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Handheld Electric Bug Zapper
$2.98 - $9.98
Take a swing and kill those pesky mosquitoes and other flying insects on contact with a satisfying "ZAP!"

Handheld racket-shaped bug zapper is electrically-charged to fry those bugs upon contact.
Hammerhead Fishing Lure System
Offers A Buffet Of Meal Choices No Fish Can Resist!

More is always better! Attract a larger variety and quantity of fish by giving them a gourmet selection of meals.

Hammerhead bar is a tangle-free fishing system with multiple hook positions (both horizontal and vertical) for bottom fishing, trolling, surf casting, and more. Can be used with other lures and/or bait too!

System includes hammerhead bar, 12 snap/swivel connectors, 5 hooks, 3 grub lures and fishing tips booklet.

Note: Check local and state regulations for numbers of hooks allowed for your fishing waters.
Wireless Cell Phone Bug Detector
Is Someone Listening To You Right Now? Detect When Your Phone's Microphone Is Being Hacked!

Did you know modern hackers and their spyware can covertly turn on your phone's microphone and listen in to you at anytime? How often could someone be "tapping" in to you?

Do you have highly confidential meetings where a "leak" of information could be disastrous? This bug detector is easy to use! Just turn on and place by a cell phone. If someone tries listening in, unit will detect the unusual frequencies and light up the LED!

It's a simple one-touch operation that clearly identifies unauthorized cell phone usage to help prevent eavesdropping. Don't you wish for the peace of mind to speak your mind privately?

Includes charging cable and instructions.
Wallet Ninja - As Seen On TV
World's First Flat 16-In-1 Multi-Tool!

Super tool is thin enough to slip into your wallet (just 1.5 mm thick--not much bigger than a credit card) yet constructed out of quadruple heat-treated steel, so it won't rust, bend, chip or dull.

With letter opener, box cutter, cell phone stand, inch ruler, can opener, fruit peeler, bottle opener, 6 hex head nut and bolts (#2,4, 6, 8, 10, 12) and 3 screwdrivers (phillips, flathead & squarehead).

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Portable Induction Speaker
No Wires, No Wifi, No Configuration Needed!

Simple & convenient! Just set nearly any smartphone or digital media device on top of the induction speaker and turn on your music. The speaker will magically amplify the sound from your device. It just works!

No need to hassle with wires, worry about wifi access, or enter configuration codes. Recharge internal battery with included USB cable.

Compatible with devices with external speakers like iPod®, iPhone®, iPad®, ones with Android operating system, and connects to other tablets, smartphones, computers, MP3 players (via included auxillary line-in jack).

iPhone shown not included.
Personal Air Conditioner
It's like having your own portable A/C unit!

Fan draws hot air into its retention sponge and cools it down. The result is a refreshing cool breeze! Just charge this fan via the included USB cable and you can take it anywhere (camping, fishing, the beach, even your stuffy office).
SpeedOut™ - As Seen On TV
Removes Any Stripped Screw In 10 Seconds Or Less!

Never be slowed down or frustrated by a stripped screw or broken bolt again! SpeedOut easily removes any stripped screw... even if the entire head of screw or bolt is broken off, you can still extract it right out!

Kit includes 4 hardened steel bits so you can remove any size screw or bolt (phillips, flat, hex, even painted over screws). Works with any .375" variable speed, reversible drill (not for use with impact drivers).

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Secret Service Earbuds
Are you protecting a VIP, or just listening to your VIP music? Earbuds are cleverly designed so you look like a secret service agent while wearing.

Comfortable to wear, offers premium sound, and fits all devices with a 3.5mm jack.
Mini DV Camera
  • Great For Law Enforcement/Undercover Video.
  • Doubles As A Web Camera.
  • Simple To Use With Optional Sound-Activation.
Incredibly small size lends itself to hundreds of applications! Try clipping to your shirt, your rearview mirror, even your pet's collar. Videos transfer easily to your computer.

Ultra simple controls make recording a breeze--choose sound activation mode (automatically records when triggered by more than 60 decibels) or press record button to start and stop.

Supports 30 fps for 720x480 and 320x240 output. With a storage capacity up to 16GB (microSD card not included) for hours of footage. Rechargeable (via USB) battery gives you up to 250 standby hours.

Includes USB cable, protective cover, spring mounting clip, fixed mount, neck loop, carry pouch and users manual.

Note: Always check federal, state and local regulations regarding consent of parties to being recorded.
Touchscreen TV Tablet
$2.98 - $199.98
With Digital TV Tuner So You Can Watch TV!

Slim tablet brings your favorite entertainment to your fingertips! Powered by Android™ 4.2 operating system and a high-speed dual core 1.5 Ghz processor, this touchscreen tablet allows you to browse the internet, check emails, watch YouTube® videos, PLUS, scan for and watch digital TV channels.

Additional features: mini HDMI output, front & rear camera, USB & micro USB inputs, Wi-Fi enabled, built-in speakers and microphone, and four-direction rotating screen. With 8GB built-in storage (1GB of RAM memory) and a microSD slot so you can add up to 32GB of memory. Retractable antenna stores inside the frame.

Includes BONUS mp3 speaker/stand, USB charging cable, and wall charger.
Wireless Key Finder
$2.98 - $27.98
No More Misplaced Keys!

Wireless Key Finder Pages Your Lost Keys! Just attach one of the color-coded key chains (2 included) to your set of keys. Later, when you can't remember where you placed them, just go over to your transmitter and press the corresponding color button.

Transmitter will page your keys--key chain will beep to help you locate them! With a healthy 50-foot range!
BBQ Branding Iron
BBQ Branding Iron With Changeable Letters!

Grilling steaks, chops, & burgers to perfection is a real art! Brand your masterpiece and make your meat the talk of the town! Over 60 letters & spaces that slide in and spell out initials, names, slogan, etc.

Fun for backyard or tailgating!
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