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Fishing And Hunting License Plate Frames
Accessorize your auto with a metal sport-themed license plate frame featuring dimensional accents!

Choose hunting or fishing.
Portable Auto Heater And Defroster
With Flip-Out Handle & Extra Long Power Cord!

You need a quick blast of heat on those frigid winter days when getting into your car (because waiting for your car to heat up takes FOREVER).

Portable heater works inside and outside! Swivels 360-degrees while on dashboard base, or, remove and flip-out the handle to aim at the exterior of your windows to defrost. Includes double-sided adhesive tape to mount base to dash.
Car Visor Bluetooth Speaker
Syncs & Remembers 2 Different Phones!

Safely call and talk to family, friends and business associates while driving! Hands-free speaker clips to your visor and will automatically pair with up to 2 different cell phones. No need to press a button to switch between phone users--the speaker remembers for you.

With up to 18 hours of talk time available and a 40-day stand-by time. Charges quickly when needed.

Includes USB cord and 12-volt adapter for charging. Compatible with most Bluetooth-equipped cell phones.
Wipe New™ Tires - As Seen On TV
Apply Once & Lasts For 6 Months!

The only long-lasting tire shine that does not crack, peel or wash away! One application lasts 6 months--no matter what the conditions!

Unique formula cures dry to the touch without attracting dust or dirt. Also won't rinse away in rainy conditions or after a car wash. No greasy residue. Provides UV protection too.

Includes bottle, gloves and applicator sponge.

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Parking Space Goddess
Was: $5.98
Now: $2.87
Arghhh--can't find a place to park? This lucky charm might help.

Just say the included incantation* and wind up the angel to get her wings bobbing. Then, allegedly, a parking space will appear for you. We've had good results so far, even at the mall on a Saturday afternoon!

*"As I circle at a turtle's pace, please give me a parking space. One that's wide and in the shade, then protect my car from the meter maid."
HD Vision™ Car Visor - As Seen On TV
Dual Lens For Day & Night!

Regular visors just block a portion of your view to cut down on glare. The HD Vision keeps your entire field of view while it blocks sun glare with its UV 400 protection amber lens! AND, you can flip down the yellow lens at night, which reduces glare and reflections from lights and wet roads.

Always there when you need it, even if you forget your sunglasses. Clips onto any visor in seconds.

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Universal Smartphone Holder
Was: $15.98
Now: $5.67
So simple it works!

Keeps your phone safe while driving. Fits into most cupholders (auto, lawn chair, boat, treadmill, etc.) and holds most smartphones. You can even stash some cash unseen in the underside of the holder. Flexible foam won't scratch your phone.
Smartphone Vehicle Power Dock
Was: $32.98
Now: $19.77
Ideal hands-free solution to keep you safe on the road!

2-in-1 device securely holds AND charges your smartphone while you drive. The mount, with 360-degree rotation, has adjustable arms, SmartGrip feet, and flexible neck, so you can position your phone into an optimal viewing spot.

Built-in USB port converts your DC power source into USB power so your device stays fully-charged. Works with most smartphones. Includes micro USB connector*.

*Requires USB charge cable provided with your own smartphone if not compatible with included connector.
Panoramic Rearview Mirror
Was: $12.98
Now: $11.98
Reduces Blind Spots!

Widen your view to reduce those darn blind spots and increase your driving safety! Simple to install--just clip over your existing rearview mirror!

Wide-angle panoramic mirror also has an attached mirror that lets you see what's happening in your backseat.
Dashboard Bull Rider And Pole Dancer
Sexy Pole Dancer and Bull Rider figures swing and spin as you drive, putting on a show for the driver. Mounts instantly to any car or truck dashboard; removes without damage.

Assorted colors and styles; our choice, please.

Buy any 2 or more, $8.50 each.
Deluxe Car Seat Towel
Gray Tan
Comfortable, Water-Resistant Material!

Protect your seat cover from sweat, sunscreen, moisture, dirt and other harmful substances. Easy to install, this seat cover goes on in seconds--simply slip over the head rest and secure with attached elastic straps. Secure the tie cord where the seat bottom meets seat back and it stays in place as you get in and out of the vehicle.

State color: Tan or Grey.

Buy any 2 or more, $18.98 each.
Internal Combustion Engine Model
$2.98 - $49.98
  • Fully Working Model Of A Car Engine.
  • Electric Motor With Over 100 Parts.
  • Illuminating Spark Plugs.
  • With "Engine-Starting" Sound Chip.
The engine you're about to build is a simplified version of the real thing, designed to be fun to put together and help explain how a full size 4-stroke car engine works.

Kit includes all the parts and tools you need to assemble the working model. All you need is a little time, batteries and some vegetable oil!

The manual gives clear, step-by-step instructions to guide you through the build process. Plus, the on/off controller also has a built-in sound chip that reproduces the noise of an engine starting!
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