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Combat Classic 50 Movies DVD Set
Over 70 explosive hours of Hollywood's finest depictions of the glory and horrors of combat!

Mega collection features such classic screen legends as Richard Arlen, Van Johnson, James Cagney, and Ronald Reagan. Disc set includes Gung Ho, Go For Broke, Blood On The Sun, The Big Lift, Hell In Normandy, and dozens more!

See additional info for full movie list.

WARNING: Contains material suitable for mature audiences only.

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The Wild Wild West Complete Series DVD Set
Relive the heroic adventures of the 1870s Secret Service Agents and celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of TV's most popular and imaginative series!

Fight alongside the ever-resourceful ladies' man, Federal Agent James West (played by Robert Conrad) and his colorful sidekick Agent Artemus Gordon (played by Ross Martin).

Crisscross the country in a high-tech railroad car, executing impossible missions assigned to them directly from President Grant!
George Carlin Commemorative Video And Audio Collection
Encompassing over 5 decades of George Carlin's hilarious and groundbreaking career, this commemorative collection brings together, all of the legendary comedian's HBO specials plus hours of bonus material, including Carlin's posthumous audio release, "I Kinda Like It When A Lotta People Die."

Featuring never-before-released material from 1960s all the way through the 2000s, including the oft-requested 40 Years Of Comedy special hosted by Jon Stewart, this is a must-have collection for fans, and represents the most complete collection of Carlin performances to date!

Set includes 8 DVDs, one audio CD, one Blue-Ray disc, a booklet, and George Carlin poster.
Blue Angels And Thunderbirds DVD Set
Strap yourself in for high-altitude adventure with this thrilling 2-disc set featuring the Navy's Blue Angels and the USAF's Thunderbirds!

Soar with hosts Dennis Quaid and Candice Bergen as you discover the Blue Angels' and Thunderbirds' illustrious histories through archival footage and interviews with pilots and crews.

You'll even "co-pilot" an F-18 Hornet and F-16 Fighting Falcon through their awesome stunts!

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Toys For Better Sex DVD
It's your comprehensive guide to sex toys and stimulators for couples and solo play!

Beautiful couples explicitly demonstrate dozens of toys including multi-purpose vibes, dual-pleasure devices, anal stimulators, and much more.

Expand your sexual repertoire and discover how toys can awaken your senses, excite your desires, and fulfill your fantasies.

Contains nudity and explicit sexual instruction. You must be at least 21 years old to order Intimate DVDs.
The Three Stooges DVD Set
Over 35 Hours Of Hilarity!

They're not ordinary people... they're morons!

Set of 2 massive collections includes a huge compilation of knee-slapping series episodes, shorts, and hilarious extras, including: The New Three Stooges complete animated series (156 episodes!), a 9-part documentary series, 6 Stooge classics (including 2 unaired TV pilots!), a Three Stooges family photo album, the full-length self-titled biopic film, 28 classic shorts dating from the '30s-'50s, and 3 early Stooge cartoons.
Cannabis Evolution DVD
For thousands of years, humanity has been using the cannabis plant to treat various medical conditions.

The early 20th century saw a vilification and prohibition of the plant--a movement born out of greed, lies, and racism. Only now are scientists beginning to confirm what the ancients knew: Cannabis is one of the most medically applicable plants mother nature has to offer!

This invaluable documentary dispels the lies and addresses the facts about the most astounding and controversial plants to ever sprout.
Hogan's Heroes The Complete Series DVD Set
Hilarity finds a home in the most unlikely of places--a WWII German POW camp--in this hit comedy from the 1960s.

Bob Crane stars as the irascible Col. Hogan, leading his fellow prisoners in a variety of mad escape plots. With John Banner, Werner Klemperer, Larry Hovis, Ivan Dixon, and Richard Dawson rounding out the stellar cast.

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H.H. Holmes Original Evil DVD
The Identity Of Jack The Ripper Revealed?

Meet the psychopath who killed roughly 200 people in a self-made house of horror: H.H. Holmes, the dark lord of the Murder Castle in 19th-century Chicago.

His devilish architectural creation was made specifically to murder people, featuring trap doors, chutes, false doors, hidden passageways, and spy holes.

And according to family, he just might have taken his killing spree to London, as the infamous Jack The Ripper!
Aliens And Agenda 21 DVD
The Shocking Agenda To Wipe Out Human Existence As We Know It!

We are living on a prison planet controlled and orchestrated by the ruling elite under a plan to extinguish human life for profit. By the year 2030, the human population could be reduced to only 500 million.

Learn how we can unite and fight back... before it's too late!
The Road To WWII DVD Set
This innovative 16-part series examines integral events as they progressed from the Armistice in 1918 to the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Tour the globe and revisit crucial sites from the U.S., Japan, Russia, and Europe. See and hear Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt like never before!

Hosted by elite WWII correspondent Eric Sevareid, who, for many, became the voice of the war.

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New Erotic Seduction DVD
Tempt And Tease Your Way To Great Sex!

Learn proven techniques of seduction with informative and highly arousing demonstrations by sexy real-life couples. Discover new ideas for spontaneous sex indoors and outdoors, as well as new ways to seduce and be seduced.

Contains nudity and explicit sexual instruction. You must be at least 21 years old to order Intimate DVDs.
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