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365 Optical Illusions Book
Every page of this mind-boggling book features an illusion to confound and confuse.

Includes classics that trick the eye no matter how many times you see them, and dozens of new illusions such as astounding sidewalk art, paintings, graphics, and photographs.

Choose one a day or try to take them all in at once.
Wars Of The Anunnaki Book
Was: $18.00
Now: $14.97
"...A riveting new view of human history. This book adds significantly to our knowledge of the ancient astronauts." --Jim Marrs, New York Times bestselling author.

The 20th century wasn't the first time Earth has experienced the detonations of nuclear weapons!

Drawing upon the Book of Genesis, Sumerian clay tablets, and archaeological evidence, this tell-all reveals the ancient nuclear event that destroyed the Sumerian civilization, and the power struggles of the alien Anunnaki "gods" that led up to it.

If humanity doesn't awaken to our true origins, are we doomed to repeat the Anunnaki's destruction?
Survival Skills Of Native Americans Book
Whether you're an avid outdoorsman, novice hiker, or simply want to be prepared for anything, this fascinating and practical handbook is your guide to not simply surviving the outdoors, but flourishing!

Learn the tried-and-true Native American techniques to building strong campfires, hunting and butchering meats, creating safe and solid shelters, and much more.
Prepper's Armed Defense Book
Was: $15.95
Now: $14.97
Arm. Prepare. Defend.

This comprehensive, no-hold-barred guide shows you how to choose the most powerful tools for protecting your food, water, and life-sustaining supplies when the world as we know it comes to a screeching halt and civilization fails.

Learn everything you need to know about effective: firearms, close-combat weapons, house fortifications, non-lethal options, defensive techniques, and improvised arms.
365 Tarot Spells Book
  • Death Card Connection Ritual.
  • Activate Chakra Energy.
  • Entice New Lover Spell.
  • Keep A Secret Spell & Many, Many More!
Create Meaningful Magic All Year Long!

The beautiful tapestry of magic and tarot are woven together to improve your life through daily spells with this unique book. Use with any tarot deck to create spells for love, career, health, family, spirituality, and more.

Each daily page includes the spell's title, ingredients, visualization, meditation, affirmation, card layout, and other important elements.

Also includes spells for major holidays and multicultural traditions.
US Special Ops Book
The History, Weapons, And Missions Of Elite Military Forces!

Explore the entire history of the US special operations from the French And Indian War right up to the War On Terror.

Informative compilation contains over 350 entries profiling a stunning array of weaponry, gear, vehicles, aircraft, missions, and legendary figures from the Green Berets, Rangers, SEALs, Marine Force Recon, and more!

With compelling black & white and color photos.

Click here to see our entire Military collection!
Chill The F*ck Out Coloring Book
Coloring has become the new adult pastime. Unwind, relax, and chill out with this hysterical take on adult coloring books.

Mixed in with 32 beautiful drawings of animals, landscapes, and abstracts are quips like "Namaste, Bitches," and "I have no f*cks to give.

Pages are printed on one side so colors don't bleed through, and they're perforated for easy tear-out in case you want to proudly display your art on the fridge.
Gestapo Book
The Story Behind Hitler's Machine Of Terror!

The names Klaus Barbie, Adolf Eichmann, Hermann Goering, Reinhard Heydrich, Heinrich Himmler, and Ernst Kaltenbrunner struck terror in the hearts of German citizens--even law-abiding individuals who didn't resist Adolf Hitler. These men were leaders of the Gestapo, the secret police of the Third Reich.

This fully illustrated book outlines who the Gestapo were, how they operated, their terrible crimes, and how they paid for them when they were hunted down after WWII.
The Mafia Collection Book And DVD
Get up close to the most ruthless men of organized crime!

Fully illustrated book and 6-disc set chronicles the history of the Mafia over the course of 150+ years.

Includes the shocking true stories behind the mob's most infamous "wise guys," including Al Capone, Carlo Gambino, John Gotti, and many more!
The Complete Book Of US Presidents
Fully-illustrated collection includes biographical essays about the social, cultural, and political lives from each of the 44 US Presidents, as well as some of the quirks and oddities from the Oval Office!

Informative sidebars also acquaint you with every Vice President, First Lady, and key speeches.

Sure to captivate any history lover.
Ghosts True Encounters From The World Beyond Book
Take a journey to the world beyond with this massive classic collection of over 150 documented tales of hauntings, poltergeists, and more!

Hans Holzer, the world's leading authority on ghosts even provides expert tips on how to classify ghostly encounters, what to make of certain aural and visual experiences, and how to identify other signals from the beyond.

"The Greatest 'Ghostbusting' Manual Ever Written." - Dan Aykroyd.
The Mammoth Book Of More Bizarre Crimes
Was: $14.95
Now: $10.87
Incredible Real-Life Criminal Cases!

Discover extraordinary stories of criminal acts far stranger than any fiction!

Huge collection of unusual true crimes includes the murder of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace, the killing of intern Chandra Levy, citizens wrongly convicted of heinous crimes, numerous unsolved cases, and much more.
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