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Sharknado 3D Tee And Cap
$26.98 - $29.98
What's that in the sky? A bird? A plane? Nope! It's a great white shark and we're all doomed.

Costume T-shirt has an in-your-face (or is it out-of-your-stomach?) plush sea monster and gruesome sudden-death detailing, honoring the airborne predators that have literally taken Hollywood by storm.

Black 3D cap sports a plush, great-white beast embedded in the crown.
Military Branch Embroidered Veteran Cap
You have proudly served our country--show off your veteran status with one of our embroidered caps!

Each cap has military branch logo and veteran brand on crown with additional branding stitched on the bill. Branch logo repeated in debossed design on side.

Choose either Navy, Air Force, Army or Marines.

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American Sniper Cap
A rugged tribute to famous Navy SEAL marksman, Chris Kyle.

Khaki cap features digital desert camo pattern with "AMERICAN SNIPER" embroidered on the crown.

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Solar Fan Cap
Keep your cool at the company picnic or on the back 9 with this cap and built-in solar-powered fan!

Located conveniently right above your forehead, the fan in this cap is an easy way to beat the heat--whether you're chillin' poolside or simply getting the third degree from that certain someone who wishes you would just trim the freaking hedges already.

Colors may vary, our choice, please.
Fellow American Eagle Danbanna
Whether you're mowing the lawn, lifting weights, riding your motorcycle, or weeding your super-manly flower beds, you can beat the heat and show off your stars-and-stripes pride with this premium head wrap!

With breathable mesh-lined back flap and ties, and ultra-soft absorbent terry cloth sweatband.
2 In 1 Binocular Visor
Was: $12.98
Now: $9.97
You no longer need to remove your hat to use your binoculars!

Wear it like a traditional visor to keep the sun out of your eyes, or pull it down to experience 2.5X magnification. Perfect for bird watching, finding the ball on the green, or verifying the identity of a snake in your yard from a safe distance.

Adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit.
Middle Finger Cap
For those days when your middle finger gets a heavier workout than usual, let this cap tell the world exactly how you feel.

Black trucker-style cap with gray mesh back, and embroidered bill comes preloaded with zero tolerance for anyone's B.S.
Captain Tee And Hat
$1.25 - $21.98
All hands on deck!

Your authority on board will not be questioned when you wear this trucker-style hat or T-shirt. Whether you're sailing the open seas, or leading an angling adventure, you're the captain and what you say goes!

Navy hat has gold stitching and gold leaf detailing.
Secret Multi Pocket Hat
Super useful!

Wear while jogging, walking the dog, riding your bike, at the beach, concerts or anytime you don't want to carry a bag.

Cap has a pocket on each side, plus one on top. Fits cash, ID, wallet, smart phones, headphones and keys! Side pockets have Velcro® closures; top pocket is zippered.
Leather Driving Cap
Do you enjoy the buttery soft feel of genuine leather? You'll love it even more in the form of this stylish driving cap.

Go on, strut your stuff. This is the cap to do it in.
Rear Quick Camo Hunting Hat With Mask
You can see them... but they can't see you!

Wear cap facing forward until you reach your destination, then whip 'er around when you're ready to lie low. Mossy Oak pattern means you'll more easily blend into the thickest wooded surroundings while the mask effectively disguises your face without impairing sight or hearing.

Mask has side slits to accommodate eyewear.
Military Branch Embroidered Logo Caps
You can't miss the big, bold embroidered logo and military seal on these caps! Perfect for your favorite soldier or veteran (or yourself)!

Choose: Marines, Air Force, Army, or Navy.

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