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Indian Head Penny Collection
Over 100 years old and a symbol of the bygone American Frontier: 20 Indian Head pennies, one from each year 1890-1909.

All are 95% pure copper and in wonderful condition with remarkable detail. Handsomely displayed in a foil embossed portfolio, which includes the coin's illustrious history, and a Certificate of Authenticity.

A unique collectible, certain to be cherished for generations.
Five Dollar Note Collection


Characterized by red seals and red serial numbers, the Red Seal Notes disappeared from circulation long ago. Silver Certificates have not been seen in circulation for over half a century and today are only found in exclusive private collections.

Collection includes Green Seal $5 Old Style Federal Reserve note, $5 Red Seal U.S. Note, and Blue Seal $5 Silver Certificate. The Old Style Note was replaced in March of 2008, but is, and always will remain, a true classic.

Comes in a beautiful frame along with a history sheet and a Certificate of Authenticity.
Treasure Chest Of Old And Rare Coins
Share the thrill of hunting through unsearched coins discovered in a forgotten corner of America's heartland!

Open your own chest filled with at least 50 old and intriguing coins, such as pure copper wheat pennies, World War II coins, silver Mercury dimes, Buffalo nickels, and more! Will you uncover a legendary Indian head penny or a Liberty nickel?

The adventure starts in the antiqued handmade wooden chest accented with polished brass fittings -- a treasure in itself!

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