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MAD Dumps On Trump Book
And Other Unlikeable Leaders!

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and absolute political idiocy gets mocked by MAD at least 9 times out of 10!

Special-edition collection is written and illustrated by the Usual Gang Of Idiots, and also includes side-splitting spoofs aimed at Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Bill Clinton, Fidel Castro, and so many more!
What Really Happens When You Die Book
Cosmology, Time, And You.

What happens to us when we die? Most turn to religion for answers; others to philosophers, the supernatural, or testimony from near-death experiences... but rarely to science!

Discover how cosmology and the dimension of time has very real implications not only for the universe, but us as well!
Shooter's Bible Guide To Home Defense Book
Don't wait to be placed in a dangerous setting without a plan to defend your home!

This all-encompassing defense resource not only offers vital information on firearms and other weapons, but also suggests the appropriate responses to many different home-invasion scenarios.

Learn how to: evaluate the premises, choose various security systems, safely interact with aggressors, improvise weapons, and more!
Children Of Nazis Book
How did the offspring of Nazi dignitaries Himmler, Göring, Hess, Frank, Bormann, Höss, Speer, and Mengele deal with the aftermath of the war and the skeletons that would haunt them forever?

Discover the fascinating story of 8 children of Third Reich leaders and their journey from the descendants of heroes to the descendants of despicable war criminals.
Imprisoned Book
Drawings From Nazi Concentration Camps.

Journey through one of the darkest periods of human history told through art created by those who were there.

This stunning collection of 276 black & white pencil, ink, and charcoal illustrations drawn by concentration camp prisoners provides visuals that even the most eloquent words and sentences cannot convey.
Card Games Book Set
Learn how to play some of the world's most popular card games!

Set of 5 books includes how to play: Rummy, Blackjack, Poker, and Solitaire (including fun variations on the traditional format).

Favorite Card Games teaches you how to play hearts, spades, canasta, and more.
Buckland's Book Of Spirit Communications
Experience for yourself the trance state, clairvoyance, table tipping, levitation, automatic writing, and more!

Guide and workbook for anyone who desires to learn how to communicate with spirits, you'll explore the nature of the physical body and learn how to prepare yourself for becoming a medium.
MAD Spoofs Sci-Fi And Fantasy Book
Whether you're a stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder or a fuzzball who likes to laugh it up, this Jedi-worthy special collector's edition of MAD has something for you.

Hilarious STAR WARS spoofs include such gems as "The Half-@ssed Jedi," "A Day In The Life Of George Lucas," and "The Empire Strikes Out."

MAD also takes hilarious cheap shots at Harry Potter, STAR TREK, Jurassic Park, and more!
Military Quiz Book
Test your knowledge of warfare through the ages!

1700+ questions (and answers) are arranged chronologically, from the ancient world to present day, including personalities, quotations, battles, weapons, and more.

Click here to see our entire Military collection!
The Bible Book By Book
Gain a deeper understanding of God's word!

Thorough guide includes an introduction and information essential for grasping the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and a portion of Deuteronomy.

Story, analysis, and commentary are covered on the events and lessons in each book to give you the big picture.
The Encyclopedia Of Superstitions Book
Discover 500+ of the most obscure, curious, and downright bizarre superstitions of the Western world!

Eclectic compilation features modern practices--blessing someone who sneezes, saving wedding cake, wearing St. Christopher medals while traveling, as well as centuries-old beliefs.
Secret Jets Book
A History Of The Aircraft Developed At Area 51!

It's the first fully illustrated chronology of Area 51's most famous aircraft projects! Learn all about Lockheed's U-2 "Dragon Lady," SR-71 "Blackbird" reconnaissance planes, the Predator drone, stealth fighters, and more!

Beyond the aircraft themselves, you'll also discover details of the many classified experimental programs at Area 51.

With historic black & white photos, diagrams, and maps.
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