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Wide Jaw Toenail Clipper
Easily Clip Toenails With Less Strain!

Angled, wide-jaw toenail clippers make it more comfortable to clip thick nails.

Features ultra-durable, stainless-steel blades, comfort-grip, integrated clipping catcher, and built-in nail file.
Lock It Window Security Bar
Adjustable security bar helps protect your home from intruders by preventing windows and doors from being forced open.

Easy, tool-free installation: just peel and stick inside window or door track! Push-button adjustable design works with most standard windows and sliding doors, and even adds security while window is slightly open while safeguarding your home.

Note: Not a suitable deterrent device for double-hung windows.
Intergalactic Planetary Pinball Game
Propel meteoroids into space, dodging rockets and galactic debris to create a collision course--pinball style!

Using the launcher and 2 flippers, players fire small, silver "meteoroids" around the board to score the maximum number of points. Vintage-style wooden pinball game includes 3 balls.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Intergalactic Robot Rampage Game
Battle your friends in this rapid-fire riot of hurtling cyborgs!

Whose entire team can breach the gap first? Use the space bungee to shoot your robots through the gap in the center of the board. Winner is first to get all their robots into their opponent's orbit.

Retro-style game includes 2-in-1 board and case with latch and twelve wooden robot counters.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Military Words Two Sided Tee
Was: $17.98
Now: $16.97
Military service involves unique skill sets, qualities, and a language all its own.

These T-shirts honor each branch of the service with branch-specific word collage on back, and emblem on left chest.

Choose: Air Force (gray), Army (black), Marines (black), or Navy (blue).

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America's Original Homeland Security Tee
$17.98 - $19.98
Sepia screenprint graphic depicts native-American warriors defending their homeland on the front of this tee.
High On Life Tee
$19.98 - $21.98
The best kind of high is the natural kind!

Bright, "smoky" artwork depicts a marijuana leaf and cigarette on a black tee.
Donald Trump Talking Clock
It's "time" to make America great again!

Repeats our 45th president's iconic campaign slogan 3 times every hour on the hour. With red-lacquered frame, patriotic graphics, and sweep second hand.

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Never Apologize Patriot Tee
$21.98 - $23.98
Good luck taking a lawfully owned gun away from a true patriot!

Back graphic depicts a revolutionary soldier taking aim with a contemporary rifle; small patriotic logo on left chest.
Scary Clown Tee
$17.98 - $19.98
It's all fun and games until Bozo eats you... then things just get messy.

Black T-shirt features a slavering, fanged clown on front. An easy way to terrify the neighbors when you step out to check the mailbox.
Don't Stop Believing Tee
$17.98 - $19.98
Admit it. The song's in your head now, isn't it?

Hold on to that feelin' you'll surely experience when Bigfoot turns even the biggest skeptics into hard-core Sasquatch believers.

Front high-contrast silhouette graphic with red text on a black tee.
Marquee Light Box
Was: $18.98
Now: $14.87
Greeting cards are so 20th century!

Create light-up personalized messages at home or the office for birthdays, holidays, special events, or just because it's Tuesday.

Light box includes 96 letters and characters for saying everything to "Congrats" to "You're fired" (a perfect reason for using the included poop emoji if there ever was one!).
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