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Active Duty DVD
Jaw-Dropping, Super Deadly Combat Secrets From A War Veteran Delta Operative!

You don't need to be in shape to "get it"--even if you've never trained before, this DVD set will give you immediate skills to do what's necessary to survive and win. Here's everything you need to boost your street-combat awareness from ZERO to 100 PERCENT.

With tactics like stealth take-down techniques, nerve strikes to short-circuit an attacker's brain, how to defeat the "parking lot sucker punch", hidden uses of palm-heel strikes, plus advanced skills like how to quickly recover from a fall and tight-fight tricks (like airplane aisle or hallways in your house).

PLUS advanced training on using and defending against a knife and blunt-trauma weapons (like baseball bats, bottles, sticks and anything else you'll see in the street). With BONUS audio CD "Combat Stress Fighting Secrets".
The Reich Underground DVD
Hitler's Secret Labyrinths Explored!

Late in WWII, the Nazis undertook a bold gambit to try to turn the war back in their favor by building an extensive tunnel system deep underground to house armament factories. Long forgotten, these sprawling labyrinths are reopened and provide a glimpse into the horrific conditions faced by forced laborers, who died in the tens of thousands to build them.

With previously unreleased film material and exclusive interviews.
Critical Distance Extreme Close Quarters DVD
Do you know what to do if an attacker snuck up on you and got close... real close?? DVD teaches you how to react with moves that can save your life.

Learn how to instantly recover from any surprise attack (even if you were sound asleep in your bed!) with immediate tactics that will blind and disorient your assailant with unbearable pain. Or how to disable an attacker with flesh-tearing moves (literally!) using advanced knowledge of "tender pain-rich targets" and shred vital tissue and arteries as easily as ripping cooked spaghetti apart.

Doesn't sound like the bad guy stands a chance to us!
The Search For Mengele DVD
How The "Angel Of Death" Escaped Justice!

After the end of WWII, Josef Mengele, the most notorious SS doctor at Auschwitz, eluded justice for 35 years, despite being one of the world's most wanted war criminals. DVD traces his escape through Germany to Italy, then Argentina, Paraguay and finally, Brazil.

Features numerous interviews (including with his son Rolf) and photographs of Mengele through the years.
Get Rich Quick Money Spells DVD
Turn Yourself Into A Money Magnet!

With the right tools and guidance, you could turn into a walking ATM, with countless fortunes at your fingertips at all times. Master mystic William Alexander Oribello shows you how to use candles, herbs and oils to help gain financial security and eliminate debt from your life.
Before Atlantis The Land That Time Forgot DVD
Were There Existing Civilizations Before The Fabled Atlantis? Frank Joseph thinks so.

Challenging conventional theories of evolution and age of humanity, he reveals 20-million-year-old quartzite tools plus other evidence of ancient pre-human cultures from which we are NOT descended.

His extensive research, tying in Atlantis and Lemuria, provides a timeline of events for these ancient civilizations, including the climate changes that triggered catastrophes that wiped them out.
Nostradamus Collection DVD
Over 12 Hours Of Predictions & Theories!

Take a deep look at Nostradamus' life, predictions, drawings, and the effect he's had on society with state-of-the-art animation, dramatic reenactments and forensic analysis. Plus, a hard look at the recently discovered Prophecy of the Roman Popes (secretly hidden in Rome for 400 years!) to reveal new details about Nostradamus' most famed predictions.

DVD set contains 14 acclaimed documentaries!
Paul Vunak Street Smarts DVD Set
Was: $98.98
Now: $84.97
Street Smarts To Stay Safe! Over 5 Hours Of Self-Defense Moves!

Do you have the confidence to walk anywhere in the world, anytime, day or night? Do you feel you could neutralize the threat of physical assault by street scum as easily as you would shoo away an alley cat?

If you found yourself in a situation where your life depended on a simple "end the fight right NOW" set of skills, don't you owe it to yourself to learn them? Best part is you don't need to train constantly to become a master of this system.

You'll learn EASY YET NASTY techniques that don't need a million repetitions to master. Everything is broken down into its most easily-learned form. You don't have to be quick, or coordinated, or even in decent physical shape.

DVD set (Street Safe I, II, III and Rapid Tactical Assault).
World War II Crucial Battles DVD Set
This is a heroic conflict that changed the course of history!

Midway, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Pearl Harbor, Normandy, and 10 more--Crucial Battles DVD set revisits these moments through rare color film and actual battle footage.

Bonus: The Four Army Chaplains, an inspiring true story of sacrifice.

Click here to see our entire Military collection!
Journey Of The Universe DVD
Your view of the universe may change forever... Weaving modern science with enduring wisdom from the world's cultures, this DVD explores both cosmic and Earth's evolution.

A breathtaking look of the epic tale, from the origins of life to present day challenges!
Bible Secrets Revealed DVD
Just how old is the Holy Bible really? How accurate is it to its original intention, and, who wrote it? This DVD set contains 6 mini-episodes that explore the mysteries of the most read book in history. What hidden facts will be revealed?

Features stunning on-location photography, compelling re-enactments and insightful interviews with scholars, archaeologists and religious leaders.
Paranormal Southwest DVD
What do you know about the dog star people? How about the Arizona Knights Templar crosses, Reptilian round towers, frontier freemasonry and other paranormal enigmas and anomalies right here in the vast American southwest?

The high desert will boggle and enchant!

For mature audiences.
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