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Three Penny Collection
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Three Penny Collection
Before Abraham Lincoln's famous profile graced the obverse of today's pennies, we had the Large Cent, the Flying Eagle Cent, and the Indian Head Penny--and this 3-coin set contains one of each!

The copper Large Cent (a.k.a. the Coronet, Matron, or Liberty Head Cents), issued from 1816-1857, was about the size of a half dollar and weighed 10.89 grams.

The copper/nickel Flying Eagle Cent, issued from 1856-1858, boasted a more demure size and weight, making them less expensive to produce, and featured a flying eagle on the obverse.

The Indian Head Penny circulated from 1859-1909, with Lady Liberty wearing a Native American headdress on the obverse, and an oak wreath and small shield on the reverse.

These historical coins arrive individually encapsulated and collectively giftboxed. Mint years vary.
Three Penny Collection