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Jesus Resurrection End Times DVD
Myriad explanations and interpretations of the Holy Scripture have been handed down through the centuries, but what do they mean today, in our time?

Take a deeper look into the mysteries of Jesus, the end times, and more with this 8-program collection!

Includes: Resurrection of Jesus, How Did Jesus Die, Life After Death, 7 Myths Of Revelation, Sermon On The Mount, Honest To God, God: A Trinity, and The Paul Puzzle.
Countdown To Armageddon DVD
How does the Book Of Revelation apply to us in the 21st century?

Unprecedented collection contains 5 complete programs covering many aspects of Biblical prophecy, including: The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse; Apocalypse: Now, Later, Or Never; False Messiahs; Jerusalem: At Peace Or In Pieces?; and Inside The Middle East.
American Illuminati DVD
This is the real history of America as you've never known it--the shocking truth of how America was engineered and controlled by a secret organization that has infiltrated religious groups, political parties, universities and corporations.

Explore how the Illuminati invaded and took control of the United States of America with the ultimate goal of a one-world government.
Unsolved Mysteries Of The Second World War DVD
Why did Hitler challenge the world's greatest superpower? Why did he halt his armies before Dunkirk, allowing the British to escape? Was he building an atomic bomb?

Historical evidence answers all these questions and more in this thought-provoking film.

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Discovering Bigfoot DVD
Journey into the heart of Sasquatch country with world-renowned wilderness experts and experience 3 incredible days and they encounter a real Sasquatch!

Discover new evidence revealed through scientific, systematic, and logical processes finally proving the existence of bigfoot.
Crime Files DVD
Go behind the horrifying headlines and delve into the criminal mind in this chilling collection.

Infamous names like Menendez and Peterson once dominated the news cycle, but have faded with time. Now, some of history's most notorious crimes are recreated, re-investigated, and relived in vivid detail.
The Legacy Collection Great Changemakers DVD Set
No word better describes 3 of the most influential men who fought for human rights throughout American history.

Expansive documentary collection chronicles their courageous legacy in three parts: Abraham Lincoln - Trial By Fire; Martin Luther King, Jr. - March To Freedom; and JFK - A New World Order.
Unexplained Sightings DVD
Explore mysteries from the outer limits of the universe and the dark recesses of our own world!

Are UFOs real? Is there life on other planets? How do we explain ghosts, poltergeists, sea monsters, and werewolves?

Collection of 3 programs includes From Another World, Unknown Worlds, and Unexplained Contacts, all of which may help to shed some light on these persistent mysteries.
Ancient Aleins And The New World Order 2 DVD
Who are the overlords that govern us and from where do they derive their power?

Recent discoveries across our planet reveal that a highly advanced race of nonhuman beings did indeed come to Earth in our ancient past, but the most shocking realization is that they are here now to implement their sinister agenda.
Hwa Rang Sul Defense Training DVD
Learn the secret of "Exploding Power" that is key to filling in the "blind spot" gap in up-close fighting (the gap between "boxing range" and "clinch range" that most martial arts don't prepare you for).

This modified system based on a Korean style called Hwa Rang Sul--has proven so valuable in real-world combat that several Marine special units and huge metro police gang units have trained in it almost exclusively.

You'll learn how to put your opponent in immobilizing pain, slam your attacker face-first into the ground, and even the "double-tap" knee strike that guarantees he will not get back up once he's down.

Best of all, you can learn these skills virtually overnight!
Knights Templar Rise And Fall DVD
Eons ago, an enigmatic group of warrior monks made history.

Discover how the Knights Templar are linked to the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, and even the bloodline of Jesus Christ.

See how they discovered a shocking artifact beneath the Temple of Solomon and held mankind's greatest secret of all by banding together to protect it for centuries.
Unknown Mysteries DVD
World Of The Strange & Extraordinary!

Since time began, humans have searched for answers to life's unexplained events.

From angels to ghosts, ancient prophets to modern psychic detectives, astral projection to the mystery of dream healing, all these and more are documented in Inside The Unknown, Powers Of Spirit, and Beyond The Real World through eyewitness accounts, rare photos and footage all around the globe.
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