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Monty Python Almost The Truth DVD
We proudly present the most complete, finely tuned, and well-assembled "final word" on Monty Python. Well, until next time, at least.

In-depth and true (okay, yes, admittedly, almost true) story as told straight from the mouths of John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, and, thanks to completely analog undigitized archives, Graham Chapman!
Supernatural Secrets Of The Pyramid DVD
Who Built The Pyramids? A question that STILL puzzles scientists today!

How could the ancient Egyptians, who only had copper tools (a metal too soft), cut and shape 5.5 million tons of limestone and 8,000 tons of granite?

This documentary takes you on an exciting adventure, as you explore just how the Pyramid of Giza might have been built.
Paranormal Planet Psychics And The Supernatural DVD
Is it aliens, something supernatural... our ourselves?

In this DVD set, you will discover firsthand the truth to psychic abilities and the supernatural. Is there something to the phenomenon associated with "Indigo Children?" Does everyone really possess the ability to read minds and know the future? Do we still exist after physical death?
Greedy Lying Bastards DVD
Is It Really Profits Before People?

Hurricanes, wildfires, droughts, floods, super tornadoes... climate change is no longer a prediction, it is a startling reality of today. Yet why is there a lack of political action to stop the causes of global warming?

This documentary investigates these stalled efforts and records the impact of an industry that continually puts profits before people, while waging a campaign of lies.
Wrigley Field Anniversary Souvenir DVD
The most storied ballpark in baseball history turns 100 years old this year!

Limited edition DVD captures moments from the last century that Cubs fans cherish! Highlights include Harry Caray & "Take Me Out To The Ballgame," the black cat of 1969, Babe Ruth's 1932 home run, The Bleacher Bums, the hand-turned scoreboard and ivy-covered walls, and much more.
Dilbert Complete Series DVD Set
This animated series is adapted from the most popular comic strip of the '90s!

Anyone who's ever worked in an office can relate to Dilbert and his co-workers as they try to make sense of corporate culture. Includes all 30 episodes--over 10 hours long!

Features voice talent like Kathy Griffin, Jerry Seinfeld, Andy Dick, Gilbert Gottfried and many more.
Total Defense And Finish Moves DVD
Be ready to protect yourself in a moment's notice!

Here are hard-core moves taught by a Spec Op veteran who honed these moves with 21 years of real combat experience. And what he teaches can be learned FAST... practically overnight!

Included are the notorious "preemptive attack strikes" which allow you to take down an attacker in ONE "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" MOVE, a stunning nerve-shattering strike simply called "The Punch", plus amazing defensive-offensive moves that protect YOU while taking him OUT.

Then watch the included "Extreme Tactics" DVD to learn how to viciously end a fight against someone holding a knife against you--tricks to disarm him instantly and give you complete command.

AND you also get an audio CD, "When To Pull The Trigger On Lethal Moves" that will give you insight on how real combat veterans make that critical decision to end the fight.

In the real world, you don't want to be too fast to pull these moves out... but you can't be too late either!
UFOs Have Landed On Planet Earth DVD
Is An Alien Invasion Imminent?

Are we some kind of strange galactic experiment? Did we really evolve from apes, or is there an answer to the emergence of the species called man?

DVD tackles an array of topics, from crop circles to questioning the true nature of the moon (perhaps NOT a barren landscape after all?) that will leave you wondering that perhaps we aren't alone in the universe after all.
World War I America And The Great War DVD
Collection of archival footage from sources all around the world highlights the battles, heroes, and villains of the conflict. Accurate interpretations of the causes & events, trench warfare, and final drive that ended it all, with casualties reaching the 9 million mark.

Includes bonus newsreels, maps, & interviews.

Click here to see our entire Military collection!
Louis C.K. DVDs
$16.98 - $19.98
One of the most respected comedic voices of his generation, Louis C.K.'s risk-taking comedy is fearless, honest, and totally outrageous!

If you haven't already experienced what everyone else is talking about--or even if you have--these 2 no-holds-barred DVDs showcasing the comic at his best are stand-up treats to be savored.

For mature audiences only.
Ancient Secrets Of The Bible DVD
God works in mysterious ways--and some of those mysteries are becoming clearer!

This 39-part series scientifically examines the Bible's most controversial stories. Did the David and Goliath story really happen? Was there really a biblical global flood, and is Noah's Ark buried under a glacial ice pack in Eastern Turkey?

Features dramatic re-creations, expert testimony, biblical evidence, scientific experiments and great entertainment value.
Duck Dynasty™ Seasons 1-3 DVD Set
Keep the camo-clad Robertsons in your sights at all times with this DUCK DYNASTY gift set from A&E®. With these down-home millionaires from Louisiana, there's always somebody up to something that you can rest assured somebody else isn't going to like.

See what happens when Willie hosts his own radio show, but makes the mistake of bringing Uncle Si on the air with him. Watch how his employee retreat fails to build trust among the Duck Commander team. And you'll want to catch Jase's plans to prevent Missy from finding out he's lost his second, newly replaced wedding ring.

But the Robertsons never back down from a challenge, always taking on new adventures. Whether it's a family cooking, fishing or football competition; a blind leap into winemaking; a spontaneous road trip in the RV; or their run-ins with critters of all kinds, this clan makes the most of their funny business. And now you can, too.

But please, don't fight over who gets to wear the enclosed DUCK DYNASTY bandana!

Click here to see our entire Duck Dynasty™ collection!
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