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Melting Wristwatch
Your reality-bending wrist will turn heads!

Inspired by Salvador Dali's famous painting, this wristwatch creates the optical illusion that the clockface is melting off your arm.

Comes in a "puzzle" gift box.
DC Comics™ Batman Necklace
Was that the bat signal? Quick! To the Batcave!

Fans of the caped crusader will love the sleek look of this black batwing. Officially-licensed pendant hangs on a chain with lobster-claw clasp.

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Vietnam Veteran Dog Tag
Wearing this tag is a unique way to honor your service.

Colorized tag has design on one side and is blank on the reverse (perfect if you want to add your own engraved message).

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Adventure Wristwatch
Loads of information literally at your fingertips!

Watch features an altimeter (with 4 adjustment methods and 23-hour history graph), a barometer (with 23-hour history graph and recall), compass, chronograph (100-lap memory, recall history and total time), current temperature display, current time (12/24 hour display, calendar and 2 daily alarms) plus dual time mode.

With backlight and 5 weather forecast icons. Case is water-resistant up to 30 feet.
Masonic Wrist Watch
Perfect for any Masonic brother!

Classically-styled two-tone watch features the foundation symbol of the Freemasons.
Medieval Pentangle Pendant
Said To Ward Off Demonic Powers!

In the Middle Ages, the pentangle, also called the "Seal Of Solomon", was believed to represent the 5 wounds of Christ, and considered to be effective protection against demons.

This striking pendant is handcrafted in England out of gilt two-tone pewter and has a deep blue cabochon Swarovski crystal mounted in the middle.
3D Skull Moving Jaw Neclkace
Hang this 3-dimensional skull around your neck and check as the day wears on to see if his jaw has dropped with disbelief!

Crafted with a high level of detail, this skull has an articulated jaw for an unique effect. You'll probably find yourself fiddling with the jaw to keep your hands busy!
Buffalo Nickel Arrowhead Pendant
Was: $19.98
Now: $19.14
Inspired by the Native American's use of arrowheads for hunting, this pendant blends together historic details to create wearable art.

The arrowhead-shaped silver-tone pendant holds a Buffalo nickel (minted from 1913-1938) showcasing the Native American profile. Hanging from the pendant are genuine turquoise chips and antiqued feathers. On a silver tone rope chain with extender and lobster claw clasp.
Masonic Eye Pocket Watch
Silver tone pocket watch is colorfully decorated on the front with the all-seeing eye pyramid/square and compass combination.

Interior has a classic Roman numeral design punctuated with Free Mason symbols.
Two Headed Hydra Snake Ear Wrap
The hydra, the head-sprouting serpent killed by the mighty Hercules, takes on a new life perched upon your ear!

Crafted from English pewter, this ear wrap gleams with a serpentine silver-metal glow. An unusual piece meant to catch the eye and start conversations.
Wolf Moon Pendant
The chilling sound of a wolf howling at the moon makes the little hairs on the back of our neck stand straight up!

This pendant has pearlescent white enamel to create a stunning wolf on moon silhouette.
Real Black Scorpion Necklace
Yes, that's a REAL black scorpion encased in clear lucite!

People are going to want a closer look so don't be surprised when some of them get freaked out by it!
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