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Nazi Women Of The Third Reich Book
Many women welcomed the arrival of Hitler's regime with childlike enthusiasm, believing the dictatorship would make Germany master of Europe.

Discover the fascinating account of what happened to women during the time of the Third Reich, from the Nazi agents who kidnapped blonde children to be raised by "Aryan" families, to pilots launching suicide missions to rescue Hitler from his bunker, to the individuals who risked their lives to oppose fascism.
2019 U.S. Coin Digest And Standard Catalog Of United States Paper Money Book
$18.99 - $32.99
Easy-to-use color reference features professionally vetted values, complete coin listings, detailed coin images, and convenient lay-flat design for easy searching. Includes all U.S. coin issues through 2017, 11 grades of coin condition, 2000 color images, mint and proof sets, and more.

Over 1,000 color notes, essential descriptions, and real-world values provided by experts in up to 4 grades for: large and small size currency since 1861, gold and silver certificates, pre-Civil War treasury notes, error notes, and much more.

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Air Fryer Bible And Pebble Air Fryer
$22.95 - $79.98
Cook all your favorite comfort foods to crunchy, healthy perfection with the power of the circulating hot-air appliance!

More than 200 recipes, including Sunrise Quesadillas, String Bean Fries, Chicken Tenders, Apple Dumplings, and more, all carefully tested to help you get the most from your air fryer.

Sleek, space-saving air fryer features easy time and temperature controls; non-stick, dishwasher-safe basket and grill rack, and auto-shut off when food is done or when basket compartment is opened.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium, Titanium Dioxide, and Nickel, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm. For more information go to
Poison A History And Cults That Kill Books
$12.99 - $15.95
Discover the fascinating story of this dark, deadly, and most secretive of arts in Poison A History! Chronicles more than 2 millennia of famous and infamous poisonings from ancient Greek civilizations all the way through to the 21st century. In addition to details on motive, circumstances, means, and outcome, each tale features a "poison cabinet," providing a brief description of the source of various poisons and their effects on their unfortunate victims.

Thousands of religious, political, and self-improvement cults are active around the world, and an estimated 2-5 million Americans have been involved in a cult at some point. Discover shocking true tales of cult terror in Cults That Kill including: the Manson family, The People's Temple, The Vampire Clan, Heaven's Gate, and Silvia Meraz Moreno's Santa Muerte Cult.

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Cannabis A Beginners Guide To Growing Marijuana And Medical Marijuana Books
$12.98 - $14.95
Here's all the information you need to grow the perfect cannabis harvest with no schwag! Includes tips on germination, seed selection, pruning, dealing with pests, and more--to help you get the biggest buds every time.

The taboo surrounding marijuana is becoming a thing of the past! Learn about the breakthrough research that is changing how the nation is looking at and treating this once highly restricted substance. Discover how marijuana can help with pain, arthritis, ADHD, nausea, and more!

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Operation BBQ Cookbook
200+ recipes from championship-winning barbecue teams from across the U.S.

You don't have to be a master chef to make these meals--they have been scaled for the home cook wielding tongs at a backyard BBQ.

Learn how to make Bone-Sucking Baby Back Ribs, Jalapeño and Applewood Bacon Burgers, Whiskey-Infused Steak Tips, side dishes, desserts, and more.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to Operation BBQ Relief.

"There are so many amazing recipes in this book. If you buy only one cookbook this year, Operation BBQ needs to be it." --Aaron May, Food Network Judge
Donald Trump Coloring Book And Pencil Set
Whether he's crossing the Delaware or playing chess with Putin, see our 45th President like you've never seen him before! Over 50 line-art drawings give you plenty of options for showing The Donald's true colors!

Includes 36-pack of traditional, metallic, and neon coloring pencils.

Click here to see our entire Donald Trump collection!
Weather Disasters Book
How To Survive Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Blizzards, And Other Catastrophes!

Discover vital information on prepping for AND surviving every major type of weather disaster. Each chapter of this guide is devoted to a different catastrophe and lists: the science behind it, essentials you'll need to get through it, helpful prepping tips, statistics behind the disaster, resources to reach out for help, and what to do in the aftermath.

No matter who you are or where you live, catastrophe can strike at any time. Be prepared!

"This guide is now one of the most important tools in my safety kit!" --John Harris, Chief Meteorologist For KAMR 4
Cosmopolitan Sexopedia Book
Your Ultimate A-Z Guide To Getting it On!

Cosmo's team of sexperts explore the gamut of explicit topics, like fantasy, role-playing, sex positions that optimize your pleasure, and sexual health.

A whopping 157 topics organized in alphabetized chapters, probably including more than a few topics you never knew existed!
Where Are They Buried Book Revised Edition
2019 Revised Edition!

The most complete and well-organized guide to the graves, monuments, memorials, and tombstones of nearly 500 celebrities and antiheroes.

Every entry in this revised guide to the lives, deaths, and final resting places of our most enduring cultural icons features an entertaining capsule biography of little-known facts, a detailed description of the death, and step-by-step directions to the exact location of the grave.

Also includes an index organized by state, province and country.
Woodcraft And Indian Lore Book
From The Cofounder Of The Boy Scouts Of America!

This essential manual combines scientific knowledge with Native American wisdom and practices, making it perfect for Boy Scouts, pack leaders, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Learn how to build a campfire, dam, or birch basket; recognize animal tracks and constellations; treat everything from common cuts and wounds to life-threatening snake bites; and much more!
UFOs Among The Stars Book
Close Encounters Of The Famous Book!

Not all UFO sightings have been reported by ordinary people! Discover the often-startling influence these interstellar powers have had on some of the world's legendary celebrities, musicians, and sports figures, including William Shatner, Jimi Hendrix, Anthony Hopkins, and more!
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