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Erotic Tantra For Lovers DVD & The Art Of Kama Sutra And How To Reach The Ultimate Climax DVD Set
Reach new and explosive heights in your intimate relationship with these full-length explicit programs!

Erotic Tantra For Lovers shows you a complete tantric ritual including intimate massage and Maithuna, or sexual union, to experience a new dimension of sexuality.

Kama Sutra & The Ultimate Climax disc set includes Hindu sensuality secrets and exciting sexual positions, as well as detailing the foundation of real intimacy and great sex.

Contains nudity and explicit sexual instruction. You must be at least 21 years old to order Intimate DVDs.

Buy any 2 or more, $10.98 each.
Top Secret UFO Files DVD Set
Chilling disc set uncovers American and Russian government intel on UFOs and alien abductions.

Learn how the Soviets recovered alien lifeforms and extra-terrestrial technology--and may have even attempted to reverse-engineer the space-tech they'd recovered!

Authorities have tried to cover up the Roswell crash for decades, but interviews with well-known UFOlogists, Roswell military, and civillian eyewitnesses shed light on what really happened that fateful day in 1947.
Alien Skies Mass UFO Sightings DVD
Discover the truth our governments have been trying to cover up for decades!

Witness testimony and captured footage tell the tale of alien "swarms" around the world and throughout time.
Wicked Weapons Kubaton Ripper Set
It may look like an innocuous valve shut-off key, but this lightweight, super-strong defense aid is capable of instantly ruining an attacker's day!

Similar to a kuboton (a tried-and-true "instrument of attitude adjustment"), this compact metal "ripper" keychain fits in your pocket and can be used for pressure-point manipulation and takedowns with one added benefit: the notched end is designed to grab onto your target's flesh and not let go!

Just strike with the ripper, and twist to inflict instant, painful damage, buying yourself time to escape.

Set of 2 rippers includes easy-to-follow instructional DVD demonstrating how to use them as well as a BONUS stick-fighting video.

Note: May not be legal in all states. Please check with your local authorities.
Special Forces DVD
The battles of the 21st century have and will vary vastly from the wars of previous decades.

Take an inside look at Navy SEALS, Army Rangers, Delta Force, and the special-ops counterterrorism teams comprised of brave American heroes heading into combat for freedom.

Click here to see our entire Military collection!
Alien Agenda DVD
We are not alone, and the ruling elite have known this for decades.

Definitive documentary about the alien presence on Earth includes UFO photos and footage, as well as revealed UFO experiences and knowledge from over 30 experts representing the fields of science, aviation, religion, politics, military, and more.
Hitler And The Nazis DVD Set
Adolf Hitler's ruthless and horrific reign of terror is legendary, but most only know a fraction of his evil history... until now.

This disc set in collectible slipcase includes a complete look at the vicious dictator. See his military staff create a Blitzkrieg, get inside his secret Gestapo police force, and uncover the dark Waffen SS.

Through rare archival footage, explore Hitler's occult history; his affair with mistress, Eva Braun; secret weapons; and the inside story of his violent end.
Alien Encounters In America DVD
Learn details about the increasing number of abductions and extraordinary sightings happening on an almost daily basis across America!

From individuals being taken secretly against their will by nonhuman entities, to UFOs tracked on radar by the military, it is clear that we are not alone.

Astounding speculative documentary includes alien and UFO research plus special features.
Savage Street Fighting DVD
Learn how to quickly take down ANY attacker--no matter how big, vicious, or trained they are--without even breaking a sweat!

You don't need experience, size, or even speed to immediately use any of these techniques to protect yourself or eliminate personal threats.

Professional fighter, bouncer, and trainer Chris Clugston teaches you his simple, yet dangerously effective techniques for creating a personal "zone of protection", and jump-starting the natural-warrior part of your brain to demolish any opponent without needing to memorize or practice a single complicated strike or move!
A Conspiracy To Rule The Illuminati DVD Set
Take a journey into the heart of the Illuminati, a sinister group controlling the world in a frightening variety of ways. Disc set exposes over 2 hours of this darkest conspiracy and corruption.

A World Ruled By Evil shows us how we're continuously manipulated through politics, media, marketing and more.

A Conspiracy To Rule investigates how the global elite who comprise the New World Order strive relentless to form a One World government.
A Conspiracy Of Lies DVD
Who was really behind 9/11? What was responsible for the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

Open your eyes to how a New World Order has been steadily taking charge with increasingly militarized police force, Homeland Security, TSA, the Patriot Act, and even a mysterious group nicknamed "The Unholy Thirteen".
Mysteries Of The Unexplained DVD
Three-part series including Powers Of The Paranormal; Strange Beings & UFOs; and Sacred Places, Mystic Spirits presents new evidence providing insight to man's greatest mysteries.

Includes expert testimony, eyewitness reports, original footage, and dramatic reconstructions.
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