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Carmen Electra Tee
$19.98 - $21.98
Our favorite Baywatch brunette (besides The Hoff, of course, because duh...) strikes a provocative pose in her signature scarlet suit, taking our collective breath away while we cross our fingers for some mouth-to-mouth.
Pokémon Pikachu Tee
$19.98 - $21.98
If you can't catch him with your phone app, you can capture him on your shirt!

Navy with traditional rendering screenprinted on the front.
Night Of The Living Dead Poster Tee
Selected for preservation in the National Film Registry, George Romero's 1968 cult classic cost only $114,000 to make, yet grossed $33 million world-wide!

Relive the blood-curdling yet campy excitement with this black T-shirt featuring original poster art on the front and a quote on the back.
Star Wars Darth Vader Light And Sound Wall Décor
"Give yourself to the dark side."

Mount this Sith Lord on your wall and surrender to the dark side! Sound-activated decoration features red light-up eyes and iconic "respirator" breathing noises, and speaks one of 3 of Darth Vader's most popular phrases from the original Star Wars trilogy.

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Star Trek Mini Light Up Shuttlecraft And Light And Sound Communicator
Palm-sized replicas!

A key component of Federation starships, the shuttlecraft was used to carry crew and cargo. Miniature light-up replica includes an illustrated booklet on the history of Federation starships.

Starfleet communicator device was used for voice communication and emergency signaling. Push the buttons for authentic sounds and light displays. Includes an illustrated booklet on the history of communicators.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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Star Trek 50th Anniversary Captain Kirk And Spock Two Dollar Bills
Star Trek followed the adventures of the Starship Enterprise and her captain, James Tiberius Kirk along with Commander Spock, his faithful and ever-logical First Officer, as they set out to "boldly go where no man has gone before."

Although it only ran for 3 seasons, the show has become a cult favorite, spinning off dozens of movies, TV series, and books since its debut in 1966.

These 50th Anniversary uncirculated $2 bills are enhanced with beautiful colorized images from the original science-fiction TV series. Genuine US tender bill features President Thomas Jefferson on the front and the signing of the Declaration of Independence on the reverse.

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

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Pokémon The Official Adventure Guide Book
Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokémon by reliving all the best stops on Ash Ketchum's epic quest!

All-inclusive guide tells Ash's story from the first season in Kanto through today. Meet all of his coolest Pokémon, his rival Trainers, the badges he's won, and explore each Pokémon region in all its glory.
Killer Creature Features 50 Movies DVD Collection
If you're a fan of classic sci-fi and horror flicks, you've hit the jackpot, buddy!

You'll find a bevy of blood-thirsty creatures guaranteed to scare and delight in Attack Of The Giant Leeches, Blood Tide, and 48 more retro monster hits in Killer Creature Features.
A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors Freddy Krueger Syringe Glove
Was: $36.98
Now: $34.97
Don't worry... this won't hurt a bit!

Grotesque glove pays homage to Freddy Krueger's brief foray into the world of medicine in A Nightmare On Elm Street 3.

Glove and gauntlet feature 4 light-up "dirty" syringe fingers that pulse with an eerie blue glow.
Mad Scientist Theater 50 Movies DVD Collection
If you're a fan of classic sci-fi and horror flicks, you've hit the jackpot, buddy!

Embark on an experiment in terror as sinister scientists work their mad magic in Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde, Lady Frankenstein, and 48 other classic sci-fi hits contained in Mad Scientist Theater.
Rocky 40th Anniversary Tee
$19.98 - $21.98

Can you believe four decades have passed since we first watched the amateur boxer beat the odds and get the girl?

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Sly Stallone's cinematic victory in this black commemorative tee.
Vacation 1979 Family Truckster Die Cast
Was: $28.00
Now: $20.97
As Seen In National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)!

Created specifically for the film by famed car designer George Barris, this limited edition die cast "Wagon Queen" features authentic movie decoration, chrome accents, true-to-scale detail, movie-themed packaging, and protective acrylic case.

An adult collectible, not intended for children.
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