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Unknown Mysteries DVD
World Of The Strange & Extraordinary!

Since time began, humans have searched for answers to life's unexplained events.

From angels to ghosts, ancient prophets to modern psychic detectives, astral projection to the mystery of dream healing, all these and more are documented in Inside The Unknown, Powers Of Spirit, and Beyond The Real World through eyewitness accounts, rare photos and footage all around the globe.
Indian Fighting Skills DVD
Arm yourself with the deadliest fighting secrets ever!

Learn both the traditional application of Native American fighting skills, and the down-and-dirty ways to adapt those skills to today's violent streets.

Some of the hand-to-hand fighting techniques you'll learn include: single-move kill tactics, vicious strikes that cripple your attacker instantly, moves that make it impossible for another man to capture you or hold you down, and much more!
Al Capone Hidden Secrets Of Great Gangsters DVD
Never before has such a gallery of hoodlums, cops, robbers, and daring crooks been assembled into one great collection!

Using FBI and police film, archival footage and rare photos, the story traces the life of the infamous Al "Scarface" Capone. During the '20s and '30s, he and other public enemies such as John Dillinger, Bonnie Parker, Clyde Barrow, Dutch Schultz, Pretty Boy Floyd, Machine Gun Kelly and other Depression-era gangsters were the focus of lawmen all over the country.

Set of DVDs contain a bonus newsreel--much of it never-before-seen!
Trump The Art Of The Insult DVD
Thirty years after he authored The Art Of The Deal, Donald Trump used "The Art Of The Insult" to brand political opponents and bash the media all the way to the White House.

Revisit his improbable journey from Trump Tower to rallies across America to the debate stage, where he reveled in mocking and taunting rivals with targeted insults and nicknames.

Click here to see our entire Donald Trump collection!
Tai Chi Combat DVD Set
Learn the secret Tai Chi "Death Blow" move in a matter of hours and transform your hands into deadly weapons!

Tai Chi master Richard Clear provides step-by-step instruction for: "unhinging" the shoulder for maximum body-weight power transfer, the Shock Knockout move for rendering an attacker unconscious, the lethal Clavicle Shot for inflicting massive internal damage, and much more!

Disc set includes bonus breaking board (which you will learn how to destroy using JUST your fingertips!).
Ranger Navigation DVD Set With Compass
Using the same techniques taught to hardcore Army Rangers, this instructional DVD with included high-performance survival compass will help take you from novice to expert navigator FAST, so you'll always know exactly where you are and how to get where you need to go.

You'll learn advanced orienteering methods, how to pre-plot a complex travel plan, accurately set coordinates, and more!
The Real Story Close Encounters Of The Third Kind DVD
Though a work of fantasy, few realize that the sci-fi classic Close Encounters Of The Third Kind was actually inspired by real-life witness testimony, as well as a series of UFO sightings in Michigan in the summer of 1966!

Documentary separates science fact from science fiction by re-examining government documents and putting old witness testimonies to the test using modern technology.
The Secrets Behind Leonardo DaVinci DVD
Was: $14.99
Now: $12.97
Who was Leonardo DaVinci? Artist? Inventor? Engineer? A man ahead of his time?

This insightful documentary attempts to piece together the many clues left behind in his diary and masterpieces to create an accurate portrait of this brilliant and legendary man.
Reza's Favorite Tricks DVD
Was: $21.98
Now: $19.97
Learn magic now with this step-by-step instructional DVD and a set of 4 bonus red sponge balls!

Tricks include: telekinesis, triple prediction, mystery levitation, torn & restored, and 10 more!
3rd Reich Hitler's UFOs DVD Set
Hitler's UFOs & The Nazi's Most Powerful Weapon!

The Nazis possessed technology that was 100 years ahead of the allies. After being captured, many top scientists and psychiatrists of the elite Nazi regime admitted that an outside force assisted them, and that the 3rd Reich's ultimate mandate was to create "the most powerful weapon."

Explore the Hitler's Illuminati connections in Dark Secrets of the Nazis; and the influence of otherworldly beings in Alien Contact: Nazi UFOs.
America's Treasures DVD Set
Was: $15.00
Now: $12.97
Take an exciting journey across America to the national parks and monuments that pay tribute to our country's beauty and history!

Features over 25 historic and majestic locations, both man-made and natural.

You'll travel coast to coast from Glacier Bay in Alaska, to Canaveral Seashore in Florida, and visit famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, as well as some least-known treasures like Bandelier Monument in New Mexico.
Saltwater Aquarium Vision DVD
Was: $26.98
Now: $14.67
Enjoy stunningly beautiful coral-reef fish swimming in their underwater world without the hassle and outrageous expense of owning a saltwater fish tank!

Just insert the disc in your video player, select "music" or "natural sea sounds" mode, and relax!
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