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The Essential Cannabis Book
As the acceptance and availability of medical and recreational cannabis rapidly increases, more and more adults are curious to know what's fact, fiction, or simply cliché.

This essential, guide delivers the straight "dope" on marijuana growth, production, and usage, combined with personal and illuminating stories from dispensary owners, medical patients, journalists, growers (including a nun!), and more.
Secret Stories Of Hitler DVD Set
It's the most controversial documentary about Hitler ever made--it had even been BANNED at the Cannes Film Festival!

Disc set presents the life of the infamous dictator through home-movie footage interwoven with rare propaganda films, which presented Hitler as he wanted to be seen: consoling war widows, frolicking with young children, and more.

"If Hitler is dehumanized and shown only as a devil, any future Hitler may not be recognized, simply because he is a human being." --SWASTIKA
The Disaster Survival Guide
How To Prepare For And Survive Floods, Fires, Earthquakes, And More!

Prepare and respond to any crisis, man-made or natural, and however small or large it might be.

Comprehensive guide covers basic needs from food, water, and first aid, to shelter, security, and self-defense, and walks you though the steps of creating your own personal emergency action plan.
We Have A Winner Book
Step Right Up And Celebrate America's Outrageous Competitive Fire!

What's more American than apple pie? An American-as-apple-pie eating contest!

This collection captures the competitive American spirit through a coast-to-coast, visually stunning tour of our often wacky, uniquely themed contests, including: Outhouse racing, Miss Unsafe Brakes, World Pillow Fight Championship, The Undie 500, and many more!

100 Years Of "See It To Believe It" Contests!
Strange And Obscure Stories Of The Civil War Book
Discover the humorous and strange events that took place behind the scenes of some our most famous Civil War moments!

Learn about ladies who disguised themselves as male soldiers to gather Confederate intelligence, how Maryland Senators were summarily rounded up and jailed, how a former astronomer authorized events that led up to the "Great Locomotive Chase," and much more!

Click here to see our entire Military collection!
The Handy Forensic Science Answer Book
How To Read Clues At The Crime Scene, Crime Lab, And In Court!

Discover detailed information on crime scene investigations, techniques, laboratory findings, the latest research, and controversies.

Comprehensive resource provides well-researched answers to over 950 common questions, such as: How are bloodstain splatters categorized?

How long does DNA last outside the body? How is "insanity" defined in a criminal case? ...and hundreds more!
F*ck Off I'm Coloring Book And Pencils Kit
Adorned with exquisitely drawn art and a sh!t-ton of profanity, each page of this coloring book is a moment to take a step back from the world around you and enjoy some f*cking quiet time.

With perforated pages, you can remove these lovely-as-f*ck works of art and hang them on your fridge, or give them as gifts to your favorite mouthy friend.

Includes 36-pack of traditional, metallic, and neon coloring pencils.
Trained To Kill Book
Antonio Veciana fought on the front lines of the CIA's decades-long secret war to destroy Fidel Castro, the bearded bogeyman who haunted America's Cold War dreams.

Veciana transformed himself from an asthmatic banker to a bomb-making mastermind organizing sabotage efforts that ranged from massive misinformation campaigns to terrorist attacks in Havana and assassination attempts against Castro--all under the direction of the CIA.

Now, for the first time, Veciana tells all, detailing his role in the intricate game of thrones that aimed to topple world leaders and change the course of history.

"One of those essential books that 'our free press' is all too likely to ignore." --Mark Crispin Miller, professor at New York University
The Nazis Book
The Rise And Fall Of History's Most Evil Empire!

Masters of manipulation, double standards, and deceit, the Nazis were bent on world domination and engineered a global conflict in order to achieve their ends.

Discover fascinating psychological profiles of Nazi henchmen created in an attempt to reveal the character flaws that made them commit their terrible crimes.
Outdated Advertising Book
This outrageous collection of inappropriate ads will have you turning the pages and shaking your head in disbelief!

Uncomfortably nostalgic book takes a look at print advertising from the mid-1850s though the 1980s with an eye toward ads that were notorious for their sexist, racist, politically incorrect, or otherwise wildly inappropriate content--or for just plain bad taste.

A truly cringe-worthy illustration of just how far we've come as a society.

For adults only.
Fortune Teller's Handbook
For those who have wanted to try their hand at fortune telling, this comprehensive sampler of divination strategies offers 20 fun and easy techniques for predicting the future.

From more elaborate systems such as numerology, palmistry, and the I Ching to simpler dice and tea reading, you'll come to understand the history and usage of these ancient arts.

Expert insights, sample readings, and instructive illustrations provide practical guidance for the budding fortune teller.
The World's Bloodiest History Book
Humanity's Most Heinous Crimes Revealed!

Discover the causes and consequences of some of the most horrifying acts of war and terror from the pages of world history, including the Roman destruction of Carthage, the U.S. militia's slaughter of the Cheyenne people in Colorado, the Rwandan genocide, and more.

Every gruesome detail is laid out to illustrate the worst humanity has to offer.
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