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Red, Blue, And Green Seal Bank Notes
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Red, Blue, And Green Seal Bank Notes
Today's paper currency consists of Federal Reserve Notes with green Treasury seals. In the past, Americans used several different types of currency, each with a distinctively colored Treasury seal.

This collection features 3 types of paper currency with different colored seals and serial numbers.

You get one each: $5 red-seal U.S. Note dated 1963 or earlier, featuring Abraham Lincoln on front, and Lincoln Memorial on back; $2 green-seal Federal Reserve Note dated 1976 or later, with Thomas Jefferson on front and illustration honoring the signing of Declaration of Independence in 1776; and $1 blue-seal Silver Certificate (notes once backed by $1 in silver bullion in the U.S. Treasury) dated 1957 or earlier.

Collection arrives in handsome folio for display with historical information.
Red, Blue, And Green Seal Bank Notes