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10 Minute Guide Bible, U.S. History, And Space Books
Learn about the Bible, U.S. History, and Space in 10 minutes each!

Condensed encyclopedias explore the history from creation to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Bible; major American historic events and policies in U.S. History; and everything from the origins of galaxies, stars, and planets, to the major figures and milestones in man's quest to understand the universe in Space.
Lock And Key Journal
Embossed and stitched leather journal contains 120 handmade linen parchment pages for recording daily events, sketching, unleashing your darkest secrets, and more.

Gold-look clasp on front keeps your work secure with matching padlock. Includes 2 keys. An elegant, thoughtful gift for writers and artists.
HOAX A History Of Deception Book
World history is littered with tall tales and the fates of those who have fallen for them. This collection of famous lies is a sly and sometimes hilarious look at a rogues' gallery of swindlers, scammers, and tricksters.

Find YOUR favorite alt-fact story, including: Michelangelo's fake masterpiece, The first female Pope, Gladiator death matches, and more.
Ultimate Random Trivia Book
Get smarter in a random way!

Ever wonder why there are 18 holes in golf? Who invented the jigsaw puzzle? How to put a ship in a bottle? Where vending machines came from?

Find the answers to these questions and 100+ more in this collection of history, culture, and pop ephemera. Each chapter includes a themed trivia question section.
Assassins' America Book
Lincoln watched a play. Garfield walked through a train station. McKinley shook hands with his public. Kennedy smiled and waved from a motorcade. In these moments, shots rang out and 4 presidents suffered mortal wounds.

Discover the stories behind the lives of each killer and his victim, tales full of twists and mysteries surrounding the terrible crimes still affecting Americans to this very day.
Think And Grow Rich Book
The Single Greatest Guide To Achieving Success Ever Written!

Discover the 13 principles that every person serious about achieving success should adopt. Invaluable guide teaches you how to transform desire into action, develop persistence, outwit the 6 "ghosts" of fear, and much more!
Animal Energies Book
Learn how to interpret our physical and spiritual encounters with animals in ways that enable you to achieve balance in the natural world.

Colorfully illustrated reference presents little-known facts about the habits of 58 North American animals, including their strengths and vulnerabilities, and how we can use these ancient animal energies as a gentle guide through life's challenges and obstacles.
How Things Are Made Book
The Fascinating Nuts & Bolts Of Human Ingenuity!

From helicopters to sneakers to smoke detectors to chocolate, uncover the stories behind everyday objects and how they're produced.

With informative, step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations, you'll learn the origin and creation process for air bags, DVDs, and smartphones, foods like sugar, cheese, and chocolate, health and beauty products including lipstick, nail polish, and sunscreen, and dozens more.
First Templar Nation Book
How 11 Knights Created A New Country & A Refuge For the Grail!

Conventional history claims that 9 men formed a brotherhood called the Knights Templar in Jerusalem in 1118 to provide protection for pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land.

Discover how the Order of the Temple existed a decade earlier on the opposite side of Europe, how the Templars created Europe's first nation-state, Portugal, with one of their own as king, and exactly where the Grail is located--hidden in plain sight to this very day.
Angels Of The Lord Book
Calling Upon Your Guardian Angel For Guidance & Protection!

Discover all there is to know about God's special messengers and command them to do your bidding!

Learn why angels were created, their heavenly purpose, their language and how to interpret it, and how to call out to your guardian angel in ordinary circumstances as well as in times of great need.
Secrets Of The Secret Service Book
Understand why the Secret Service is failing, and what must be done so its mission can be saved.

Former Secret Service Officer Gary Byrne shares how agents and officers are leaving the Secret Service in droves, how they're being overworked to the point of losing focus on the job, and how management makes decisions based on politics instead of the welfare of their employees... all with the hope that the problems plaguing this agency can be fixed before it's too late.
Brain Games Optical Puzzles Book
Challenge your brain and trick your eyes with over 135 visual illusions and activities!

Make classic "impossible objects" come to life, turn pages sideways and upside-down to find hidden images, solve spatial puzzles using logic and imagination, and more.
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