Assorted Die Casts

Custom die cast Bel Air features shimmering burgundy metallic paint, an enormous supercharger bursting through the hood, "Ferrari-inspired" grille, chrome-look accents, opening doors, and detailed interior.

Volkswagen Beetle features Autobot logo near driver-side door, and Bumblebee on chassis. With working wheels; rubber tires; and opening doors, hood, and trunk. Includes die cast Charlie figure.

Die cast metal and plastic Firebird Trans Am replica features a detailed 400ci 8-cylinder engine, Buccaneer Red paint, shaker hood with iconic bird graphic, snowflake wheels, and opening doors & hood.

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  • Bel Air: 1:18 scale; 10.5" long.
  • Vega Yenko: 1:18 scale.
  • VW Beetle: 1:24 scale; 8" long car; 2.75" figure.
  • Firebird: 1:18 scale.