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The Truth About Tesla Book
Everything you know about Nikola Tesla is wrong!

Most biographies repeat the familiar account of Tesla's life, including his invention of alternating current, his falling out with Edison, how he lost billions in patent royalties to Westinghouse, and his fight to prove that Marconi stole 13 of his patents to "invent" radio. But, what really happened?

This book sets the record straight, tracing the origin of his genius to scientists and ideas that far predated his work, and revealing some of the true inventors behind groundbreaking technologies previously attributed to Tesla.
Play Piano In A Flash DVD Set
  • DVD set for beginners to advanced players.
  • Fun and easy to follow.
  • One-on-one series used by millions of public television viewers.
  • Start playing 10 popular songs right now.
  • Over 22 hours of instruction including lead sheets and more.
  • Save BIG over private lessons.
Learn Scott Houston's simple method and learn to play like a pro--fast!

Working step-by-step, chapter-by-chapter with the Emmy Award-winning host of public television's The Piano Guy, you'll find out why his approach is the same used by many professional players. Watching his hands while following the highlighted measures on the lead sheet gives you a total understanding of what's being taught at all times.

Learn to play: "Don't Know Why," "100 Years," "Stardust," "Amazing Grace," "Autumn Leaves," "In A Sentimental Mood," "I Left My Heart In San Francisco," "Kansas City," "Jingle Bells," and "Silent Night."
Famous Phonies Book
Was Shakespeare really a brilliant bard? Did Pythagoras have the mad math skills he's credited with?

Find out with this book full of closeted skeletons, scandals, swindles, and other shocking controversies that passed under history's radar and straight into textbooks.

Fakes and frauds who changed history include Confucius, Homer, George Washington, and more.
OMG Can You Believe It Book
Was: $15.95
Now: $5.57
Can you're more likely to die in a sand castle accident than from a shark bite? The Bible is the most shoplifted book in the United States? The average foot has about 250,000 sweat glands that produce about a quarter cup of sweat (two shot glasses full) per day?

Enrich your life with over 200 of the funniest, grimmest, grossest, grimiest, bizarre, disgusting, outrageous, and outstanding nuggets of weird things you always wanted to know about, but never thought to ask!
Command Others Through Thought Transference Book
  • Use 100% of your mental power to your own personal advantage.
  • Get a "Yes" instead of a "No" every time.
  • Take control over every situation.
  • Increase your willpower 1000%.
  • Always be dealt a winning hand--even in games of chance.
Learn to influence and control the minds of others and see your every wish turn into reality!

Relying on techniques known only to the most advanced sages--both Western Occultists and Eastern Mystics--Dragonstar (from the ancient lodge of Atlantis) and Master Yogi Ramacharaka reveal the true secrets of thought transference that go beyond any previously disseminated instructions. Tune up your brain battery to manifest luck, love, prosperity, and peace of mind.

Includes a bonus course on the finer techniques of developing your gift so you can use it to maximum effect.
Can Holding In A Fart Kill You Book
A curious, captivating collection of trivia with amazing questions to answers you always wanted to ask, like: Why don't sleeping birds fall from trees? Does the full moon make people crazy? Why is the ocean salty?

From silly to serious to outright bizarre, this expansive collection offers surprising answers and unexpected facts in the realms of history, science, pop culture, and nature.
Crazy Sh*t Old People Say Book
Book Of Barbs By The Elder Set!

With old age comes gray hair, creaky joints, and an apparent license to speak one's mind without fear of consequence. Laugh along, but be prepared for some uncensored, no-holds-barred, comments and opinions!

Warning: Contains risque adult humor.
Moon Spells Book
Was: $12.95
Now: $6.57
How To Use The Phases Of The Moon To Get What You Want!

At any given moment, the moon shines down on half the world. Now you can learn how to use its energies to achieve your desire--whether it's joyful romance, a successful career, or superb physical and emotional health.

With the proper use of candles, gemstones, and incense, and conducting the spells in this guide at exactly the right lunar moment, you can enhance the flow of power and make your wishes come true.

Be more successful more often, when you want to: get a pay raise, release your fears, attract a lover, move on after a loss, and more!
Tour Of Duty The Complete Series DVD Set
The thrilling and thought-provoking drama aired on CBS from 1987-1990. A realistic portrayal of the human side of the Vietnam war, tackling issues such as racism, suicide, terrorism, civilian death, and more.

Despite their diverse racial, cultural and philosophical backgrounds, the infantrymen must ultimately depend on one another while facing the enemy and struggling to survive in hostile Southeast Asia.

Click here to see our entire Military collection!
Adolph Hitler's Great Escape DVD
Adolph Hitler and hundreds of high-ranking Nazis escaped to South America at the end of WWII. New evidence suggests that the Allied governments knew he was still alive and helped conceal the truth that he was living in Argentina with his wife.

Includes not only little-known information on Hitler's escape, but also that of Martin Bormann, Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann, Klaus Barbie, the notorious "Butcher of Lyon," and others.

This documentary also reveals Germany's "Wonder Weapons," The Nazi Bell, Flying Disks, Black U-Boats, and the shocking history regarding the German base in Antarctica.
Expanding Sexual Boundaries DVD
Exciting DVD contains 3 thrilling films, including Erotic Edge: Secrets To Ultimate Satisfaction, Advanced Sex Play: Positions & Toys For Lovers, and Wicked Surrender: Oral & Anal Pleasures. These 3 programs show the incredible pleasure that awaits you and your lover when you cast aside restricting inhibitions to experience new turn-ons.

Learning imaginative oral-sex techniques, enjoy the wicked passion of erotic power play, discover toys to maximize male AND female sensations, and much more!

Sexually explicit. You must be at least 21 years old to order Intimate DVDs.
The Handy Bible Answer Book
A simple, non-denominational guide to the best-selling book in history!

Examines the origins and history of the meanings of chapters, verses, and parables by posing and answering 1,700 of the most commonly asked questions about the Bible. Includes 120 photos and illustrations.
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