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Halloween Things

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Male And Female Flasher Coat Costumes
Give your costume-party guests a racy surprise with this ensemble!

Looks like an ordinary black trench coat, but underneath is a nearly nekkid hot body ready to thrill your victims. You can go as the bare-chested, speedo-wearing male or frilly bra-and-pantie-clad female. (Bonus points if you go for the gender swap!) All you need is your jeans to "pull off" this sexy illusion.

Trench coat with attached hot body panel. Hat and shades not included.
Extreme Haunted Sound Box
$2.98 - $21.98
It's a haunted house in a box!

Hide this small sound box in a bush or dark corner and set to steady-on for a continuous, creepy soundtrack, or set to motion-activated mode to play one of 27 haunting sounds whenever it detects movement.

Sounds include ghostly moans, creaking steps, rattling chains, and more.
Goblin Mask
Top off your magical-banker or middle-earthling costume with this hand painted goblin mask!

This old fellow comes complete with a hooked, warty nose, a skunk-colored, comb-over coiffure, and thick, pointed ears. Great for costume festivities, pranks, and spicing things up at work.

WARNING: Masks are not recommended for children.
Creepy Grave Statue
Reaper of souls or ferrier of the damned? Either way, this creeper isn't climbing out of the earth to spread cheer and goodwill!

Place this hand painted macabre figure in your yard to complete a haunted graveyard scene, or even a dark firepit or fireplace (unlit) to add some extra sinister to your décor.
Zombie Head Statue
This ghoul is the "embodiment" of creepy! Perfect in a yard, or on a mantel--anywhere in serious need of decay chic.

Hand painted in gruesome, rotting detail, he is the perfect way to "liven" up spooky Halloween décor or scare coworkers out of your office.
Deranged Jester Mask
Jesters are supposed to be funny, and this freak is decidedly not.

With eerily disturbing makeup, maniacal expression, and gravely decrepit jester cap, this guy is more hell raiser than harlequin. Mask has eye and nostril cutouts for comfortable wear.
Girl Watcher Mask
Don't mind this guy--he's just young at heart!

Old creeper mask with eyebrow-raising baseball cap may be comfortable to wear, but it's sure to make everyone else feel delightfully uncomfortable. All in a day's work, we say! Handmade with authentic, hand painted detailing.

WARNING: Masks are not recommended for children.
Skeleton Spider
Ever wondered what a spider's skeleton would look like if it had one inside its body? Ever wanna sleep again? Good luck.

This bendable former web slinger makes us want to reach for a giant can of bug spray and cry for Mama.
Bloody Shower Curtain
Everybody has that one friend who has to check the bathtub for axe murderers every time they use the restroom.

This shower curtain is the perfect way to illicit a shriek or 3 from that friend when they find not a murderer, but an image of a bloody victim begging for help!

Shower curtain is perfect for Halloween, costume parties, or anytime you want to frighten the snot out of your guests.
Super Soft DOA Mask
So eerily natural looking, others will feel compelled to start CPR!

Super-soft hand-painted pull-over mask covers head and neck, and turns any wearer into the grim reaper's latest mark. Lightweight and comfortable for all-night house haunting or all-day nursing-home shenanigans at the office.

WARNING: Masks are not recommended for children.
Talking Clown Haunted Doll
Ordinary clowns are creepy all on their own. This particular freak show is downright terrifying... and possibly possessed by the damned.

Clown haunted doll, donned in macabre-merrymaker duds and makeup, and baring his demon teeth is enough to make anyone run away screaming.

Has grubby, childlike paws made for hand delivering your worst nightmares. It even talks and emits eerie noises with the push of a button. Sleep tight!
Yummy Bloody Spike Toothed Mask
Pull on this stunning beauty and ask your unsuspecting victim if you have something caught in your teeth--and prepare for the screams!

Frighteningly grisly hand painted bogeyman mask has spiky teeth, savagely torn ears, and is covered in "blood" from a recent meal.

WARNING: Masks are not recommended for children.
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