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Bondic - As Seen On TV
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Bondic - As Seen On TV
Liquid Plastic Welder Works Where Glue Fails!

Repair glasses and jewelry, insulate low-voltage wires, fix leaky pipes, and much more! Bondic is a liquid plastic you can use to bond, build, fix, and fill objects made of metal, wood, ceramic, glass, plastic--virtually any material! Works underwater, can be painted, and never dries out!

For permanent bonds, clean and sand or file surfaces to be bonded; apply liquid plastic to desired area; cure with the UV light (dries and hardens in 4 seconds!); then file, sand, mold, and/or paint for desired results.

Includes complete instructions to get you out of countless sticky situations. LED replacement available.

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Bondic - As Seen On TV
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Bondic LED Replacement - As Seen On TV