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Nude Lady Coins
Heads or tails?

With this lovely lady coin, is there really a losing side? This JFK half dollar has been transformed with a colorized portrait of a (tastefully) nude woman. So go on, flip to see who buys the next drink!

Includes presentation box and Certificate of Authenticity.
Kennedy Half Dollar Collection
JFK was heralded as a President America had dreamed for, yet met with a tragic fate.

This 3-piece collection honors the late President with the first year 1964 silver half dollar (only coin in series made for circulation in .900 Fine Silver), the 1976 Bicentennial half dollar, and a half dollar minted from 2002 to 2007 that was not released into circulation but only made available to collectors.
Liberty Dime And Half Dollar Collection
Lady Liberty is a grand symbol of America's spirit and has been showcased in various forms on American coinage.

Set features the "Mercury Dime" (1916 - 1945) which is a case of mistaken identity, as it's actually Liberty's winged head, not Mercury. Plus the Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916 - 1947) that shows Liberty striding toward the dawn of a new day (a design considered to be one of the most beautiful in U.S. coinage).

Both coins were struck in .900 Fine Silver.
MLB® Wrigley Field Coin Card
Minted with the 100th Anniversary logo struck on the front and Wrigley Field struck on the back!

The 39mm fine silver-plated coin is displayed in an acrylic holder with stand. Features custom color images of Wrigley through the years on the front, and historical information on the back.

Limited Edition of 5000.

Licensed by MLB®.
John F. Kennedy Hologram Half Dollar
It's been 50 years since the assassination of JFK, a pivotal moment in US history.

The Kennedy half dollar has been struck each year since 1964, intended as a memorial to the late President. Hardly seen in circulation nowadays, these coins are struck only to meet the demands of collectors.

This 24k gold-plated half dollar is enhanced with a holographic JFK profile, making this a unique collectible.
Most Expensive Coin Tribute
In 1794, the US Mint struck its first silver dollar. The blank was inspected and found to weigh less than specified by law, so a hole was punched through, and a heavier fine silver plug was added to increase the weight to meet the specifications. Over 200 years later, this same coin sets auction records at over $10 million!

Here's your chance to own a tribute of the world's most expensive coin. This privately-minted, non-monetary 71 mg .999 pure silver-clad proof features a 840 mg .999 pure silver plug inserted in the center, making this milestone minting even more authentic.
Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin Collection
Unveiled with fanfare--a new coin to last longer than "old-fashioned" paper bills!

Yet just 3 years later, the Susan B. Anthony disappeared from mintage faster than any coin in U.S. history thanks to a single error in design (too close in size to quarters).

Set includes 11 coins: one from each year of mintage (1979-1981, 1999), from every U.S. mint that produced this coin (Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco). All are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, including the scarce 1981 coinage never issued for circulation.
Mauryan Empire 2000 Year Old Coin
Own A Piece Of Ancient History!

Ancient India's Mauryan Empire used pieces of punch marked silver as their coinage. They were minted between 5th and 6th century BCE--over 2000 years ago!

Since the coins were made manually, no two are ever alike. Each one is a unique expression of the coin maker's ability.

Five symbols generally appeared on the coins, such as the sun (representing the emperor) plus other representations of plants, animals, religious symbols and objects. These marks enabled a money changer to know who issued each coin and where it was struck.
Gold Plated Two Dollar Bill
The $2 Federal Reserve note has been continuously issued since the series of 1976, but is printed in limited quantities and RARELY seen in circulation. Most are acquired by collectors! Just a tiny fraction of all $2 bills have been set aside for this special edition.

Beautifully enhanced with 22-karat gold foil, this $2 bill is in Crisp Uncirculated condition.
Indian Head Penny Pendant
A classy way to wear a unique piece of United States history!

Indian Head penny (dated from 1859 to 1909) has been hand painted to highlight the portrait, words and date, then set into a gold-plated bezel and hung on an chain.

Makes a nice gift for coin collectors who seem to have "everything."
Pearl Harbor Anniversary DVD And Coin Set
Has it really been over 70 years since "A Day Of Infamy"?

Coin set includes a 1941 nickel, a 1942 war nickel (minted in silver to save nickel for the war effort), a 1943 steel penny (the only regular issue U.S. coin that can be picked up with a magnet) and a 1944 "shell-case" penny.

Plus, a BONUS Pearl Harbor documentary DVD which contains over 25 survivor interviews from both American and Japanese veterans, some whose stories have never been told. With extra features like classic war trailers.
Admiral Gardner Shipwreck Coin
The Admiral Gardner was sailing along in 1809 when it was caught in a gale and sunk. In its cargo hold was 48 tons of East India Company copper tokens, which had been designated as currency to pay native workers. One side bears the East India Company coat of arms, the other shows a Persian inscription.

Some of these copper coins were recovered in 1985... but most remain on the sunken ship, which is now buried in shifting sands.

Here is your own piece of shipwreck history!
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