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Safety & Security

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Wireless Door And Window Alarm Kit
$13.98 - $14.98
Help protect your home without expensive rewiring or security subscriptions!

Easy-to-install wireless system emits a powerful 120dB alarm when door or window is opened. Kit includes 2 self-adhesive window/door sensors and instructions.

Choose between alarm siren or chime when window or door is opened. Installs in minutes!
Reality Based Combat DVD
Learn real-life survival-defense techniques from the world's most respected counter-terrorist expert!

Former police, S.W.A.T., and military officer Jim Wagner spills his most treasured "warcraft" secrets to civilians on this disc set.

Learn how to evade and survive gun and knife assaults, active-shooter situations, grenades and other explosive attacks, as well as weapons disarming, takedowns, foot sweeps, clinch tactics, and so much more!
First Aid For Soldiers Manual
Comprehensive field manual contains time-honored first-aid methods utilized by military personnel for a variety of medical emergencies.

Learn how to perform basic lifesaving measures--including artificial respiration, shock prevention, dressing wounds, and more--on yourself or someone else before medical professionals arrive!
Lock It Window Security Bar
Adjustable security bar helps protect your home from intruders by preventing windows and doors from being forced open.

Easy, tool-free installation: just peel and stick inside window or door track! Push-button adjustable design works with most standard windows and sliding doors, and even adds security while window is slightly open while safeguarding your home.

Note: Not a suitable deterrent device for double-hung windows.
Tactical SAP Gloves
Improve your punching power and help protect your hands and wrists when defending yourself against an attacker!

These ordinary-looking gloves reinforce your fists with 7 oz. of steel shot strategically sewn into the knuckles. With breathable spandex for comfort and elasticity, double-layered genuine goatskin leather construction for maximum durability, hook & loop cuffs for secure fit, and comfort-padded palm and fingers.

Also great for wearing on motorcycle to help protect against accident road burn.

Cannot ship to California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania addresses.

Note: May not be legal in all states. Please check with your local authorities.
Freemason RFID Wallet
Handsome billfold with debossed masonic emblem features built-in RFID protection to guard against electronic pickpockets.

With 8 card slots, 2 large bill compartments, and 2 smaller compartments for coins/receipts.

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5 In 1 Survival Knife
With Flashlight & Fire Starter!

Be prepared for virtually any emergency! All-in-one survival tool features ultra-sharp stainless-steel blade, LED flashlight, magnesium fire starter, seat-belt cutter, AND glass breaker.

A must-have for camping, emergency kits, toolboxes, and bug-out bags. Includes belt clip and button-cell batteries.

Knives cannot be shipped to California addresses.
Solar Motion LED Light
Solar-powered light features 20 high-powered LEDs with 160-lumen output--bright enough to turn night into day!

Built-in motion sensor detects movement within 15 feet and turns on the light. Charge for 7 hours in the sun to provide up to 12 hours of illumination at night.

Quickly and easily installs with included mounting hardware and instructions.
Close Combat And Hand To Hand Fighting Handbook
This Fleet Marine Force Manual provides the methodology and techniques of the Marine Corps System of Close Combat (MCSCC).

This manual addresses close-combat fundamentals, the Linear In-fighting Neural-override Engagement (LINE) program, bayonet fighting, and weapons of opportunity.

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501 Unarmed Self Defense Skills Book
Discover 501 handy tips on how to defend yourself against assault, including defending and delivering punches, strikes, and kicks.

Invaluable guide also contains advice for improving fighting fitness, mental training, grappling and chokeholds, and even defending against firearms and edged weapons.
Wicked Weapons Kubaton Ripper Set
It may look like an innocuous valve shut-off key, but this lightweight, super-strong defense aid is capable of instantly ruining an attacker's day!

Similar to a kuboton (a tried-and-true "instrument of attitude adjustment"), this compact metal "ripper" keychain fits in your pocket and can be used for pressure-point manipulation and takedowns with one added benefit: the notched end is designed to grab onto your target's flesh and not let go!

Just strike with the ripper, and twist to inflict instant, painful damage, buying yourself time to escape.

Set of 2 rippers includes easy-to-follow instructional DVD demonstrating how to use them as well as a BONUS stick-fighting video.

Note: May not be legal in all states. Please check with your local authorities.
Hideaway Waist Belt
Protect yourself from pickpockets and identity thieves with this low-profile RFID-blocking waist belt.

Wears comfortably under clothing, and dual lined zip pockets safely secure credit cards, currency, ID, passports, and more.
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