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Ultimate Transmitter Earphone Headset
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Ultimate Transmitter Earphone Headset
Enjoy TV or music while others sleep, read or study.

Transmitter converts muted or lowered sound into invisible infrared light waves just like your TV remote. Headset then converts these light waves back into high fidelity sound, all without annoying wires or bulky headphones. Works with any TV, DVD player, MP3 player, PC or CD player with audio output.

Receives sound from any TV channel on your screen. Works up to 50 feet away, even through walls. Headphones include a built-in FM radio and can be used for wireless net chat and remote monitoring, such as in baby's room.

Also great for the hearing impaired who can watch TV alongside others without blasting them out.
Ultimate Transmitter Earphone Headset
4 Pack AAA Batteries