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Personal Care

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Tattoo Concealer Sets
Easy To Apply--Resists Rubbing Off!

When occasions require for a tattoo to "disappear", reach for this concealer that covers all tattoo types and colors (plus dark spots, acne, veins and scars).

Apply and blend with your fingertips. Won't flake or crack and resists water and rub-off. With good-for-you minerals and chamomile extract!

When you are ready to remove, just use soap and water.
Cactus Back Scratcher
Instant Relief From Prickly Back Itch! Easy Do-It-Yourself Back Scratcher!

Why didn't we think of this before? Just grip the ball handles and suddenly you have the utmost control over how hard, where, and how long you scratch your back. You can say "AAAAHHH" now.

Plastic scratch "paddle" is two-sided (aggressive/softer) on a nylon strap with ball grip handles.
Zeta® Stone Pendant
A discreet, natural therapy for pains, swelling and bruising that you wear around your neck like a pendant!

The unique stone radiates far-infrared heat at room temperature while on the skin, but if you want extra ooomph, just chill or heat the stone for a few seconds. Helps relieve pains related to arthritis, muscle strains, sore muscle, and injured or inflamed tendons and ligaments. Convenient to use anywhere and anytime.

You can also apply directly to a sore spot with tape or slip under a support wrap.
Forever Comfy Gel Cushion - As Seen On TV
Do you have to spend most of the day sitting?

Don't wait for your back to start aching... Make sure you sit on a Forever Comfy gel cushion. It instantly lessens the discomfort caused by hard surfaces by providing a supple layer of support between you and your seat.

The soft gel centre offers flexibility, adjusting as you shift in your seat.

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Electronic Slim Massager Belt
Muscles practically sigh with relief!

Electronic slim massager offers 4 modes: constant vibrating, pulse, wave and cyclic vibrate. Turn on heat mode for a warming sensation that'll ease tension.

Use on your waist, arms, legs and abdomen to soothe and tone muscles.
Ankle Genie™ - As Seen On TV
Most compression supports can be very difficult to get on in the first place!

Thankfully, the Ankle Genie has a built-in zipper that allows for easy on and off. Plus it has 2 straps so you can adjust the amount of compression.

Helps weak, swollen, injured ankles, as well as general foot fatigue. Wear on either ankle, over or under socks.

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Vintage Shaving Kit And Soap
$11.98 - $29.98
Treat yourself to a classic shaving experience--your face will thank you! Because the best shave starts with how you prep your face... before a razor even touches it!

Shaving kit supplies you with the shaving mug, starter bar of shaving soap, and 100% pure natural boar bristle brush.

Upgrade yourself to a premium shave soap that is formulated to give you superior razor glide that won't leave your skin dry or burning. This soothing almond and oatmeal blend is perfect for sensitive skin.
MicroTouch Switchblade™ - As Seen On TV
$2.98 - $19.98
All-In-One Head-To-Toe Groomer!

Trim hair anywhere on your body with micro precision! From your ears and nose to your beards and haircuts, this all-in-one tool has a lighted mini trimmer and a full-size trimmer. Gentle on sensitive skin, too.

Includes 4 snap-on guides for a total of 6 trim lengths. With German stainless steel blades.

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MicroTouch One™ - As Seen On TV
$7.98 - $19.98
A timeless classic that proves you only need 1 blade for a perfect shave!

Hand crafted razor has a twist-handle that raises the safety bar up for blade insertion, removal and easy cleaning. Includes chrome stand for storage and 12 precision blades. (Need more? 12 blade refill available).

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Shittens™ Disposable Wipes
You'll be surprised at how "handy" these are!

Double-sided wet wipe is shaped like a mitten. Just slip your hand inside to keep it safe from... well, anything you don't want on your hands! Great for cleaning up all kinds of "messes."

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
Freedom™ Quit Smoking System - As Seen On TV
All Natural 10-Day Quit Smoking System!
  • Homeopathic spray helps relieve cravings!
  • Plus tools to modify smoking behavior patterns.
One of a kind smoking cessation program is focused on empowering you to quit permanently. Multi-faceted system combines psychological support tools, education on nicotine addiction, homeopathic oral spray for craving reduction, herbal supplements to support your physical body, and a relaxation headset--it's a total package designed to support both body and mind.

Headset has LEDs to stimulate energy points on the ears to promote relaxation as tranquil music plays to soothe the mind.

System includes headset, 46 min. audio CD, craving control spray (10-day supply), therapy wristband, detox supplement (10-day supply), antioxidant supplement (30-day supply), commitment calendar card, stress relief ball and manual.

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Insta Slim Crew Neck Tees - As Seen On TV
Incredible Slimming Shirts For Men!

Look firmer, younger and more toned--just by wearing this slimming crew neck T-shirt! Made of a revolutionary spandex blend, it will flatten your stomach, firm up your chest and eliminate love handles. Plus it provides compression and support while keeping you cool and comfortable.

Available in white or black.

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