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Spartan Warrior Workout Book
Was: $15.95
Now: $11.97
Get Action-Movie Ripped In 30 Days!

Do you have the strength to stop an entire army? In just one month, the high-intensity workouts in this book can give you the jaw-dropping physique of history's greatest soldiers. Every muscle set is sculpted, chiseled, shaped, toned and strengthened!

Detailed instructions with photos also include guidelines on active rest, pre-hab and nutrition to keep your body healthy as you reach higher levels of fitness.
Bad Birthdays Book
Was: $18.95
Now: $13.97
The Truth Behind Your (Crappy) Sun Sign!

There are no sappy or mindless cheerful affirmations here! Here's the truth--whether you like it or not--about your sun sign.

The quirks, oddities, and unpleasantries that characterize your unlucky sign (Plagued Pisces? Lame Leo? Tragic Taurus?). You can even check your so-called compatibility with other unlucky signs.
Alien Hand Syndrome Book
Was: $12.95
Now: $7.87
Book Of Too Weird To Not Be True Stories!

Over 90 fantastic-but-true stories! Featuring entries about nature's nightmares (like the Kola Superdeep Borehole), or man-made disasters (how about the Molasses Flood of 1919?), to animal anomalies (like Mike the Headless Chicken), and other historical arcana (like Undark and the Radium Girls).

Every story is, well, damn interesting!
Fifty Weapons That Changed The Course Of History Book
Was: $29.95
Now: $19.87
Here's the story of the last 3,500 years told through the weapons that shaped it, from the simple stone ax to the autonomous robots being built today. Illustrated with technical specifications and explanations on the weapon's part in human conflict and long-term legacy.

A fascinating read for history buffs!
Bizarre Crimes Book
Enjoy plenty of laughs thanks to the fumblers and bumblers in this wacky lineup.

Meet fast food felons who punch workers when their favorite snack isn't available, a robber whose mask made the victim laugh so hard he wouldn't turn over the money, a thief that left his resume in a car he'd stolen and many more!

These crooks are high up on the idiot-meter!
Get Rich Quick Money Spells DVD
Was: $12.98
Now: $9.97
Turn Yourself Into A Money Magnet!

With the right tools and guidance, you could turn into a walking ATM, with countless fortunes at your fingertips at all times. Master mystic William Alexander Oribello shows you how to use candles, herbs and oils to help gain financial security and eliminate debt from your life.
Before Atlantis The Land That Time Forgot DVD
Was: $28.98
Now: $20.97
Were There Existing Civilizations Before The Fabled Atlantis? Frank Joseph thinks so.

Challenging conventional theories of evolution and age of humanity, he reveals 20-million-year-old quartzite tools plus other evidence of ancient pre-human cultures from which we are NOT descended.

His extensive research, tying in Atlantis and Lemuria, provides a timeline of events for these ancient civilizations, including the climate changes that triggered catastrophes that wiped them out.
Demons Book
Was: $18.95
Now: $13.87
Demonic Bone-Chilling Tales!

Good luck getting any sleep if you're foolish enough to read this at night! Compilation features vintage tales, contemporary classics and brand-new stories involving the Devil, demons, fallen angels and possession. Over 35 tales by noted authors like Neil Gaiman and H.P. Lovecraft with articles on the details of demon lore.

Note: contains graphic language and situations; not recommended for children.
Secrets Of Making And Breaking Codes Book
Was: $12.95
Now: $7.87
Become A Codemaster!

Hands-on guide to both the simplest cipher schemes (that need little more than scratch paper and a pencil to crack) to more sophisticated codes that use one-time code books, pocket calculators, to even the most advanced computer-based systems used by militaries and governments!
1000 Biker Tattoos Book
Was: $29.99
Now: $16.67
Get ready to be inspired!

Filled with hundreds of photos and stories from bikers all across the U.S., each one of them sporting a distinctive tattoo (or two, or three, or an entire body's worth).

Screaming skulls, Sturgis stars, bars-and-shields, babes, booze and booty--that's just the tip of the ink-stained iceberg.
Crop Circles Book
Was: $16.95
Now: $11.97
All over the world, these gigantic works of art appear in the dead of the night in crop fields. Often these designs are incredibly clever and inventive!

Learn the secrets that lie behind these crop circles, from sacred geometry, numerology to other mystical concepts long forgotten in modern design. Stunningly illustrated with full-color photographs.
Paul Vunak Street Smarts DVD Set
Was: $98.98
Now: $84.97
Street Smarts To Stay Safe! Over 5 Hours Of Self-Defense Moves!

Do you have the confidence to walk anywhere in the world, anytime, day or night? Do you feel you could neutralize the threat of physical assault by street scum as easily as you would shoo away an alley cat?

If you found yourself in a situation where your life depended on a simple "end the fight right NOW" set of skills, don't you owe it to yourself to learn them? Best part is you don't need to train constantly to become a master of this system.

You'll learn EASY YET NASTY techniques that don't need a million repetitions to master. Everything is broken down into its most easily-learned form. You don't have to be quick, or coordinated, or even in decent physical shape.

DVD set (Street Safe I, II, III and Rapid Tactical Assault).
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