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Ultimate Book Of Imposters
Was: $16.99
Now: $13.97
Astonishing true stories of over 100 of the craziest and funniest phonies in history, such as a fake French official who managed to sell the Eiffel Tower... twice! Or how one of the Wild West's toughest and most admired "male" stagecoach drivers was actually a woman!

Packed with fun facts and outrageous accounts of fake pilots, phony princesses, imitation Indians, and serial sham artists, this book exposes the truth behind the world's wildest frauds.
War On Whistleblowers DVD
Was: $19.98
Now: $15.97
This explosive film uncovers the perils and threats facing whistleblowers and journalists who publicly try to right a wrong. Four renowned cases of whistleblowing are used to illustrate the much larger story of what happens when people try to expose fraud and abuse.

Includes interviews with whistleblowers (Michael DeKort, Thomas Drake, Franz Gayl and Thomas Tamm) plus award-winning journalists such as David Carr and Lucy Dalglish.
WWII Diaries A Day By Day Chronicle DVD
Was: $26.98
Now: $17.87
Compelling series highlights the details and daily headlines of September 1939 through June 1942. Each day of the war is covered in 2 minute segments, combined into hour-long episodes that represents each month. Comprehensive and insightful, these chronicles unravel the epic struggles and unimaginable horrors experienced.

Includes bonus documentaries from the "Why We Fight" propaganda series used to garner support.

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The Exorcist In The 21st Century DVD
Was: $19.98
Now: $13.87
Real Life Catholic Exorcisms!

A chilling examination of the unknown and sinister world of exorcism in the Catholic Church! Experience the secret world of Catholic exorcism as you follow along with one of the few Vatican-approved exorcists.

The on-camera casting out of demons is every bit as disturbing as anything Hollywood could conjure up!
Geek Handbook
Was: $14.99
Now: $7.77
Essential Advice For Today's Modern Geek!

With famous geek idols like Sheldon Cooper, Bill Gates, Felicia Day and Dr. Who, it's time for all of us to embrace our geekiness. Humorous hand guide has topics ranging from geek fashion, top 10 social geeky no-nos, the top 10 worst moments in DC and Marvel history, to tips on how to interact with geeky girls and the essential gadgets to waste money on.
Monthy Pythons Flying Circus Book
Was: $50.00
Now: $29.77
All The Bits & More!

A must for all Python-philes! Contains the transcripts to all 45 "Monty Python's Flying Circus" episodes (1969-1974) plus full-color screenshots and tons of annotations that explain obscure references, where the filmed scenes deviated from the script, profiles of cast and crew, on and off the set arguments, practical jokes, goofs, gaffes and more.

Relive your favorite sketches ("Ministry of Silly Walks," "Dead Parrot" and all the rest) in a new way!
Family Guy™ Hall Of Shame Sound Book
Was: $16.95
Now: $9.87
Interactive book has 8 sound buttons so you can experience some of the best lines and running gags from 10 seasons of the hit show!

Topics include Stewie-isms, Dissing Meg, Peter's Words of Wisdom, Bodily Emissions and much more! Illustrated by lots of colorful screen grabs.

Adult content; not meant for children.
Make Your Own 3D Illusions Book
Was: $24.95
Now: $11.77
All you need to press out and assemble more than 50 puzzles, teasers and curiosities!

Fold, bend and place the pieces for the magic to appear. Spin, twist, and move to see new shapes, colors and perspectives.

The all-important answers (if you need them) are included, along with explanations of how the illusions fooled the brain.
Terror Storm DVD
Was: $21.98
Now: $13.87
Is The Government Sponsoring Terrorism?

Throughout history, criminal elements inside governments have carried out terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them. This powerful documentary by Alex Jones contains new footage of the 5th Anniversary 9/11 Truth rally at Ground Zero in New York City; recently surfaced BBC and CNN press coverage regarding the destruction of WTC Bldg. 7--twenty minutes before it fell; details about the "shoot down" law which was never invoked on 9/11, and more.

Learn how the Reichstag fire, Gulf of Tonkin and others are inter-connected false-flag terror events. The terrorists are not who you think they are.
Mafia Prince Book
Was: $24.00
Now: $13.87
Inside America's Most Violent Crime Family!

Get a first-person glimpse into one of the most violent eras in Mafia history-- "Little" Nicky Scarfo's reign as boss of the Philly family in the 1980s.

This account is written by Scarfo's underboss and nephew, "Crazy" Phil Leonetti, who became the highest-ranking mob official to turn state's evidence. His testimony led to the conviction of dozens of high-ranking made men, including John Gotti, Vincent Gigante and Scarfo himself.
Advanced Sex Play For Lovers DVD
Was: $14.98
Now: $11.97
Accessorize Your Sex Play!

Explore, enhance and bring more excitement to your love life through the use of toys and other objects. Watch real-life couples in this 2-volume DVD explicitly discover the world of vibrators, male enhancements, lubes, and other toys for men and women.

It's a practical guide for beginners and experienced couples alike.

Sexually explicit. You must be at least 21 years old to order Intimate DVDs.
Cabinet Of Curiosities Book
Was: $14.99
Now: $6.87
Short Stories For Lovers Of Steampunk & Dark Fantasy!

Explore the strange, odd, and sometimes dark world behind the late (and fictional) Dr. Lambshead's collection of knick knacks, relics, and devices.

Oddities like the Automatic Nanny, the human/metal hybrid man, or the relic that recalls the story of a bear raised as a human--each story more surreal than the last.
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