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Mini Gun Knife Set
Fun pocket knife set for the firearm enthusiast!

Cannot ship to California addresses.
Eagle Head Flag Knife
An impressive knife for display (and handy in a pinch!).

Knife features a sculpted eagle's head with matching colorful insets on front and back. Blade locks into place for use, then releases when back lock is depressed.

Cannot ship to California addresses.
Freemason Pocket Knife
Thoughtful gift for your Mason brothers--and useful too!

Celluloid handle is decorated in the Freemason colors with square & compass logo. Blade locks into place for use, and releases once the midlock button is depressed.

Cannot ship to California addresses.
World Of Warcraft™ Trivial Pursuit™
Test your knowledge of a world of magic, mystery, and limitless adventure!

Fans of the world's most popular multiplayer online role-playing game can show off their knowledge by acing 600 questions across 6 categories including Geography (Zones, Cities & Locations), Player Characters (Classes, Races & Professions), Lore (Heroes, History & Events), Loot (Gear, Mounts & Pets), Villains (Bosses, Monsters & Minions), and Encounters (Dungeons, Battlegrounds & Arenas).

Game features custom die and custom sculpted Baby Murloc movers.

© 2013 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
DC Comics™ Superman Files Book
First-ever comprehensive account!

The life and times of Clark Kent employs clippings from The Daily Planet, journal entries, relics from his childhood in Smallville, artifacts from Krypton, files from Stryker's Island, schematics for Jor-El's rocketship, as well as hundreds of "photos" of Superman's enemies and allies.

Written by a leading Superman historian in conjunction with DC Comics. A must for fans!

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DC Comics™ Batman Window Decals Set
Go on, be bold and show off your superhero qualities!

Not just for car windows, these decals also look great on laptops, notebooks and binders! Set includes color "Batwing" logo, and white & clear decals of Batman and Catwoman.

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Dragon Figures Set
The world of dragons is brought to life with this set of 6 mini figurines!

With vivid colors, each dragon captures a different scene--there's one who's breathing fire, another gazing into a crystal ball, and even two who are tussling around.
The Big Bang Theory™ Talking Sheldon Bobblehead
Dressed in his Superman shirt, this Sheldon bobber is ready to quote one of 5 phrases, like "Bazinga!" or "Penny. Penny. Penny." when his head moves.

Fun for all Big Bang Theory fans!

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Click here to see our entire Big Bang Theory™ collection!
Light Up Motorcycle Knife
Folding bike knife has a distinctive serpentine look, plus, an actual working LED headlight! Too cool!

Knives cannot be shipped to California addresses.
Masonic Folding Knife
One of the most unique Masonic knives we've seen!

Knife unfolds and can be arranged for display in the Square and Compass shape. Tastefully decorated, it can be used as a regular pocket knife as well.

Truly a one-of-a-kind collector's item.

Knives cannot be shipped to California addresses.
Good Luck Trolls Set
$17.98 - $18.98
One of the biggest toy fads from the 60s enjoys a revival!

Collectible vinyl trolls come in an all-new assortment of body textures and hair colors, each with a tiny belly-button jewel! What will your lucky trolls look like? Even WE don't know!

Each set is sealed in foil, then boxed for a truly random selection.

©2013 DREAMWORKS ANIMATION L.L.C. Used under license by Dark Horse Comics.
The Hobbit™ Logo Tee
Was: $1.25 - $19.98
Now: $1.25 - $13.87
Return To Middle Earth!

This December we finally get to revisit Middle Earth with the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Black T-shirt features an ornate (almost elvish!) movie logo on the front.
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