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WWII Penny Collection
Collection From All 3 Mints!

America's entry into WWII had a direct effect on the nation's pennies, spawning some historic and unusual "emergency" coins to save copper for the war effort.

1941 and 1942 pennies were made in the standard 95/10 copper/tin & zinc composition, but the 1943 coins were made in 100% steel to save copper for shell casings and other war-related items. They were the only steel coins in the U.S. history!

In 1944 and 1945, pennies were made with 95% recycled copper from shell cases recovered from battlefields and ships and 5% zinc to save tin for the war. All 1941-1945 coins were made at the U.S. Mints in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco.

5 coins from each mint are enclosed in a handsome display folder.
Historic Currency Framed Collection
This fascinating collection features 3 types of U.S. currency from the past century--a $2 Federal Reserve Note, the rare "red ink" $2 U.S. Note, and a $1 silver certificate last issued in 1957.

They accounted for nearly all the notes in circulation until November 26, 1965, when the first Federal Reserve Notes were issued, and account for 99% of the bills in circulation today.

Authorized by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, each note is an obligation of the U.S. Government but is not redeemable in silver. U.S. Notes, called "Legal Tender Notes" until 1873, are "backed by the faith and credit of the U.S. Government."

Displayed in a handsome wood frame.
Graded Quality Buffalo Nickel
The Buffalo Nickel was minted from 1913 to 1938 and even today remains a nostalgic favorite.

Artist James Earle Fraser used a composite American Indian profile to create the noble obverse, and depicted docile bison Black Diamond, famous denizen of the Central Park Zoo, on the reverse. This specimen will be graded by the American Alliance Coin Grading Service to be in Extra Fine 40 condition (XF40).

Comes in a sonically sealed acrylic case.
Ultimate Silver Dime Collection
This historic collection includes 3 of America's most sought-after silver dimes. All were struck in 0.900 pure silver and are long out of issue.

You get one Barber silver dime struck in 1916 featuring Lady Liberty on the obverse, one Mercury silver dime minted in 1945 featuring Liberty in a winged cap (originally mistaken for Mercury, the Roman god, hence the namesake), and one Roosevelt silver dime minted in 1964.

Comes mounted on collector card with a brief history on the coins.
100 Year Old Silver Barber Half Dollar
The Silver Barber Half Dollar, struck in 0.900 Fine Silver was designed by chief engraver of the U.S. Mint, Charles E. Barber, and was minted from 1892-1915. The obverse design features the head of Liberty.

Comes in a sealed capsule inside a deluxe display case. Includes Certificate of Authenticity.
Declaration Of Independence 2 Dollar Bill
Based on John Turnbull's painting depicting the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the reverse of this legal tender bill is artfully detailed using a special colorizing technique. A dazzling collectible and conversation piece!

Includes vinyl display portfolio.
NFL Super Bowl XLIX Flip Coin Card
Commemorative 39mm silver-plated coin is a replica of the one tossed on the field to start the game!

Featured on the front is the symbolic Vince Lombardi Trophy as well as the dueling teams' logos (undecided at press time). The reverse is minted with the Super Bowl XLIX logo, date and location.

Each coin is individually numbered and displayed within a commemorative card detailing the coin toss tradition on the back, then sealed in protective acrylic.

Limited edition of 10,000.
Five Dollar Note Collection
Characterized by red seals and red serial numbers, the Red Seal Notes disappeared from circulation long ago. Silver Certificates have not been seen in circulation for over half a century and today are only found in exclusive private collections.

Collection includes Green Seal $5 Old Style Federal Reserve note, $5 Red Seal U.S. Note, and Blue Seal $5 Silver Certificate. The Old Style Note was replaced in March of 2008, but is, and always will remain, a true classic.

Comes in a beautiful frame along with a history sheet and a Certificate of Authenticity.
First And Last Indian Head Penny Set
The Indian Head Penny was first struck by the U.S. Mint in 1859--over 150 years ago! The original coins from 1859-1864 were made of a copper-nickel alloy (all later coins were struck in bronze) and among the most prized U.S. coins from the 1800s.

Set includes one 1859 and one 1909 Indian Head Penny (the first and last years of mintage). Among the last surviving specimens of America's "Wild West" days!
1840's Large Cent
The Large Cent was one of the first coins struck under the authority of the new U.S. government, and was minted from 1793 to 1857.

The coin is 13.48 grams of pure copper and measures 27 to 29 millimeters in diameter--more than 4 times heavier than our modern cents and nearly half again larger in diameter. Designs varied and were often given colorful nicknames like the "Blowsy Barmaid" and "The Drunken Diecutter's Obverse".

You are guaranteed to receive a Large Cent dated from the 1840's!
English Penny Replica
Was: $4.98
Now: $2.87
The English Penny is a mainstay in the coin routines of magicians around the world, yet harder and harder to find.

This copper-plated brass replica (31mm in diameter) has a gorgeous mirror finish and is negligibly larger than a US half dollar (just like the original English Penny).

Will easily find its way into your magic repertoire!
Banker's Bag Of Liberty Nickels
Prized by collector's, the Liberty Head nickel was designed by Charles Barber and minted of copper and nickel from 1883 to 1912. These pre-World War I nickels are each over 100 years old!

Your banker's bag holds 20 Liberty nickels!
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