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Scale Doesn't Measure Sexy Tee
Was: $1.25 - $14.98
Now: $1.25 - $5.37
Our black tee reads: "I never step on the Scale because the Scale Doesn't Measure SEXY".
Home Of The Free Tee
Was: $1.25 - $20.98
Now: $1.25 - $17.77
Because Of The Brave!

A touching tribute to those who've made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Front of T-shirt has a chest logo of Fallen Soldier Battle Cross with the words "In Memory Of Our Fallen Heroes". Back of shirt also has the battle cross with a bald eagle shedding a tear and the words "Home Of The Free Because Of The Brave."

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Everyone Loves A Big Guy Tee
Was: $1.25 - $19.98
Now: $1.25 - $14.77
Bigger Is Better!

Specially designed for that super-lovable, extra-large, bear-hug of a fellow!
Griswold Family Christmas Tee
Was: $1.25 - $18.00
Now: $1.25 - $12.87
Festive red T-shirt places you at the scene of the laughs, recalling the wacky misadventures of the Griswold family in the humorous holiday-themed hit from 1989.
Left Handed Super Power Tee
$1.25 - $18.98
Lefties can show off their "special abilities" in this navy blue T-shirt! (What were you expecting--a CAPE?)
Poker Your Money Tee
Was: $1.25 - $18.98
Now: $1.25 - $16.97
While everyone else is losing their shirts, you're cleaning up and going shopping!

Make your opponents "flush" with embarrassment when you wear this shirt featuring a boastful claim and the only "suits" the other guys will be able to afford.
Go Sell Crazy Tee
Was: $1.25 - $14.98
Now: $1.25 - $11.87
Monday On Earth Tee
Was: $1.25 - $14.98
Now: $1.25 - $11.87
Our blue tee reads: One Day On Mercury Lasts Approximately 1408 Hours. The Same As One Monday On Earth.
Let's Run Away Tee
Was: $1.25 - $14.98
Now: $1.25 - $12.97
Our grey tee reads: Let's RUN AWAY TOGETHER... You Stay Here!
Tone Of Gestures Tee
Was: $1.25 - $14.98
Now: $1.25 - $11.87


Our black tee reads: I have NO WORDS to describe this day. I do, however, have a TONE of OBSCENE GESTURES!
Woke Up Like This Tee
Was: $1.25 - $14.98
Now: $1.25 - $11.87
Our blue tee reads: I WOKE UP LIKE THIS.
Marvel Ant Man Tee
Was: $1.25 - $19.98
Now: $1.25 - $14.77
We can't help but let our fan flags fly over our favorite cat-burglar-turned-micro hero!

Black tee features Marvel's latest bug boy, front and center.

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