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Comic Books The Origin Story Book
A detailed history of the timeless favorites that have made comic books a popular pastime and sought-after collectible item since the early 1930s.

Everything from the superheroes of the Golden Age in the 1940s, to the funny creature, teen, horror, and humor titles are colorfully profiled.

Sure to rekindle nostalgia for comic book devotees, and serve as an entertaining reference for those just looking to acquaint themselves with the genre.
Military Dot To Dot Book
While the pen may be mightier than the sword, we're not entirely sure how it would stand up to an M1 Bazooka.

Reveal a host of ships, tanks, airplanes, guns, medals, uniforms, and much more from the infantry of WWI, to the bombers of WWII, all the way through to today's drones.

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Prepper's Guide To Knots Book
Was: $14.95
Now: $9.87
When catastrophe strikes and modern technologies fail, ropework skills will be absolutely essential.

Learn how to create sturdy shelter, move fallen trees, transport injured persons, secure your home, and many other survival skills!

Indispensable guide features clear, step-by-step instructions on tying each knot and provides information on selecting the right type of rope, and much more.
Witchcraft Handbook
Magic, Spells, And Potions!

Tap into the magic all around with this illustrated guide to ancient potions, spells, chants, rituals, and incantations from around the world.

You'll discover hundreds of spells and potions for banishing headaches, winning riches, summoning the dead, reading minds, and more!
Native American Warriors Book
Their many different types of warfare, based on different traditions of combat and honor, were often misunderstood by European observers.

More than 200 photos and illustrations explore the aspects of warfare from early colonization, through the late 19th century.

Covers weapons, equipment, techniques and tactics, such as the use of hit-and-run tactics by the Plains-dwelling Sioux, the war lodges of the Blackfoot, the camouflage and stealth tactics of the Cherokee, maps of key battles, and much more.
U.S. Air Force Survival Handbook
Designed for use in formal Air Force training, this survival guide was written to help a pilot who finds him or herself in a hostile environment.

Now you can learn: first aid, how to find your way without a map, build a fire, survive at sea, track animals, and more!

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The Witch's Book Of Power
Learn the secrets to unlocking the Witch Power within you, and discover specific techniques for working with personal, cosmic, and ally energies to realize your full magical potential!

The perfect resource for witches who intuitively feel that more power is available, but seems just beyond reach.

"True witches use what works, and you'll find much in this book that yields results." -- Ivo Dominguez, Jr., author of Spirit Speak.
To Poo Or Not To Poo Book
Was: $10.99
Now: $6.87
Did you know that crocodile dung was used as a contraceptive in ancient Egypt? Or that one of the most expensive teas in the world is fertilized with panda poo?

The average human spends one and a half years in the bathroom--why not spend it digesting trivia and philosophical musings from some of the world's greatest thinkers?

"Each forward step we take we leave some phantom of ourselves behind." -- John Lancaster Spalding.
Living Large Book
Was: $21.95
Now: $14.87
Calling all skinny guys!

If you've ever wanted to easily pack on 30 pounds of rock-solid, shredded muscle--without dangerous bodybuilding drugs, expensive supplements, and long hours in the gym--you MUST read this book!

Discover the #1 secret to achieving constant and never-ending progress, a killer 18-week step-by-step workout program, full-color exercise guide with pro tips, and more!
The Monster Book
Creatures, Beasts, And Fiends Of Nature!

Explore the history, mythology, pop culture, and supernatural with this comprehensive resource of the monster menagerie from around the world!

This ominous look at monsters investigates nearly 200 beings, beasts, freaks, and fiends, including werewolves, Bigfoot, winged humanoids, and more!
Stop Smoking With Allen Carr Book And CD
Was: $16.95
Now: $14.97
Quit smoking-the Easyway!

Discover how to kick the nicotine habit using the method that removes the need for willpower, and without suffering withdrawal pangs or weight gain!

Includes a special CD featuring smoking-cessation guru (and former chain smoker!), Allen Carr reading a stop-smoking session.
Creative Cursing Book
Was: $9.95
Now: $7.97
Why call your coworker a "poop face" when you can call him a "clown jockey" or "granny waffle"? (and possibly get fired, but...hey! Surprise vacay!)

Handy flip book is your very own mix & match profanity generator, so you'll be properly armed at work, in traffic, or when you encounter someone who's wrong on the Internet.

Note: Adult humor, not for children.
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