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Colorama - As Seen On TV
$9.98 - $12.98
Coloring isn't just for kids! Rediscover the delightful relaxation of losing yourself in a coloring book by filling in any of these satisfyingly intricate designs.

The original Colorama contains over 100 beautiful flowers, paisleys, "stained glass," and other complex patterns--and even comes with 6 double-ended colored pencils!

In Decorations, you'll find over 50 mystical circles and swirl patterns, and Inspirations features over 50 butterflies, angels, and nature-themed art--ready to fill in with any color you wish!

All artwork is printed on perforated paper, making your masterpieces easy to frame once completed.

Note: Decorations and Inspirations books do not include colored pencils.

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Snake Bit - As Seen On TV
Extend your drill reach and get into those hard-to-access spots!

Get around pipes under the sink, or water lines to your hot water heater, or safely maneuver over your unicorn figurines cabinet (that rainbow one is totally cute, by the way...).

Durable steel body attaches to your power drill and works in tight spots and bends in any direction. Also included is a bonus ratchet tool (that works great with the Snake Bit!) and 6 circular driver heads.

Ideal for DIYers, carpenters, hobbyists, boaters, mechanics, and more.

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Power Floss - As Seen On TV
The easy way to floss every day!

Just fill the base with water, point, and press the button! Air gently propels water to remove plaque-causing debris from between teeth.

With a low-profile tip and ergonomic design, it's easy to reach even your back molars. Fill with mouthwash for fresher breath while you floss! Ideal for braces, bridges, crowns, and implants.

With no batteries or charging required, it's easy to use and goes anywhere.

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HD Free TV Antenna - As Seen On TV
Get free digital HD access to major networks and some foreign stations with no contracts, costly cable boxes, or monthly bills!

Installs in minutes--no tools required. Just plug the coax cable into your TV, mount the antenna with reusable peel-and-stick back, and use your remote to scan for signals.

Slim antenna takes up little space on window or wall, and even tucks behind picture frames!

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Magic Finder - As Seen On TV
$18.98 - $19.98
Amazing gadget uses radar tracking with free companion app on your Bluetooth-enabled Apple or Android smart device to help you find lost valuables fast!

Attach to keys, wallet, purse, and more, and when activated, it will emit sound and light, and app will show distance to lost item. Misplace your phone? Magic Finder can activate phone alarm--even if the ringer's turned off. Attach to car visor to quickly find your car in a parking lot, or even your luggage to easily locate at the airport.

App links with up to 8 Magic Finders, so you'll never be late due to misplaced keys or wallet again!

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Bit 360 - As Seen On TV
6 screwdrivers in one!

Unique driver holds 6 common bits in its rotating chamber, ready to use. Select the right one for the job in 3 easy steps: pull to remove bit from tip holder, twist chamber to select desired bit, and push the unit down to lock in place and use selected bit. Magnetic tip holds screws in place.

Includes Phillips #1, #2, & #3, and #3, #4, & #6 flat-head bits.

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Car Valet - As Seen On TV
Stop hogging up your cup space with your cell phone, shades, and charging cables, or playing the balancing act with extra cups in the passenger seat!

This handy organizer fits snugly between your seat and console and gives you two extra cup holders and an additional compartment to stow your stuff.

Use it up front to keep your must-haves close at hand, or slip it in the backseat for extra passenger cup holders and organizing on road trips. And it doesn't even interfere with your seat space!

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Ultra HD Clear Vision Antenna - As Seen On TV
  • No monthly contract.
  • No fees.
  • Quick & easy tool-free setup.
Stop spending hundreds of dollars a year for cable and satellite service! Get HD sports, movies, shows, news, and international programs and broadcasts all for free!

Easily sets up in seconds with your digital TV. Super-thin design installs anywhere, and multi-directional shape pulls in signals from every direction.

Performance may vary and may require a TV/device with ATSC tuner.

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Grab Bags - As Seen On TV
Avoid flimsy store bags that can break and leave you with a mess! Just clip expandable Grab Bags to your cart, fill with items, and lift out right into your vehicle! Made with recycled materials, this set of 2 bags hold up to 40 lbs. each--the equivalent of 4 plastic store bags!

The large outer front pocket is perfect for holding coupons or shopping list. Reinforced handles make them easy to carry on those light shopping trips. They fold flat for easy storage so you can take them anywhere. Wipe clean with damp cloth.

Use the insulated tote to keep cold items from getting warm, and keep cooked foods hot and ready to serve.

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Grass Shot - As Seen On TV
Grass Shot gets rid of bare lawn spots using the same hydroseeding techntology employed by professionals to grow beautiful grass on golf courses and other commercial landscapes.

Sprays on green to immediately cover high-traffic zones, pet burn spots, and shaded areas. Nozzle mixes the seeds and liquid grass solution--just attach to your hose and turn it on!

Comes with one pound of seed and 2 oz. bottle of solution. Refills contain 2 pounds of seed and 2 bottles of solution.

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Pops A Dent - As Seen On TV
$5.98 - $19.98
What's worse than getting dinged by a parking lot shopping cart? Having to shell out your hard-earned money at the auto-body shop to get that dent fixed!

Now, with the same system used in professional repair shops, you can quickly and easily fix it yourself, and save hundreds in expensive repairs. Simply place, twist, and pop to make the unsightly dent or ding disappear!

Comes with the Pops-A-Dent Repair Bridge, 3 pulling disks, professional glue gun, glue sticks, knockdown tool, and easy instructions.

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Win Cleaner - As Seen On TV
You don't need to hire a tech guy to fix and speed up your PC or laptop. With just one click, it gets rid of performance-zapping Internet and PC clutter, repair Windows registry problems, accelerate start-up times, recover valuable hard drive space, and help protect your privacy!

Included data zapper will help you completely wipe an old computer before discarding it--to help prevent identity theft. Plugs into you computer's USB port. Unlimited use on one computer for one year.

Works on Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista & XP. Internet access required. Not compatible with iOS or Android.

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