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Massaging Liquid Shoe Insoles
Was: $24.98
Now: $21.97
Liquid Insoles Massage With Every Step!

Feels like you are walking on a soft, sandy beach! Unlike others that use gel or foam, these insoles utilize dynamic fluid technology (liquid glycerin) for a fluid orthotic that is custom to your feet.

Feel immediate relief of back, hip, knee and feet pain. Massages your feet with every step!
Doc's Muscle Magic
Was: $49.98
Now: $37.97
Use alone, or with a partner, on calves, hamstrings, back, IT band, plantar fascia and other body parts that need a good rolling. You control the depth and pressure of the massage!

Rolls knots out of muscles, providing myofascial release and trigger point therapy. This therapeutic motion warms muscles, increases range of motion, promotes flexibility and accelerates recovery.
Snore Doctor Mouth Guard
Was: $9.98
Now: $7.97
Custom Mouthpiece Relieves Snoring!

No more sleepless nights! A simple solution to sleepless nights for both you and your partner. Snore Doctor helps with sleep apnea, prevents teeth grinding and relieves snoring.

Made from soft silicone (so it feels comfortable) and thermoplastic (so you can custom mold it to your teeth) with a large breathing hole that allows you to breathe easier while you sleep.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Soc-O-Sex Naughty Items
Was: $39.98
Now: $22.47
No need to wait for the holidays to gift this stocking of naughty adult fun to yourself or that special someone!

Stuffed with 6 sexy items: dirty dice game, set of 8 "get lucky" scratch-off tickets, jar of glow-in-dark fingerpaint, twister mini-vibe, set of 2 flavored condoms and a leather cat o-nine tails. Rowr! Have fun!

Adult content; not meant for children.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Freedom™ Quit Smoking System - As Seen On TV
Was: $99.98
Now: $49.97
All Natural 10-Day Quit Smoking System!
  • Homeopathic spray helps relieve cravings!
  • Plus tools to modify smoking behavior patterns.
One of a kind smoking cessation program is focused on empowering you to quit permanently. Multi-faceted system combines psychological support tools, education on nicotine addiction, homeopathic oral spray for craving reduction, herbal supplements to support your physical body, and a relaxation headset--it's a total package designed to support both body and mind.

Headset has LEDs to stimulate energy points on the ears to promote relaxation as tranquil music plays to soothe the mind.

System includes headset, 46 min. audio CD, craving control spray (10-day supply), therapy wristband, detox supplement (10-day supply), antioxidant supplement (30-day supply), commitment calendar card, stress relief ball and manual.

Click here to see our entire As Seen On TV collection!
Instant 20/20™ Focus Eyewear
Was: $29.98
Now: $19.98
Dial-In Perfect Vision!

Adjustable unisex eyeglasses focus for far- or near-sightedness with the turn of a dial! Corrects 90% of spherical errors--adjusts to almost any prescription!

Use them to replace broken glasses or lost contacts; keep them as a spare pair on the nightstand or when traveling.

Will not correct astigmatism.
Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet
Was: $29.98
Now: $22.87
Ideal for carpal tunnel, tendonitis, arthritis. rheumatism, migraines and more!

Stainless steel bracelet has north-facing neodymium 300 gauss magnets in every link. It's believed that wearing it at certain areas on your arm will assist with different ailments (see below). For maximum benefit, bracelet should be worn at all times.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
202 Advanced Sexual Positions For Lovers DVD
Explicit DVD graphically shows over 200 positions that will bring renewed energy and excitement to your sex life!

Learn about a variety of sexual devices (Liberator pillows, the Love Swing, etc.) used during foreplay, massage, oral sex, bondage, sex toy play and intercourse. Whether a seasoned Casanova or a beginner lover-in-training, these positions and ideas will supercharge your bedroom adventures!

Contains nudity and explicit sexual instruction. You must be at least 21 years old to order Intimate DVDs.
Raspberry Ketone Weightloss Supplement
Was: $29.98
Now: $19.87
Supports Rapid Weight Loss!

People everywhere are finding out how effective raspberry keytone is with reports of weight loss success within just days of use. Derived from red raspberries, it helps speed up metabolism after meals. Taken under the tongue for sublingual absorption (no upset stomachs) at a safe and effective dosage (100 mg per dose).

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Bettie Page Dark Angel DVD
Was: $25.98
Now: $12.37
For All Bettie Page Fans!

Bettie Page was America's most photographed pin-up model of the 1950s, though it was her association with fetish photographer Irving Klaw that established her as a cult icon.

Dark Angel recalls her last 3 years as a pin-up queen and her mysterious disappearance. Also includes black and white recreations of her lost bondage films plus bonus features.
Erotic Seduction And New Erotic Seduction DVD
Was: $15.98
Now: $6.57
Two volumes of sexy seduction techniques!

Tempt and tease your way to great sex. Learn proven techniques with informative and highly arousing demonstrations by sexy real-life couples. Discover new ideas for spontaneous sex indoors and outdoors (watch as a lingerie shopping excursion turns erotic), as well as new ways to seduce and be seduced (learn to strip for your lover).

Keep your romance arsenal loaded and your sex life hot!

Sexually explicit. You must be at least 21 years old to order Intimate DVDs.
Health Pulse Ox Finger Oximeter
Was: $2.98 - $49.98
Now: $2.98 - $21.57
Check Your Blood Oxygen Level And Heart Rate Anytime, Anywhere!

Tracking blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) with a pulse oximeter can help prevent complications in people who are at risk of low SpO2 levels. Just insert your finger into the oximeter and your Sp02 level and pulse rate are displayed and continually updated until you remove your finger (unit will shut off after 8 seconds).

Includes neck lanyard, protective cover and instructions.

Not intended for diagnostic and treatment or continuous monitoring.
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