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Endless Knot Meditation Bowl With Striker
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Endless Knot Meditation Bowl With Striker
Coax relaxing, harmonious tones with a gentle strike to the edge of this miniature meditation bowl.

Featuring a hand painted endless-knot design to symbolize the interweaving of eternal spirit, time, and movement, this meditation aid is as beautiful as it is calming. Each bowl is individually hand cast, polished, tuned, and painted for exceptional quality and elegance.

Bowl and hand-carved striker come with a cushion and is housed in an intricately handmade box created with sustainably harvested Himalayan lokta fibers and recycled paperboard, covered with silk-screened art, and finished off with a handmade button and tassel.

Perfect for meditation, yoga, massage, or as a unique addition to your décor. Includes instructions for care and use with a simple meditation.

Note: Not for use as a toy or with foods or liquids.
Endless Knot Meditation Bowl With Striker
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