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Bruce Lee's Fighting Method DVD
Bruce Lee, legend of martial arts and movies, first studied "wing chun" kung fu in Hong Kong under the venerated Yip Man. When he came to the US, Lee developed a brand-new concept of martial arts for the individual man: "jeet kune do" or "the way of intercepting fist."

Work alongside Lee's protege Ted Wong--only 1 of 4 fighters to receive direct certification from Bruce Lee--and Black Belt Hall Of Famer, Richard Bustillo.

Learn the warm ups, basic exercises, on-guard positions, footwork, power training, speed training, and self-defense techniques that made Bruce Lee one of the fiercest fighters in the world.

Covers Basic Training and Self-Defense Techniques, the first 2 books in the 4-volume series, "Bruce Lee's Fighting Method."
Street Safe III DVD
  • How to deal with "mass attacks" (when you're forced to fight off several guys at once).
  • How to properly use "eye gouges" (most other "gurus" get this completely wrong).
  • Special "bites" that will destroy ANY attacker's will to fight.
Paul Vunak's reputation and fighting expertise got him recruited by the US government to teach his incredible hand-to-hand and knife fighting skills to the FBI, CIA, DEA, NSA, Army Rangers, and dozens of SWAT teams.

Then, after an exhaustive worldwide search for the best hand-to-hand combat system in existence, the US Navy SEALs hired him to teach them his unique set of fighting skills. Now you have the opportunity to learn these same skills!

Build up your raw hand-to-hand fighting know-how and be street safe wherever you go.
RFID Blocking Money Belt
Keep your money, cards, and important documents secure and hidden!

Khaki money belt equipped with RFID-blocking material effectively shields against RFID readers, keeping both information and cash secure. Lightweight, flat, and comfortable design makes it easy to wear over or under clothing.

Adjustable belt features 2 zippered compartments and comfortable mesh backing.
Full Contact Karate DVD Set
In this highly anticipated instructional DVD set, Kenji Yamaki--one of only 14 people in the world to endure the 100-man "kumite"--demonstrates his take on classic "kyokushin" karate.

Learn sparring techniques like counters, feints, double and side-step attacks, and jumping kicks. Then train and condition like a warrior with drills for stronger kicks, better balance and control, dodging, and full-contact sparring.

All are broken down step-by-step and executed at full speed, demonstrating the devastating physical prowess you too can achieve with Yamaki's training.

Contains special features including an interview with the master.
American Bad Ass DVD Set
Dale Comstock is a true American Bad Ass. As a Delta Force Operator, he's a member of America's secret army--the most enigmatic and combat-tested elite counter-terrorism unit in the world.

He's packaged his survival skills in 3 DVDs that teach you how to prepare, defend, and survive. Disc 1 teaches you to pack "load-out" rucksacks and "bug-out" bags with all the supplies and tools you need to survive; disc 2 shows you how to make a defense plan and protect your castle and family; disc 3 shows you what to do if you have to "break out" and become a road warrior.

Comstock's survival training package covers everything you need to know to keep you and your family safe in any threat situation, from a hurricane to a full-blown revolution.

DVD set includes bonus "American Combat Karate" DVD, which teaches you his unique defense system of boxing, grappling, and other real world skills he picked up from decades of life-and-death combat.
Building A Street Fighter In 40 Hours DVD Set
Learn the fastest and most effective ways to inflict excruciating pain on your opponent and defend yourself in any situation--whether you have a weapon or not.

Professional street fighter, Tom Cruse, takes you through actual training sessions with real weapons to help you develop the hand-to-hand skills of a true street fighter.

The 4-hour training teaches you everything you need to know to master ground fighting, trapping, kicking, punching, and weapons. It also reveals the most common and deadly mistakes people make in street fights.

Cruse personally trained the US Navy SEALS in hand-to-hand combat. He has over 10,000 students all over the world including law enforcement officers, high-level government agencies, security specialists, and private citizens.

Now you can learn Cruse's secrets at home and make yourself into a deadly street fighter in just 40 hours.

Cover sleeve may vary, our choice please.
Door Stop Alarm
$0.98 - $24.98
A simple, effective way to safeguard your home, or even your personal space on the road!

Just place this doorstop in front of your door, and if an intruder attempts to break in, they'll trigger a 120dB siren to frighten them off--all while making it near impossible for them to get through the door!

Perfect for dorm rooms, apartments, cabins, and hotel rooms.
Six Piece Home Security System
$2.98 - $29.98
  • Keypad with door/window sensor & panic button.
  • Motion detector.
  • 4 wireless magnetic door/window alarms.
  • Security system warning window stickers.
Confidently secure your home with this comprehensive system! Even as you rest, your house will be on alert. Multiple sensors and alarms give you audible warning of a possible intrusion, giving you time to summon help.

Program your own security code and set it to "Delay" when you're not at home (allows you 10 seconds to disarm), and "Instant" while you're in the house. Easy installation with included hardware, and no complicated wiring to mess with.

Comes with complete instructions.
Door Alarm Security Bar
$0.98 - $29.98
Give yourself added security and peace of mind while at home or traveling!

Simply push bar yoke firmly against doorknob and set base about 20 inches away. If anyone touches the doorknob, alarm siren or barking dog (your choice) will sound, alerting you to their presence.

Sound fades away after knob is released. Alarm sensitivity level is adjustable.
AC Adaptor Surveillance With DVR
  • Hidden HD camera with 1280 x 720P resolution.
  • Easy installation.
  • Self-contained DVR.
  • Playback on any .avi file-supported device.
  • 9.5 hours video storage with 32GB microSD card (not included).
  • Motion detection and continuous recording modes.
  • Time and date stamp.
Protect your family, home, or business! Ideal for covertly monitoring the house while you're gone, your office when you're away, or even keeping an eye on an elder caregiver. Plugs into any outlet--and no one's the wiser!

Camera records in 1.3MP CMOS Digital Color HD with a 0.6 lux rating and H.264 video compression. Set it to capture video when it detects motion, or to continuously record all day. For indoor use only. Includes 8GB microSD card and 2 SD card adapters.

Note: Always check federal, state and local regulations regarding consent of parties to being recorded.
High Definition Light Bulb Camera
  • Detects motion up to 24 feet with night vision distance up to 45 ft.
  • Selectable Video resolution: 1280 x 720 or 640 x 480.
  • Video format: .avi H.264. Photo resolution: 1600 x 1200.
  • Photo format: .jpeg.
  • Image sensor: 0.25" CMOS.
  • Lens: 3.6mm.
  • Viewing angle: 58° (diagonal).
  • Storage: up to 32GB microSD card (not included).
  • Recording capacity: 28 min/1GB.
  • Power supply: 120V.
Protect what matters most! Keep an eye on your home or office--day OR night--with this unobtrusive HD camera bulb. Insert a microSD card and screw into any standard light socket, and it immediately starts recording in motion-detection mode.

Included remote control makes it easy to regulate the bright LED lighting and video functions from anywhere in the room. Features night vision, auto exposure control, and optional auto-rewrite memory.

Comes with optional light extension; microSD USB adapter; instructions; and software for changing time/date stamp, resolution, recording mode, and more. System requirements: Windows 7 (for software), up to Windows 8 and Mac (for microSD card playback).

Note: Always check federal, state and local regulations regarding consent of parties to being recorded.
Car Video Camera
Was: $49.98
Now: $39.98
Helps Protect You From Fraudulent Claims!

Ideal for recording accidents to provide visual evidence to police and the insurance company. Camera records video and audio, and takes photos to capture traffic and road conditions while driving.

Has a LCD screen, easily mounts on your windshield, and swivels for desired view. Records up to 20 mins. with built-in rechargeable battery and supports up to 32GB memory card (not included). Comes with USB transfer cable and car charger.

Note: Always check federal, state and local regulations regarding consent of parties to being recorded.
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