behind." -- John Lancaster Spalding.
Living Large Book
Was: $21.95
Now: $10.67
Calling all skinny guys!

If you've ever wanted to easily pack on 30 pounds of rock-solid, shredded muscle--without dangerous bodybuilding drugs, expensive supplements, and long hours in the gym--you MUST read this book!

Discover the #1 secret to achieving constant and never-ending progress, a killer 18-week step-by-step workout program, full-color exercise guide with pro tips, and more!
The Monster Book
Was: $19.95
Now: $14.77
Creatures, Beasts, And Fiends Of Nature!

Explore the history, mythology, pop culture, and supernatural with this comprehensive resource of the monster menagerie from around the world!

This ominous look at monsters investigates nearly 200 beings, beasts, freaks, and fiends, including werewolves, Bigfoot, winged humanoids, and more!
Stop Smoking With Allen Carr Book And CD
Was: $16.95
Now: $12.87
Quit smoking-the Easyway!

Discover how to kick the nicotine habit using the method that removes the need for willpower, and without suffering withdrawal pangs or weight gain!

Includes a special CD featuring smoking-cessation guru (and former chain smoker!), Allen Carr reading a stop-smoking session.
Creative Cursing Book
Was: $9.95
Now: $6.87
Why call your coworker a "poop face" when you can call him a "clown jockey" or "granny waffle"? (and possibly get fired, but...hey! Surprise vacay!)

Handy flip book is your very own mix & match profanity generator, so you'll be properly armed at work, in traffic, or when you encounter someone who's wrong on the Internet.

Note: Adult humor, not for children.
Pearl Harbor Book And DVD Set
Was: $50.00
Now: $39.87
75th Anniversary Edition!

The Japanese Empire's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor was the catalyst to America's entry into World War II.

Commemorative edition includes a DVD set of the (restored) rare film, "Crusade in the Pacific," which documents the entire Pacific campaign. Also included is a companion book with over 100 archival black & white and color photos.

A must-have for historians young or old.

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The Handy American History Answer Book
Was: $21.95
Now: $6.67
Take a walk through the economic, political, social, and technological forces, and much more that created, changed, and built the United States of America.

Whether simply brushing up on history, studying for an exam, or trying not to repeat the past, this is the perfect history companion for everyone.
Hitler's Suppressed And Still Secret Weapons, Science, And Technology Book
Was: $19.95
Now: $14.87
Nazi technology was far more advanced than historians have let on! Was it government intervention, peer skepticism, or plain laziness that caused historians to stop digging?

Discover WWII government reports--including some that were declassified just for this book--on the Nazi development of exotic bombs, ray weapons, and more.
Hidden Finance Rogue Networks And Secret Sorcery Book
Was: $19.95
Now: $12.87
Hidden Finance uncovers the massive financial fraud, special operations, and hidden technology behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Unravel the many layers behind this "Penetrated Operation" that includes the Deutsche Bank, the Bush family, and even weapons developed by Nikola Tesla before WWII!
125 Best Casseroles And One Pot Meals Cookbook
Was: $19.95
Now: $17.97
Not only are casseroles the ultimate comfort food, they are quick and easy to prepare, can be made ahead of time, or frozen for later use.

Illustrated cookbook offers 125 delicious recipes using pasta, chicken & turkey, beef, veal, pork, lamb, fish & seafood, and veggie fare.

Scrumptuous dishes like Sweet-n-Sour Pineapple Pork, Salmon & Potato Strata, Meatball & Noodle Stroganoff, Hungarian Chicken Stew, Black Bean Chili, and dozens of others add excitement to casserole and one-pot cooking.
The New Science Of The Paranormal Book
Was: $19.99
Now: $14.87
A mind-expanding exploration of scientific proof for paranormal phenomena and the ways you can use its potential to take control of your life.

Sweep away limiting illusions and use your mind for what it was intended: to lift human consciousness to a higher level and make the world a better place.

Discover tools to expand conscious awareness of your inner powers and abilities and develop your Super-Conscious Mind and make your most cherished dreams a reality.
Serial Killers And Psychopaths Book
Was: $16.95
Now: $14.97
What motivates serial killers and psychopaths to commit heinous crimes against their fellow man?

Find the answer inside this compelling examination of multiple disturbing true-life cases, featuring the world's most notorious murderers.
Founding Feuds Book
Was: $16.99
Now: $12.87
The Rivalries, Clashes, & Conflicts That Forged A Nation!

The founding fathers have been hailed for centuries as shining examples of men who put aside their own agendas to found a nation. But behind the scenes, there were more petty fights and fraught relationships than signatures on the Declaration Of Independence.

Learn how America's great forbearers fought with each other as bitterly as our politicians do today, and discover how their true natures and discord shaped our nation just as much as their cooperation--sometimes, for the better.
101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die Book
Was: $14.95
Now: $9.77
A comprehensive guide written by film critics, historians, and cinema scholars.

Chronological review of the genre, from gothic classics to modern-day zombie movies, released in the US and all over the world. Mad scientists & evil lunatics, werewolves & vampires, serial killers & slashers--they're all listed here for your viewing pleasure.

Don't watch them alone--and whatever you do, don't answer the phone!
Lightning Strikes Book
Was: $24.95
Now: $14.87
Timeless Lessons In Creativity From The LIfe And Work Of Nikola Tesla!

Seventy years after his death, Nikola Tesla has become a science rock star. Now you can examine his complete life and legacy, including his profound influence on everything from systems integration to drone warfare.

Also discover why the government and business leaders wanted to shut down Tesla's bold experiments and how hundreds of his ideas are now being implemented globally, including clean power, robotics, alternating current motors, and wireless transmission of both power and information.
Minecraft Blockopedia Book
Was: $49.99
Now: $37.77
The world of Minecraft is made entirely of blocks. Some help you build, some help you stay alive.

Learn everything you need to know about every type of block you'll encounter on your adventures, including location, function, behaviors, AND expert advice! Perfect for novice and veteran builders alike!

Full-color illustrations throughout, in a stunning hexagonal format with textured cover--looks great on display!
Cock A Doodle Doo Book
Was: $7.95
Now: $2.67
Draw your own dirty doodles with this collection of provocative designs that will inspire you to create smutty scribblings, crude characters, and more.

Just pick up a pen and get those creative juices flowing!
How To Poo On A Date Book
Was: $9.95
Now: $5.77
Do NOT go on a date until you've read this book!

Informative guide teaches you what to do on a date if: you get stuck in the bathroom, they show up at your place 10 minutes early, you're at their place and stink up their bathroom... and much more (including a perfectly good alternative use for sand traps at the golf course)!
The Best Paper Airplane On The Planet Kit
Was: $12.95
Now: $9.97
Learn how to fold and fly the absolute perfect paper airplane!

High-flying kit includes 35 sheets of stylized aerodynamic paper and a full-color instructional guide for schooling novice and professional pilots on the art of the Nakamura Lock paper airplane.

Includes tips on correcting poor flight, executing loopty-loops, and more!
Paper Flying Dragons
Was: $16.98
Now: $12.87
Why make and fly paper airplanes when you can send DRAGONS soaring through the air?

Kit includes crazy-clear instructions (including what to do if your dragon "misbehaves"), perforated card stock "parts" sheets for building 5 adult dragons, 6 dragon hatchlings, and one robo-dragon.

All 12 dragons are tough enough to survive a crash and fly again and again!
Survival Skills Of Native Americans Book
Whether you're an avid outdoorsman, novice hiker, or simply want to be prepared for anything, this fascinating and practical handbook is your guide to not simply surviving the outdoors, but flourishing!

Learn the tried-and-true Native American techniques to building strong campfires, hunting and butchering meats, creating safe and solid shelters, and much more.
Prepper's Armed Defense Book
Was: $15.95
Now: $9.77
Arm. Prepare. Defend.

This comprehensive, no-hold-barred guide shows you how to choose the most powerful tools for protecting your food, water, and life-sustaining supplies when the world as we know it comes to a screeching halt and civilization fails.

Learn everything you need to know about effective: firearms, close-combat weapons, house fortifications, non-lethal options, defensive techniques, and improvised arms.
365 Tarot Spells Book
Was: $22.99
Now: $14.87
  • Death Card Connection Ritual.
  • Activate Chakra Energy.
  • Entice New Lover Spell.
  • Keep A Secret Spell & Many, Many More!
Create Meaningful Magic All Year Long!

The beautiful tapestry of magic and tarot are woven together to improve your life through daily spells with this unique book. Use with any tarot deck to create spells for love, career, health, family, spirituality, and more.

Each daily page includes the spell's title, ingredients, visualization, meditation, affirmation, card layout, and other important elements.

Also includes spells for major holidays and multicultural traditions.
Guitars Book
Was: $13.95
Now: $11.87
Celebrate the world's most seductive instruments with this full-color feast of 500 guitars, players, makers, legends, myths, and more.

These are the guitars that made history, changed the course of music, and inspired new generations of players and listeners.

With stunning visuals and profiles of famous builders including C. F. Martin, Orville Gibson, Leo Fender, and mad genius Lloyd Loar, this book captures the soul, significance, history, magic, and raw mojo of the guitar.
US Special Ops Book
Was: $22.99
Now: $14.87
The History, Weapons, And Missions Of Elite Military Forces!

Explore the entire history of the US special operations from the French And Indian War right up to the War On Terror.

Informative compilation contains over 350 entries profiling a stunning array of weaponry, gear, vehicles, aircraft, missions, and legendary figures from the Green Berets, Rangers, SEALs, Marine Force Recon, and more!

With compelling black & white and color photos.

Click here to see our entire Military collection!
Chill The F*ck Out Coloring Book
Was: $9.99
Now: $8.97
Coloring has become the new adult pastime. Unwind, relax, and chill out with this hysterical take on adult coloring books.

Mixed in with 32 beautiful drawings of animals, landscapes, and abstracts are quips like "Namaste, Bitches," and "I have no f*cks to give.

Pages are printed on one side so colors don't bleed through, and they're perforated for easy tear-out in case you want to proudly display your art on the fridge.
Gestapo Book
Was: $9.95
Now: $5.77
The Story Behind Hitler's Machine Of Terror!

The names Klaus Barbie, Adolf Eichmann, Hermann Goering, Reinhard Heydrich, Heinrich Himmler, and Ernst Kaltenbrunner struck terror in the hearts of German citizens--even law-abiding individuals who didn't resist Adolf Hitler. These men were leaders of the Gestapo, the secret police of the Third Reich.

This fully illustrated book outlines who the Gestapo were, how they operated, their terrible crimes, and how they paid for them when they were hunted down after WWII.
The Mafia Collection Book And DVD
Get up close to the most ruthless men of organized crime!

Fully illustrated book and 6-disc set chronicles the history of the Mafia over the course of 150+ years.

Includes the shocking true stories behind the mob's most infamous "wise guys," including Al Capone, Carlo Gambino, John Gotti, and many more!
Brain Dump Book
Was: $12.95
Now: $2.07
Why read the shampoo-bottle ingredients while you're in the john when you can stimulate your brain instead?

Our crapper companion is loaded with puzzles, games, "kernels" of wisdom, and even Poo Logs so you can track your... output.

Enjoy such gems as Sudopoo, Dumpy Differences, Toilet Trivia (did you know the Romans had a manure god?), and more!
Gangster Women And The Criminals They Loved Book
Was: $9.95
Now: $5.67
What persuaded the gals of infamous gangsters of the 1930s to abandon their conventional daily routines for the inevitable uncertainty of life on the run?

Discover the fascinating story of the "gun molls" who were said to be more dangerous to society than the gangsters with whom they ran.
The Nazis Next Door Book
Was: $15.95
Now: $2.17
Once-secret government records and interviews tell the full story of how thousands of Hitler's men--from concentration-camp guards to high-level Third Reich officers--tried hiding from their crimes in our own backyard.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Eric Lichtblau sheds light on the war criminals who fled to America after WWII, the Nazi hunters who exposed them, and how our government used them to its advantage.
The Story The Soldiers Wouldn't Tell Book
Sex In The Civil War!

The Civil War was a time of great bloodshed. What historians often fail to acknowledge is that wartime didn't diminish the desire to sew one's oats.

Learn how soldiers sought carnal solace with widows, prostitutes, slaves, and more in this tell-all that explores both the frisky and the frightful sides of Civil War soldiers.

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The Year That Made Hitler 1924 Book
Was: $28.00
Now: $5.07
Before Adolf Hitler's rise to power, there was 1924--the year he served time in prison for treason and produced Mein Kampf.

1924 was the year of Hitler's final transformation into the self-proclaimed savior and infallible leader who would interpret and distort Germany's historical traditions to support his vision for the Third Reich.

Discover the stories and scenes of the year vital to understanding the man and the brutality he wrought in WWII.

Includes 16 pages of photos, documents, and illustrations.
Backyard Ballistics Book
Learn how to build an electromagnetic pipe gun, a pneumatic missile, a "Spud-Zooka," and more!

Comprehensive guide contains over a dozen experiments with instructions and materials lists for launching and blowing-up a variety of fun projectiles.

With strong focus on safety and the badass scientific principals "behind the boom".
How To Eat In The Woods Book
Stay alive in the woods by living off the land!

A tried, true, and trusted guide to foraging, trapping, fishing, and finding sustenance in the wild from a respected wilderness survivalist, this is essential reading for hikers, survivalists, and even chefs and whole-food enthusiasts.

Learn how to track, trap, kill, and cook animals. Find out how to choose the perfect bait to land a fish and how to clean and cook your catch. Recognize edible plants, fruits, berries, and nuts.

Even learn to identify and catch edible insects, locate birds' eggs, find drinking water, build a fire, and cook without utensils.
Ghouls, Ghosts And Ninja Rats Book
Was: $14.95
Now: $7.77
Whether you're a fan of crime stories, or skin-crawling horror, you'll find an unhealthy dose of suspenseful frights to whet your whistle in this fiction collection.

Brace yourself for 18 of the spookiest, strangest, most bone-chilling crime stories of all time!

Featuring everything from supernatural con artists and shape-shifters to werewolves and motorcycle-riding ninja rats, these gripping tales of magic, murder, and suspense will send a shiver up anyone's spine.
M.C. Escher Pop Ups Book
Was: $29.95
Now: $17.77
Stunning showcase presents some of MC Escher's most intriguing works in mesmerizing 3D pop-ups. Appreciate Escher's impossible geometry, and themes of infinity and paradox in a completely new way.

Features quotes from the artist, and reproductions of many of his other works.
History Of Indian Tribes Of North America Book Set
Upon its first printing in 1836, this McKenney/Hall compilation was considered one of the finest and most beautiful examples of lithography ever published.

The in-depth biographies, amazingly-detailed color portraits, and essay on Native Americans remain an important part of our history--a record of a vanishing people.

Slipcased set of 3 volumes is an amazing reproduction of the original 120 full-color plates and text, preserving for future generations a brief period in time which is now lost forever.

A must-have for history buffs!
Dangerous Pack For Idiots Book
Was: $14.95
Now: $2.07
If you're a dangerous idiot who loves the adrenaline-fueled buzz of riding an office chair down all the ramps of a multi-story parking garage and other similarly death-inviting stunts-this kit is for you!

Handbook containing 67 reckless ideas for you to terminate your existence (probably), and earn your spot in the Dangerous Idiot Hall Of Fame (or at least the local hospital).

Includes stickers; interactive notepad with lists, tests, log, and rules; double-sided inspirational poster, and Official Idiot Certificate.

Warning: The stunts described in this kit should not be attempted by anyone ever. Like EVER ever.
Magician's Guide To Surviving The World's End
Was: $12.98
Now: $6.77
In the end... when magic is common... will you be prepared?

Get started now with the magician's guide to surviving the world's end with 13 secret tricks that fool magicians.

This illustrated packet shows you all the materials you'll need and a 36-minute step-by-step instructional DVD that guides you through vital skills for surviving the world's end.
Famous Phonies Book
Was: $14.95
Now: $7.77
Was Shakespeare really a brilliant bard? Did Pythagoras have the mad math skills he's credited with?

Find out with this book full of closeted skeletons, scandals, swindles, and other shocking controversies that passed under history's radar and straight into textbooks.

Fakes and frauds who changed history include Confucius, Homer, George Washington, and more.
Star Trek Pop Up Book
Was: $29.95
Now: $17.37
These are the voyages we'll never forget. Seven iconic images pop up in incredible detail from the pages of this unique collectible book.

Includes USS Enterprise NCC-1701, "The Trouble with Tribbles", Klingon Bird-of-Prey, The Borg Cube, Deep Space 9, "Bride of Chaotica," and Enterprise NX-01.

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Colorama Christmas - As Seen On TV
Was: $9.98
Now: $3.77
Get into the Christmas spirit and recall the relaxing enjoyment of filling in beautiful designs with vibrant colors!

You'll have over 100 festive patterns to choose from including Christmas trees, ornaments, wintery scenes, and more! All intricate designs are printed on single-sided, perforated paper, making them perfect for framing once completed.

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Colorama Decoration - As Seen On TV
Was: $9.98
Now: $2.07
Coloring isn't just for kids!

Rediscover the delightful relaxation of losing yourself in a coloring book by filling in any of these satisfyingly intricate designs. In Decorations, you'll find over 50 mystical circles and swirl patterns!

All artwork is printed on perforated paper, making your masterpieces easy to frame once completed. Does not include colored pencils.

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Can Holding In A Fart Kill You Book
A curious, captivating collection of trivia with amazing questions to answers you always wanted to ask, like: Why don't sleeping birds fall from trees? Does the full moon make people crazy? Why is the ocean salty?

From silly to serious to outright bizarre, this expansive collection offers surprising answers and unexpected facts in the realms of history, science, pop culture, and nature.
Crazy Sh*t Old People Say Book
Book Of Barbs By The Elder Set!

With old age comes gray hair, creaky joints, and an apparent license to speak one's mind without fear of consequence. Laugh along, but be prepared for some uncensored, no-holds-barred, comments and opinions!

Warning: Contains risque adult humor.
Colorama - As Seen On TV
Was: $12.98
Now: $2.27
Coloring isn't just for kids! Rediscover the delightful relaxation of losing yourself in a coloring book by filling in any of these satisfyingly intricate designs.

Over 100 beautiful flowers, paisleys, "stained glass," and other complex patterns! Each is printed on perforated paper, making it easy to frame once completed.

Comes with 6 double-ended colored pencils.

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A Brief History Of Video Games Book
Was: $13.95
Now: $6.77
If you eat, breathe, and live everything pixels, consoles, and MMORPGs, you can give your thanks to the atom bomb... or at least to one of the guys responsible for developing it. (Higinbotham is credited with developing the first interactive video game!)

This book provides a unique look at the history and culture of video games all the way from Pong to Bioshock. Focusing on creative and scientific advances throughout gaming history, this book offers a global perspective on gaming evolution, as well as addressing design process, the influence of manga and anime, and the relationship between video games and movies.
MAD's Greatest Writers Frank Jacobs Book
Was: $30.00
Now: $19.77
For over fifty years, Frank Jacobs has contributed to more than 300 issues of MAD magazine. Revisit old favorites or discover his genius for the very first time with loads of side-splitting comics, song parody lyrics, and other chuckle-worthy classics.

Includes foreword by multi-award winning musician, "Weird Al" Yankovic.
Game Of Thrones In Memoriam Book
Was: $14.95
Now: $7.77
All men must die. Remember those who have been lost to the treacherous landscape of Game of Thrones.

Fully illustrated with quotes, character profiles, and series photography, this book pays tribute to the memorable deaths of the good, the bad, and the despicable from the first 4 seasons of the highly-acclaimed fantasy drama.
Alien Mysteries Conspiracies And Cover Ups Book
Was: $19.95
Now: $10.77
Chronicles more than 100 sightings and discoveries of alien encounters, government conspiracy, and the influence of extraterrestrials on human events throughout history.

From prehistoric UFO sightings, cave paintings, and ancient astronauts to modern occurrences around the world, this book investigates claims of aliens living among us, abductions, and evidence of what the government knows and what it has covered up.
Nazi Women The Attraction Of Evil Softcover Book
Have you heard of Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, aka the "Female Fuhrer" before? Or concentration camp commander Maria Mandel, who kept Jews as "pets" and sent them to the gas chamber when she tired of them?

From the Reich Bride Schools, bizarre breeding programs, and espionage brothels, and more, this book covers the lives of women in the Third Reich.
Meeting Your Match Book
Was: $14.95
Now: $2.07
Navigating The Minefield Of Online Dating!

A mix of humor & wit, advice, and practical information for the digital dating age! Read unbiased reviews of the different sites, advice on how to create a compelling profile, interpret others' profiles, write messages, spot weirdos, and deal with rejection--plus, how to stay safe online AND on dates.

Sprinkled with illustrations, quizzes & games!
Time Passages Commemorative Yearbook
Commemorative Yearbook For Your Special Year!

Reminisce about the year you graduated, the year you were married, or discover events that shaped your birth year with our Time Passages Yearbook. You choose the year, and then receive a calendar of that year filled with day-by-day comments of over 500 interesting events.

Includes number-one songs, movies, world events, sports, plus over 50 nostalgic photographs and ads, a 2-page custom collage, and a dedication page. Perfect for anniversaries, reunions, birthdays, and much more!

Select any year from 1940 through 2000.
Apple Cider Vinegar Book
Learn about the powerful health qualities of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar for everything from weight loss and cholesterol reduction to treating skin ailments and easing joint discomfort.

Includes recipes and recommendations for daily apple cider vinegar intake, as well as detailing its many other uses from cleaning the home to preserving fresh flowers.
The Complete Far Side Book Collection
This masterpiece of comic brilliance contains every Far Side cartoon ever syndicated from 1980 to 1994--over 4000!--presented in chronological order, plus 19 cartoons created after Gary Larson's retirement!

Includes Larson's quirky introductions to each of the 14 chapters, and a foreword by actor/comedian Steve Martin.
Facts To Make Your Jaw Drop Book
Was: $16.95
Now: $7.77
Did you know that the CIA reads up to 5 million tweets a day? Or that coyotes can run faster than roadrunners? (What's up with that, Wile E.?)

The creators of the hugely popular BBC quiz show, QI, have packed heaps of entertaining factoids into 1,339 Quite Interesting Facts to Make Your Jaw Drop.

Hundreds of fun conversation starters are at your fingertips!
Executions In America Book
Was: $14.95
Now: $9.77
Over 300 Years Of Capital Punishment!

An intimate look at the death row inmates, from last wishes and words to the clothes they wore to their deaths. Heavily illustrated with rare pictures of the condemned criminals, their executioners, the official instruments used to carry out the sentences, and in many cases, the actual execution.

Plus, the evolution of the 5 methods of execution used in the United States.
Merck Manual Go-To Home Guide For Symptoms
Comprehensive resource provides a detailed look at common symptoms, from abdominal pain to headache, itching, nausea and more.

Learn about less-common causes of various symptoms, know the warning signs and when to see a doctor--written in everyday language.
How To Stay Alive In The Woods Book
Survive Anywhere Under Any Conditions!

Find food, navigate the wilderness, stay warm, make shelter, signal for help, treat wounds and illnesses. Create a fish trap out of sticks! Start a fire with a piece of ice!

Do you really know enough to stay alive in the woods? This self-preservation guide is a valuable resource for any outdoorsman or prepper, written by a man who lived off the land himself!

Includes a full-color edible vegetation identification guide.
Slots Conquest Book
How To Beat The Slot Machines!

No one has to be a sucker at the slot machines anymore. Learn to recognize and play advantage slot machines that give you a real mathematical edge, how RNG really works, and which machines to play and which to avoid!

Plus: why you can't "quit while you're ahead"; why mega-multiline low-denomination machines can be deadly to your bankroll; the great myths and mistakes of slot play; and much more.
Whore Stories Book
True stories of famous streetwalkers, pimps, call girls and rent boys!

This book offers a revealing look at the men and women who have blazed the bawdy trail of prostitution since the dawn of time.

Includes plenty of details (and celebrities like Bob Dylan, Nancy Reagan and Al Pacino) that will leave you in awe.

Adult content; not meant for children.
Friars Club Encyclopedia Of Jokes
Over 2,000 One-Liners, Ribs, Put-Downs & More!

Laughs for every occasion and situation are provided by the famous Friar's Club and best-known comedians like George Carlin, Ray Romano, Jerry Seinfeld, Bob Hope and tons more. Updated with new jokes from contemporary comics such as Jon Stewart and Dave Attell.

Everything from mother-in-law jokes, dirty jokes, really dirty jokes and more! (Some humor definitely not meant for children!) Organized alphabetically by topic for easy reference.
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