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Star Trek 50th Anniversary Captain Kirk And Spock Two Dollar Bills
Star Trek followed the adventures of the Starship Enterprise and her captain, James Tiberius Kirk along with Commander Spock, his faithful and ever-logical First Officer, as they set out to "boldly go where no man has gone before."

Although it only ran for 3 seasons, the show has become a cult favorite, spinning off dozens of movies, TV series, and books since its debut in 1966.

These 50th Anniversary uncirculated $2 bills are enhanced with beautiful colorized images from the original science-fiction TV series. Genuine US tender bill features President Thomas Jefferson on the front and the signing of the Declaration of Independence on the reverse.

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

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Mother Teresa Canonization Two Dollar Bill
Beautifully colorized $2 bill commemorates the historic canonization of miracle worker and selfless humanitarian Mother Teresa.

Each bill is in crisp, uncirculated condition, and has been artistically enhanced to create a collectible work of art and respectfully illustrate Mother Teresa's humble, giving spirit.

Genuine legal-tender note arrives handsomely showcased in a gold foil-stamped sturdy blue folio, and includes full-color Certificate of Authenticity.
Raising The Flag Coin Collection
Stunning coin collection includes 5 1976 bicentennial US quarters, lavished in genuine 24-kt. gold and brilliantly colorized to commemorate historical moments in star-spangled history.

Remarkable coin set pays homage to Washington's crossing of the Delaware in 1776, the conclusion to the War Of 1812, the flag raising on Iwo Jima in 1945, the moon landing in 1969, and the iconic raising of the flag at ground zero on September 11, 2001.

Comes in an acrylic case.
JFK Four Coin Collection
Stunning 4-coin set includes one each 1976, gold-plated hologram, 1990-era, and colorized flag JFK half-dollar coins.

Each coin is exceptional on its own, and this collection makes a breathtaking heirloom-quality gift to commemorate any occasion. Each coin is encapsulated with white ring and presented in velour collector's box for display or presentation.

Mint years vary (with the exception of 1976 JFK half-dollar).
Barber Coin Collection
Beginning in 1892, Charles E. Barber, United States Bureau of the Mint Chief Engraver, created a series of coins that have come to bear his name. This historic 2-coin set includes a Barber Half Dollar, and a Barber Quarter.

The Barber Half Dollar--a.k.a. the Liberty Head Half Dollar--was issued from 1892-1915, and the Barber Quarter was issued from 1892-1916. Both coins featured Miss Liberty donning a Phrygian cap on the obverse with a heraldic eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch in its talons.

Mint years vary.
Wild West JFK Half Dollar Coin Set
Featuring the greatest Wild West figures in the world, from infamous outlaws to the first black female postal carrier, this set of 20 coins has it all.

Authentic JFK half dollars are colorized using a unique and painstaking process that produces an unmatched level of detail, color saturation, and durability.

Showcased in acrylic capsules, this historic collection includes The Sundance Kid, Butch Cassidy, Wyatt Earp, Geronimo, Bonnie & Clyde, Calamity Jane, Jesse James, and many more notables from that era, accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Native American US Penny And Nickel Set
Own a piece of American history with this 4-coin set, including 2 Indian Head pennies, and 2 Buffalo Nickels.

The Indian Head penny was designed by US Mint Chief Engraver, James B. Longacre, and struck from 1859-1909. Coin's obverse depicts Lady Liberty donning a Native American headdress, with coin's denomination inside a wreath of oak sprigs on the reverse. The Union shield was added in 1860 to symbolize national unity.

The buffalo-head nickel was designed by legendary sculptor James Earle Fraser, and issued from 1913-1938.

Historical coin's obverse features a Native American chief, a composite portrait of Chief John Big Tree, Chief Two Moons, and Chief Iron Tail, with a majestic buffalo dominating the reverse.

Each coin is encapsulated and nestled in a handsome collector's gift box. Mint years vary.
Large Cent
Before Abraham Lincoln's famous profile graced the obverse of today's pennies, we had the copper Large Cent (a.k.a. the Coronet, Matron, or Liberty Head Cents).

Issued from 1816-1857, it was about the size of a half dollar and weighed 10.89 grams. Although the obverse was modified over the years, the reverse--which was unchanged--features the "Christmas Wreath".

Each coin is encapsulated and nestled in a velour collector's box. Mint years vary.
Four Penny Collection
Was: $126.98
Now: $109.97
Exquisite 4-coin set shows the evolution of American penny.
  • The copper Large Cent, issued from 1816-1857, was about the size of a half dollar and weighed 10.89 grams.
  • The copper/nickel Flying Eagle Cent, issued from 1856-1858, boasted a more demure size and weight, making it less expensive to produce, and featured a flying eagle on the obverse.
  • The Indian Head Penny circulated from 1859-1909, with Lady Liberty wearing a Native American headdress on the obverse, and an oak wreath and small shield on the reverse.
  • The Lincoln Wheat Penny made its debut in 1909, replacing the Indian Head Penny, and becoming the first portrait coin.
These historical coins arrive individually encapsulated and collectively giftboxed. Mint years vary.
Armed Forces Bicentennial Coin Set
Each beautiful 2-coin set to honor our men and women in uniform includes a 24-kt gold-plated 1976 Bicentennial Kennedy half dollar depicting a branch's historical moment or theme, and a 24-kt gold-plated JFK half dollar depicting your chosen branch.

Genuine legal-tender US coins are colorized using a unique, meticulous multicolor process, by applying special inks directly to the coin's surface to achieve a superior level of detail, color saturation, and durability.

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Each branch has two coins in an envelope.

Choose branch: Air Force, Army, Marines, or Navy.

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Famous Native Americans Coin Set
Here's your chance to own a complete set of 10 beautifully colorized non-monetary, replica 2006 American Buffalo coins featuring ten of the most famous native Americans in history.

Limited edition series of high-quality, privately-minted coins are plated in genuine 24-karat gold and colorized using a unique, painstaking process that produces an unmatched level of detail, color saturation, and durability.

Includes Crazy Horse, Geronimo, Cochise, Sitting Bull, Pocahontas, and more.
Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Two Dollar Bills
As the first-ever woman Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton has secured an important place in US history! If The Donald is your man, this collectible is a must have.

Both are genuine legal tender with Certificate of Authenticity, and include protective vinyl folio for display.

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