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Native American US Penny And Nickel Set
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Native American US Penny And Nickel Set
Own a piece of American history with this 4-coin set, including 2 Indian Head pennies, and 2 Buffalo Nickels.

The Indian Head penny was designed by US Mint Chief Engraver, James B. Longacre, and struck from 1859-1909. Coin's obverse depicts Lady Liberty donning a Native American headdress, with coin's denomination inside a wreath of oak sprigs on the reverse. The Union shield was added in 1860 to symbolize national unity.

The buffalo-head nickel was designed by legendary sculptor James Earle Fraser, and issued from 1913-1938.

Historical coin's obverse features a Native American chief, a composite portrait of Chief John Big Tree, Chief Two Moons, and Chief Iron Tail, with a majestic buffalo dominating the reverse.

Each coin is encapsulated and nestled in a handsome collector's gift box. Mint years vary.
Native American US Penny And Nickel Set