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Donald Trump Coin Set
Coin set honors Presidential hopeful Donald Trump and includes a beautifully-colorized JFK half dollar, and national-park quarter from the candidates' home state of New York.

Unique coloring process yields high levels of detail, color saturation, and durability to create an everlasting coin collectible.

Genuine legal tender arrives encapsulated and includes a display stand and Certificate of Authenticity.

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2015 JFK Black Ruthenium Half Dollar Coin
Was: $18.98
Now: $9.47
Own a commemorative edition of the JFK Kennedy half dollar lavished in ruthenium and 24kt gold. To highlight the original design, this coin is entirely covered in stunning black ruthenium.

JFK's portrait, clad in 24kt gold, appears on the obverse with modified presidential-seal design on the reverse.

These uncirculated legal-tender US coins are not available in general circulation or at any bank. Comes in a handsome acrylic coin capsule and includes Certificate of Authenticity.
Eighth Of A Pound Of Silver Coins
Was: $99.98
Now: $79.87
The last 90% silver US coins for circulation were struck over 50 years ago in 1964. They disappeared almost immediately and millions have been melted through the decades for the precious silver bullion.

Now here's your chance to build a collection of long-gone US silver coins! Velvet pouch contains 5-15 coins in a combination of dimes, quarters, and half dollars--all dated 1964 or earlier and containing 0.900 silver.
Two Headed And Two Tailed Quarter Set
Never lose a coin flip again!

Set of 2 quarters includes a 2-headed coin, and 2-tailed coin--both genuine Washington quarters with original obverse or reverse sides replaced to make you the winner every time!

These are real coins that will easily fool everyone!
Independence Day Two Dollar Bill
Was: $20.00
Now: $18.97
Celebrate Our 240th Anniversary!

Through a revolutionary technique, this authentic legal tender $2 bill has been transformed into a work of art for the collector. Bill is in fresh, uncirculated condition.

The full-color Independence Day (4th of July) specimen is handsomely showcased in a crystal clear holder for display. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
Pound Of Pennies
Start your penny collection the easy way!

This assortment gives you 148 coins (that's one full pound) from all six decades in which this one-cent piece was minted.

You are guaranteed one first-year-of-mint 1909 penny that might be one of the rare coins with the sculptor's initials, VDB, valued at as much as $3,000. You could also find an increasingly-rare 1943 steel penny. Last struck in 1958, the historic wheat penny retains its value because it's the first U.S. coin to depict a real person, the first cent to feature the words "In God We Trust" and is composed of a bronze alloy that is 95% copper.

Coins store in mini-money bag. All contents are unsearched and unexamined.