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Raven Ear Wing Earring
Grimly beautiful raven ear wrap lends a gothic edge to your look and appears to deliver an ominous message. Perfect for dark poets, rock stars, and cubical warriors.

Made of fine English pewter with antique-style blackening and surgical steel post.

Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable.
St. Christopher Pewter Necklace
Keep the patron saint of travelers close when you hit the road!

Elegant pewter medallion with embossed design of Saint Christopher has the devotion, "Saint Christopher, Pray For Us" engraved around its circumference and hangs from a chain.

Comes in an elegant gift box with a traveler's prayer.
Firefighter And EMT Performance Wristwatches
Analog watch features EMT or Firefighter emblem--an attractive way to show pride in your lifesaving work as a first responder!

Rugged design goes with any look. Fface has luminous hands and hour markers, and a stainless-steel back. Affixes to the wrist with sturdy black strap.
Butane Lighter Watch
It's time for a smoke break!

Handy wristwatch pulls double duty with built-in cigarette lighter so you no longer have to ask that shifty guy in the next cubicle for a light. Push down the slide button opposite the crown, and you're good to go!

Fully functional timepiece also features a silicone strap and multiple dials.

Note: Does not come with butane.
Sacred Heart Of Jesus Watch
A beautiful way to show your faith!

Elegant wristwatch features iconic image of Christ illustrating His love for us and His passion for our salvation.
US Flag Peformance Watch
Show your national pride with this rugged analog watch that features an American flag design and 24-hour military time.

Sturdy timepiece is great for work AND play, day OR night with luminous hands and hour markers, and durable black polyurethane rubber strap.
Freemason Engraved Compass Ring
Stainless-steel ring features an engraved Masonic square and compass emblem--recognized the world over as a symbol of morality and discipline.

An elegant way to show your pride in one of the oldest and largest fraternal organizations in the world.

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Cuff Style Healing Braid Bracelet
Handsome metal bracelet or healing, wearable art? How about both?

Handmade by skilled artisans in Nepal using generations-old traditional metal-working techniques, this gorgeous unisex-style bracelet not only compliments any wardrobe, but the interwoven combination of copper, brass, and nickel is believed to have healing properties that can help alleviate symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, tendonitis, and more, as well as helping balance your natural energies.
Freemason Symbol Pocket Watch
Was: $22.98
Now: $19.97
A fully functional masonic collectible!

Stainless-steel pocket watch boasts a colorful Freemasonry symbol at its center, surrounded by intricate leaf-and-scroll design. Watch face features gold-colored masonic square-and-compass symbol and large, easy-to-read numbers.

Hangs from link chain with belt clip. Comes elegantly gift boxed.

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Freemason Embossed Wrist Watch
An elegant timepiece for Freemasons and collectors!

Stylish wristwatch features an embossed, gold-colored masonic square-and-compass design, stainless-steel watch backing, and a genuine leather textured black strap.

Comes beautifully gift boxed, making this a handsome addition to a Freemasonry collection display as well.

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Freemason Emblem Pocket Watch
Antique-style brass-look pocket watch features Masonic symbols on casing and watch face.

With chain, pocket clip, and face, this handsome timepiece adds classic elegance to your look or makes a striking addition to your collectibles display. Comes gift boxed.

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Gothic Bat Necklace Pendant
This winged mini beast of the night has the ability to strike fear in many, but is also known as a symbol of death and rebirth.

Whether you wear this pendant for its edgy creep factor, or as a token of your personal journey, you're sure to turn a few heads--and maybe earn a shriek or two.
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