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Men's Magnetic Therapy Ring
Was: $19.98 - $19.98
Now: $15.97 - $19.98
Helps Suppress Appetite, Ease Headaches & More!

Magnetic therapy has been used for centuries! Ring has two neodymium magnets, and depending on which finger and hand you wear it on, will help treat different conditions. Wear on your middle finger/right hand to suppress food cravings. Try your index finger to help with coughs and asthma.

See chart on image for more conditions and placement.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Porn Star Secrets Of Sex Book
Was: $11.99
Now: $8.97
How To Be A Sex Goddess!

Over 100 Porn Star Secrets, Tips & Tricks! These porn star secrets are perfect for anyone who loves sex--and wants to make it even better. Packed with games, tips and tricks to losing inhibitions, pushing the boundaries, going beyond missionary, stripping with confidence and getting comfortable with oral sex.

Perfect for any gal looking to unleash the sexy vixen within!

Adult content, not meant for children.
Safety Waist Pack With Alarm
Was: $1.00 - $39.98
Now: $1.00 - $19.87
Waist ("fanny") pack holds a secret--it's equipped with a powerful concealed alarm system!

Just a quick tug on the hidden activation switch sets off the piercing dual 125dB siren alarm and high-intensity strobe light that can be seen up to 400 yards away. It's a simple safety precaution for anyone who walks, jogs or rides a bike, for example.
Naturasil™ Skin Tag Remover
Was: $29.98
Now: $16.87
Gentle and effective way to remove skin tags!

Absorbs into the skin and blood stream as soon as its applied. Homeopathic topical liquid is composed of Thuja Occidentalis 6X HPUS plus essential oils and is proven to remove all strains of skin tags.

Apply 3x daily to affected area. Skin tags will dry and flake away over a 3-6 week period.
Maximus Enhancement System
Was: $27.98
Now: $15.97
Say No To Erectile Dysfunction!

Don't settle for frustrations and disappointments. Instead, create a pleasurable win-win experience for you and her!

The Maximus Enhancement System lifts and supports the penis for stronger, harder and more effective erections. Soft, flexible and stretchy shaft has an attached clitoral stimulator that vibrates upon contact (or set to vibrate continuously) for added pleasure for her.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
All Natural Dirt Soap Set
Was: $15.98
Now: $11.97
Yes, it really smells like dirt, yet cleans like soap!

Fun gift for everyone who loves an earthy smell. Set of 2 all-natural soaps are safe for use on children--great for those boys (of all ages) who love being "dirty".
Screw Me Penis Sleeve
Was: $16.98
Now: $13.97
Screw it!

Enhance your love-making by slipping on this penis sleeve. It's heavy duty girth enhancement with testicular support plus a ribbed screw and bolt texture for added sensations. Stretchy and comfortable!

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Tickler Vibe Massager
Was: $2.98 - $23.98
Now: $2.98 - $16.97
Soft and sensual massager has nubs and ribs up and down its shaft for extra pleasure!

With 10 different functions (that offer varying patterns of vibration, pulsation and escalation) to choose from, you're sure to hit the right note every time. Waterproof too!

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.