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Smartphone Vehicle Power Dock
Ideal hands-free solution to keep you safe on the road!

2-in-1 device securely holds AND charges your smartphone while you drive. The mount, with 360-degree rotation, has adjustable arms, SmartGrip feet, and flexible neck, so you can position your phone into an optimal viewing spot.

Built-in USB port converts your DC power source into USB power so your device stays fully-charged. Works with most smartphones. Includes micro USB connector*.

*Requires USB charge cable provided with your own smartphone if not compatible with included connector.
Dashboard Bull Rider And Pole Dancer
Sexy Pole Dancer and Bull Rider figures swing and spin as you drive, putting on a show for the driver. Mounts instantly to any car or truck dashboard; removes without damage.

Assorted colors and styles; our choice, please.

Buy any 2 or more, $8.50 each.
Detail Doctor - As Seen On TV
Was: $14.98
Now: $9.97
Restores Your Car To Showroom New!

Immediate results that last for months! Detail Doctor restores color and shine for leather, vinyl and plastic, plus it will add UV protection to shield against future sun damage. Great for bed liners, bumpers, headlights, interior leather, mirror covers and more.

Non-toxic formula will not harm your skin.

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Deluxe Car Seat Towel
Gray Tan
Comfortable, Water-Resistant Material!

Protect your seat cover from sweat, sunscreen, moisture, dirt and other harmful substances. Easy to install, this seat cover goes on in seconds--simply slip over the head rest and secure with attached elastic straps. Secure the tie cord where the seat bottom meets seat back and it stays in place as you get in and out of the vehicle.

State color: Tan or Grey.

Buy any 2 or more, $18.98 each.
Internal Combustion Engine Model
$2.98 - $49.98
  • Fully Working Model Of A Car Engine.
  • Electric Motor With Over 100 Parts.
  • Illuminating Spark Plugs.
  • With "Engine-Starting" Sound Chip.
The engine you're about to build is a simplified version of the real thing, designed to be fun to put together and help explain how a full size 4-stroke car engine works.

Kit includes all the parts and tools you need to assemble the working model. All you need is a little time, batteries and some vegetable oil!

The manual gives clear, step-by-step instructions to guide you through the build process. Plus, the on/off controller also has a built-in sound chip that reproduces the noise of an engine starting!
BACTRACK Keychain Breathalyzer
$2.98 - $32.98
Just In Time For The Holiday Parties!

One of the smallest breathalyzers ever designed! Uses a highly accurate oxide sensor to quickly estimate a user's blood alcohol content (BAC). Flip out the mouthpiece, blow, and in under 5 seconds your BAC is displayed on the LED screen.

Reliable results -- made by same company that supplies law enforcement organizations. Use as a keychain or keep stashed in a purse. Includes 3 optional mouthpieces.

Note: it is never safe to drink and drive.