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Circus Mania Book
The ultimate book for anyone who ever dreamed of running away with the circus!

Take a journey through the captivating world of circuses, performers, and big-top show biz with this "all-access pass" to different circuses, where trapeze flyers, clowns, animal trainers, and showpeople offer insight into the development of the circus from the Roman times to today!
Unforgettable Behavior Book
A domestic cat chasing off a fox. A baboon holding a bird. Dolphins working together to catch fish. A croc attacking a turtle.

You won't be able to look away as you page through more than 50 remarkable photographs of animals doing things never imagined!

Professional photographers took great risk to get these eye-opening shots, each accompanied by a short story explaining the image. Everyone from geeks to animal lovers will marvel at this gem.

Note: Some images show animal instinct that is not for children.
The Big Book Of Big Secrets
Discover little-known secrets from around the world, including unsolved mysteries, UFO encounters, hauntings, conspiracies, and more!

Learn the secret behind who really built the pyramids, who cracked the Liberty Bell, how to beat a lie detector test, etc.
Bletchley Park Brainteasers Book
Can You Crack The Code?

Are you a puzzle master? Fancy yourself a codebreaker? Discover fascinating recruitment stories from Bletchley Park, the top-secret home of British WWII cryptographers.

Then you can put your mental agility to the test with the included collection of fiendishly challenging hidden codes, cryptic crosswords, secret languages, and complex riddles!
How To Bonk In Public Book
Liberate your mind, body, and soul with 50+ ways to do it in public in a variety of different places. PLUS discover solutions for a lot of classic indoor and outdoor sexy-time situations.

Too many people around? No problem. Caught in the act? Don't panic! This handy guide has got ya covered (but not too covered, because where's the fun in that?)!
Cannabis A Beginners Guide To Growing Marijuana Book
Here's all the information you need to grow the perfect cannabis harvest with no schwag!

Includes tips on germination, seed selection, pruning, dealing with pests, and more--to help you get the biggest buds every time.
Monsters And Creatures Book
Discover the mythologies, sightings, and origins of 100+ weird and wonderful monsters from every continent and every time period--including those stalking us today.

Uncover the true stories behind the werewolves of medieval Europe, unicorns, mermaids, dragons, and more!
Screwed By The Aliens Book
Since the beginning of time, otherworldly entities have been pillaging and plundering our planet, raping our women, probing our bodies in an ungentlemanly manner, and ostensibly creating a "master race" of alien hybrids by removing the fetuses from artificially inseminated females who have been abducted by UFO occupants around the globe.

Discover frighteningly true stories of alien sexual encounters throughout history up through today--many accounts revealed in this book for the very first time!
The Conspiracy Book
The Freemasons. The Satanic Hell-Fire Club. The Illuminati.

Illustrated with intriguing photos and ephemera, it's a must-read for anyone interested in learning more about the hidden forces that have shaped some of the most significant events in history.
How To Identify A Forgery Book
Currency, art, and historical artifacts are only a few of the objects commonly forged.

Using the techniques and procedures detailed within this guide, scientists in forensic laboratories throughout the world work alongside artists, museums, linguists, and historians to authenticate these items.

Covers: counterfeiting currency, electronic and digital signatures, forging art, handwriting analysis, and more.
Play Today Recorder
Play The Recorder Today!

Includes everything you need to begin playing today--a recorder, beginning method book with audio CD, songbook containing 10 rock & pop favorites, and play-along CD with full-band backing.

Learn how to play "Can You Feel The Love Tonight," "Free Fallin'," "How To Save A Life," "My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme From Titanic)," and more.
The Dictionary Of Espionage And Intelligence
Over 800 Covert Phrases!

Learn the secret language of espionage from a former member of both the civilian and military intelligence communities and America's most feared bounty hunter!

This complete lexicon contains the most up-to-date terminology of special operations from A to Z, including: "Breaktime" (time it takes to break down a subject), "Hero Project" (an operation considered too dangerous for anyone but the most-skilled personnel), "Cake or Death" (unspoken ultimatum that a prisoner understands he needs to cooperate or die), and many more.
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