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Century Of War DVD Set
Massive 72-film set tells the story of 5 different wars fought over the last century. See startling footage of battles and war heroes, dramatic educational films, and award-winning, controversial documentaries. Includes conflicts from WWI, WWII, Korea, Cold War, and Vietnam.

Collector's Edition is culled from the National Archives of the United States, with narration by such luminaries as John Wayne, Henry Fonda, and Charlton Heston. Includes bonus film guide. In black & white.

Unrated; some material may not be suitable for all viewers.

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Decoding Hitler DVD
The Nazi party was obsessed with the occult. They scoured the globe in search of mysterious forces that would enable them to build their 1000-year reich.

From the Holy Grail to the lance that pierced the side of Christ, from Tibet to the Antarctic, no region or mythological device was ignored.

Explore how the Nazis developed technology decades in advance of the U.S. and Russia and were close to launching new weapons unlike any the world has ever seen.
Angels And Demons Are Real DVD
In our fast-paced chaotic world, with daily news dominated by war, crime, and evil, it's easy for many to believe in the existence of demons.

It also makes sense to those who have experienced and witnessed encounters with the divine that angels exist and can help us cope with our everyday lives.

Open your mind to the spiritual realm and see for yourself!
Born In Light Tesla DVD
Explore the life, works, and curtailed genius of Nikola Tesla!

This remarkable man left behind an electrifying legacy along with an abundance of unfinished work, personal possessions, and possibly hundreds of far-reaching inventions.

Following his death, however, the FBI seized these creations, ultimately preventing Tesla from pursuing what could have been his greatest achievements yet.

Despite the ruling elite's best efforts to prevent it, will these creations ever be rediscovered?
At War With The Nazis DVD Set
Officially licensed by The National Archives Of The United States, this definitive disc set contains 10 startling films of wartime footage and controversial documentaries from WWII.

Experience Academy Award-winning The True Glory, and Academy Award-nominated Prelude To War, the Nurembuerg trials, and much more.

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Reality Based Combat DVD
Learn real-life survival-defense techniques from the world's most respected counter-terrorist expert!

Former police, S.W.A.T., and military officer Jim Wagner spills his most treasured "warcraft" secrets to civilians on this disc set.

Learn how to evade and survive gun and knife assaults, active-shooter situations, grenades and other explosive attacks, as well as weapons disarming, takedowns, foot sweeps, clinch tactics, and so much more!
Clown Panic DVD
"Utterly Bizarre And Disturbing Reflection Of An Often Ignorant And Fear-Based Society"--Starburst.

Last year's worldwide "clown panic" resulted in many locales banning clown costumes due to their perceived threat to the general public. So, what becomes of the community of "Clownarchists" devoted to living their lives as clowns 24/7? And what compels a person to be addicted to clown attire in the first place?

The clown-panic phenomenon reveals a chink in the armor of the highly advanced and civilized ideal that sometimes fails to accept certain realities that occur in our everyday lives.
Erotic Love Secrets DVD
Discover an array exotic sexual techniques for spicing up your relationship!

Spoil your partner with a soapy head-to-toe rubdown in the shower or tub, master the infamous "Happy Ending" using expert oral and manual stimulation, and much more!

Contains nudity and explicit sexual instruction. You must be at least 21 years old to order Intimate DVDs.
Kama Sutra Sex Secrets For Lovers DVD
Ancient Techniques For Great Sex!

Let Kama Sutra enchant your senses and guide you to becoming a better lover and experiencing incredible sex! Explicit instructional program details diverse techniques and sex positions all demonstrated by attractive couples to inspire a higher degree of sexual intimacy in your relationship.

Contains nudity and explicit sexual instruction. You must be at least 21 years old to order Intimate DVDs.
Erotic Tantra For Lovers DVD & The Art Of Kama Sutra And How To Reach The Ultimate Climax DVD Set
Reach new and explosive heights in your intimate relationship with these full-length explicit programs!

Erotic Tantra For Lovers shows you a complete tantric ritual including intimate massage and Maithuna, or sexual union, to experience a new dimension of sexuality.

Kama Sutra & The Ultimate Climax disc set includes Hindu sensuality secrets and exciting sexual positions, as well as detailing the foundation of real intimacy and great sex.

Contains nudity and explicit sexual instruction. You must be at least 21 years old to order Intimate DVDs.

Buy any 2 or more, $10.98 each.
Top Secret UFO Files DVD Set
Chilling disc set uncovers American and Russian government intel on UFOs and alien abductions.

Learn how the Soviets recovered alien lifeforms and extra-terrestrial technology--and may have even attempted to reverse-engineer the space-tech they'd recovered!

Authorities have tried to cover up the Roswell crash for decades, but interviews with well-known UFOlogists, Roswell military, and civillian eyewitnesses shed light on what really happened that fateful day in 1947.
Alien Skies Mass UFO Sightings DVD
Discover the truth our governments have been trying to cover up for decades!

Witness testimony and captured footage tell the tale of alien "swarms" around the world and throughout time.
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