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Great Fighting Machines Of WWII DVD Set
This special DVD set pays its respects to the brilliant engineering skills that created the mobile weaponry of the Second World War--on both sides.

"Axis Fighters" looks at the efforts of the Axis powers to win supremacy in the skies. Includes action footage of the Zero, the ME-109 and the FW-190.

"Allied Fighters" takes you to the heart of the action over Europe with Hellcats, Corsairs and Black Widows as the Allied forces fight back.

"Axis Armor" features dramatic film coverage of the Panzers as they swept through Europe, North Africa, the Balkans, and Russia.

"Allied Armor" sends you to the front lines with American, British and Soviet tanks, self-propelled guns, and armored cars.

"Axis Bombers" puts you in the cockpit of the famous and deadly Axis aircraft that devastated allied forces and cities throughout Europe.

"Allied Bombers" not only includes unique film of the Avro Lancaster and Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, it takes you aboard the Boeing B-29 Superfortress which, armed with the atom bomb, sealed the end of the war.

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Killing Jimmy Hoffa DVD
After 40 years, America's most iconic missing-persons case is still unsolved. Tell-all DVD explores not only the mystery of Hoffa's disappearance, but, perhaps more importantly, his life and times in 20th century America.

For the first time, discover the true story of when, where, and why James Hoffa was murdered and why his body will never be found.
Secrets Of Black Ops DVD
Enter the Brutal, Unseen World of Black Ops!

Hand-to-hand combat is the most brutal and ancient fighting form ever devised, and it's still one of the most effective tools in the Black Ops arsenal.

The fight secrets you'll learn in this DVD were kept hidden away in monasteries for centuries and are still closely guarded by those who use them. Now you can get an insider's look at the tactics, weapons and brutally simplistic methods used by the world's deadliest elite fighters, and learn to use them yourself.

In the world of Black Ops, it's kill or be killed and this DVD holds nothing back. An anonymous Black Ops operative teaches you to lethally disable a knife-wielding attacker in an instant. In just 2 hours, learn all you need to stay alive, defend yourself, and take out any threat.

The masked operative fully covers: Weapons Of Mass, Blunt Weapons, Knife Fighting, Improvised Weapons, Hand-to-Hand, Choke Holds, Lethal Blows, Hand Guns & Long Guns, Defense Techniques, and Neck Breaks.
Storms Of The Century DVD Set
Disc set includes 5 heart-pounding feature-length films depicting Mother Nature at her worst!

Get swept away in devastating floods, storm surges, tornadoes and tidal waves in Killer Wave, Flood, Tidal Wave-No Escape, Flood-A River's Rampage, and Tornado.
Innovations Of War DVD Set
Amateurs study strategy. Professionals study logistics. To fight and win, a military organization needs to get the right weapon systems to the right place at the right time. Failing to do so may cost a life, a battle, even a war.

This 12-part documentary series is filled with expert interviews, archival footage, and live-action reenactments to chronicle the development and deployment of 12 game-changing weapons that provided tactical advantages to militaries around the world.

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A One World Agenda The Illuminati DVD
Informative documentary tells the chilling story of the world's most powerful secret and sacred order.

This elite group controls the world as we know it. They run governments, companies, and religions; control much of what you see, hear, and perceive, and have done so for hundreds of years.

In the 18th century, they emerged into the spotlight briefly to bring about world-wide cataclysmic change, and they called themselves the Illuminati. They quickly spread and embedded themselves and their ideals within other secret societies and have infiltrated every aspect of our civilization.
Weird U.S. Real Tales Of The Bizarre DVD
Take an unforgettable side trip into the weirdest nooks and crannies of American history!

Hilarious, wacky, and sometimes plain disturbing, this 2-episode DVD explores stories about mysterious wallets made out of human skin to retirement communities for sideshow performers to graveyard getaways near the swamplands of New Orleans.

From sea to shining sea, starring a cast of characters between ghostly and surreal, this adventure is too weird for words.
Tour Of Duty The Complete Series DVD Set
The thrilling and thought-provoking drama aired on CBS from 1987-1990. A realistic portrayal of the human side of the Vietnam war, tackling issues such as racism, suicide, terrorism, civilian death, and more.

Despite their diverse racial, cultural and philosophical backgrounds, the infantrymen must ultimately depend on one another while facing the enemy and struggling to survive in hostile Southeast Asia.

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Adolph Hitler's Great Escape DVD
Adolph Hitler and hundreds of high-ranking Nazis escaped to South America at the end of WWII. New evidence suggests that the Allied governments knew he was still alive and helped conceal the truth that he was living in Argentina with his wife.

Includes not only little-known information on Hitler's escape, but also that of Martin Bormann, Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann, Klaus Barbie, the notorious "Butcher of Lyon," and others.

This documentary also reveals Germany's "Wonder Weapons," The Nazi Bell, Flying Disks, Black U-Boats, and the shocking history regarding the German base in Antarctica.
Expanding Sexual Boundaries DVD
Exciting DVD contains 3 thrilling films, including Erotic Edge: Secrets To Ultimate Satisfaction, Advanced Sex Play: Positions & Toys For Lovers, and Wicked Surrender: Oral & Anal Pleasures. These 3 programs show the incredible pleasure that awaits you and your lover when you cast aside restricting inhibitions to experience new turn-ons.

Learning imaginative oral-sex techniques, enjoy the wicked passion of erotic power play, discover toys to maximize male AND female sensations, and much more!

Sexually explicit. You must be at least 21 years old to order Intimate DVDs.
The Best Of British Comedy DVD
Enjoy over 100 of the funniest comedic performances spanning over 50 years in a special collection, never-before-seen in the US!

Hilarious classics from John Cleese (Monty Python), Peter Sellers (The Pink Panther), Benny Hill, Dudley Moore, Terry-Thomas, and many others from "across the pond!"
In The Shadows Crime Dramas DVD Set
Gritty film noir at its best!

DVD collection features 10 tales of intrigue and suspense. Cinematic plot-twisters in original black & white star such legends as Kirk Douglas, Frank Sinatra, Edward G. Robinson, Barbara Stanwyck and many more.
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