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Xenna® Nonyx® Nail Gel
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Xenna® Nonyx® Nail Gel
Millions of men and women suffer from the embarrassment of thick, discolored nails. Left untreated, the nails may eventually lift off and become deformed.

Nonyx Nail Gel penetrates those unsightly dark, yellowing, or thickened nails and exfoliates the keratin debris from beneath. Apply morning and night to affected fingernails or toenails. With daily use, nail growth emerges clear and healthy-looking.

"I tried severals remedies for toenail discoloration for several years and nothing worked. I tried the Nonyx every day for a week and the discoloration began to clear. In a few months it was completely gone." - JR. Full of Life employee.
Xenna® Nonyx® Nail Gel
Was: $29.98
Now: $25.98