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Mobilize Cell Phone Radiation DVD
An explosive investigative documentary that explores potential long-term health effects from cell phone radiation, including brain cancer and infertility. Examines the most recent scientific research and the harsh challenges politicians face trying to pass precautionary legislation.

Featuring interviews with expert researchers, major mobile phone associates and prominent politicians, this movie illuminates how finance can corrupt public health.
Jeff Dunham All Over The Map DVD
Jeff Dunham and his iconic creations (Achmed, Walter, Peanut and Bubba J.) travel the world, pushing the limits on 5 continents, in arenas few American comedians have dared to perform!

A must-see for any fan--tons of new material with laughs all around the world.
Secret Files Of The Inquisition DVD
For centuries the historical records of the Inquisition have been locked away, becoming the stuff of legends. The Vatican finally opened these records in 1998... and from the pages of these secret documents comes a tale of faith and fervor, torture and courage.

An incredible true story of the western's world most potent religion and its determination to maintain power at any cost.
Unsolved Mysteries Of The Second World War DVD
There are still many unanswered questions, like why did Hitler halt his armies before Dunkirk, allowing the British to escape? Or, was Hitler building an atomic bomb?

Here, using only historical evidence, are answers to these questions and others! Plus revolutionary new evidence that suggests Churchill knew of the Pearl Harbor attacks and historical footage of the men who tore the world apart.

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The Perfect Martial Arts Workout DVD
This time-tested workout is performed exactly as it was created many decades ago!

Series of exercises has their lineage from the martial arts system, Goju Ryu Kara-te, and the very movements helps promote a stronger body and mind (even if you are new to martial arts).

Focus, discipline, balance and coordination are also strengthened... there is a reason these moves have not changed in sequence for over 100 years!
Navy Seals Workout Book And DVD Set
Train like a spec op athlete!

Considered one of the world's toughest training regimes, the Navy SEAL elite exercise program can increase overall fitness, build core strength and improve performance.

Book and DVD guide you through a U.S. Navy SEAL-inspired workout of 21 exercises--the very same ones used daily by active duty SEAL platoons around the world.

With comprehensive illustrations, photos and clear guidance on correct form.
Aggressive Smackdown Tactics DVD
These are aggressive defense tactics that require only a handful of simple gross motor skills, yet will effectively shock your attacker! These are not moves that require fine motor skills or years of training--but are just as, if not MORE, effective!

Learn 19 street effective techniques, the 3 rules of a fight, how to defend and counter a blind-sided attack, plus body manipulation techniques.
Secrets Of The Freemasons DVD
Inside The Sacred Order Of Freemasonry!

An expose on the revered sect called Freemasonry! Delve into their origins, evolution and the current day reality of Freemasons.

Is there any truth behind the numerous conspiracy theories? Some within the Order are speaking out for the first time.
America's Book Of Secrets DVD Set
Over 7 Hours Exploring Our Nation's Biggest Secrets!

From beyond the indestructible armored doors of Fort Knox to the most secret room of the White House, the U.S. has more secrets than you might think!

Take a journey that takes a deeper look at The Freemasons, The White House, The Pentagon, Area 51, Fort Knox, Presidential Transports, The Playboy Mansion, Black Ops, The FBI and West Point.
Vietnam The Ten Thousand Day War DVD Set
The Award-Winning Epic Vietnam Documentary!

It's the landmark documentary series that won several awards when it first aired in 1981! Decades later it STILL stands as a triumph of investigative reporting for the 30-year conflict.

The series spans from the slow burning collapse of the French colonial regime after WWII to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and the undeclared war of ideologies that tore the roof off the American military-industrial complex.

Restored from the original broadcast masters, with new graphics and maps to enhance the epic story.

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Delta Mojo DVD And CD Set
How To Build Early Warning Systems & Weaponry Secrets!

Delta special op agent shares his super-advanced skills and bad-ass "jerry rigged" security devices to quickly take out anyone who screws with him. This is real-world self-defense, offense and "booby trap" security!

Learn how to create early warning systems, built in seconds with junk laying around your house--like using parts from a $6 flashlight to make pressure-sensitive switches that are triggered by anyone walking in the area! Or how to rig drawers in your home or hotel room with simple alarms... and how to camouflage your work so even world class burglars cannot detect it!

PLUS, 2 more programs on weapons handling with expert ballistics knowledge and secrets--like how to walk and shoot and the same time (a game changer!), how to feed your shotgun during intense combat, how to quickly adjust your eyes to low-light so you'll be like a cat (while your intruder stumbles, blind and at your mercy! ), and a TON more!

Includes bonus "Mojo Mind Tricks" audio CD.
UFOs And Aliens DVD
Is this evidence that can't be denied?

Scientists and astronomers around the world are gathering evidence to prove our existence is not unique, while there are more and more close encounters and abductions being reported.

Explore these extraordinary cases and interviews with top experts in science, technology and UFOology.
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