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Three Coin Set
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Three Coin Set
Own a piece of American history with this 3-coin set including one each Large Cent, 2-cent piece, and 3-cent piece.

The copper Large Cent (a.k.a. the Coronet, Matron, or Liberty Head Cent), issued from 1816-1857, was about the size of today's half dollar and weighed more than 4X what a penny weighs today.

The 2-cent piece, composed of copper, tin, and zinc circulated from 1864-1873, and was the first coin to include the motto "In God We Trust," due in part to increased religious sentiment during the Civil War.

The 3-cent piece was issued from 1865-1889 and composed of copper and nickel. Although initially popular, it soon fell out of favor after the more convenient 5-cent nickel made its debut in 1866.

Coins arrive individually encapsulated and collectively giftboxed. Mint years vary.
Three Coin Set