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Perplexing And Ultimate Maze Book Set
Was: $9.98
Now: $7.97
A-maze yourself as you work your way through brain-bending labyrinths!

Perplexing Mazes features pages of puzzles from beginner to advanced.

Ultimate Maze contains pages of mind-boggling mazes categorized by difficulty from "No Brainers" you can solve in about 5 minutes to "Full Brain Overload" that could take hours.
Binocular Highlights Book
Was: $24.98
Now: $19.87
109 Celestial Sites For Binocular Users!

Tour 109 celestial sights--from glowing clouds of gas and dust to unusual stars and distant galaxies--with just your binoculars!

Plotted on a detailed, easy to use star map, most objects can even be found in a light-polluted sky. Don't own a set of binoculars?

This book also shows you how to buy the perfect set of stargazers.
The Skeptics' Guide To The Universe Book
Was: $30.00
Now: $24.97
Finally, a guide for combating sloppy reasoning, bad arguments, and superstition!

Debunks scientific myths, fallacies, and conspiracy theories from UFOs to the anti-vaccine movement to homeopathy. Covers essential critical-thinking skills, gives insight on how the human brain works, and explains the tenets of skeptical thinking.

Learn the difference between science and pseudoscience, how to tell real news from fake, and how to discuss conspiracy theories with a nutty friend.
Astronomy Bible Book
Was: $19.95
Now: $12.87
Take a trip without leaving home!

This comprehensive guide to what lies beyond planet Earth helps you navigate the night sky; identify constellations; and find planets, comets, and entire galaxies on your own! It's almost like being "out there!"

With star-finder charts and constellation maps, you'll learn the most fun and effective ways to observe the night sky.
Learn Something New Card Games Book
Was: $13.98
Now: $10.97
Brush up on the classics and learn a dozen new card games, plus a few sweet card tricks.

Includes detailed explanations and illustrations for complex games and tricks.
$10 Dinners Cookbook
Was: $21.99
Now: $17.97
100+ Family Meals That Won't Break The Bank!

Learn how a family of 4 can eat extraordinary meals for $10 or less WITHOUT sacrificing flavor or variety!

Discover 100+ dishes including Sautéed Chicken With Sage Browned Butter, Korean-Style Beef Tacos, the Best Damn Chicken Pot-Pie you've ever tasted.

You'll even learn how to throw a dinner party for $25, host Thanksgiving for under $50, and more!
60 Seconds To Die DVD
Was: $29.98
Now: $19.77
70 Frightful Films!

A non-stop, heart-pounding horror anthology in the style of the most shocking and gritty movies of the '70s!

This modern-day video grind house contains 70 frightful short films that'll make you wanna sleep with the lights on.
7 Crimes That Made History DVD
Was: $16.98
Now: $12.87
Some crimes are so sensational that they leap out of the annals of crime and into popular culture.

From Jack The Ripper to Roswell to the death of Lady Di, each episode in this series revisits a page of our shared history, meticulously decoding and deconstructing a sensationalist news item.
Shooter's Bible Guide To Home Defense Book
Was: $19.95
Now: $12.77
Don't wait to be placed in a dangerous setting without a plan to defend your home!

This all-encompassing defense resource not only offers vital information on firearms and other weapons, but also suggests the appropriate responses to many different home-invasion scenarios.

Learn how to: evaluate the premises, choose various security systems, safely interact with aggressors, improvise weapons, and more!
Children Of Nazis Book
Was: $22.99
Now: $17.87
How did the offspring of Nazi dignitaries Himmler, Göring, Hess, Frank, Bormann, Höss, Speer, and Mengele deal with the aftermath of the war and the skeletons that would haunt them forever?

Discover the fascinating story of 8 children of Third Reich leaders and their journey from the descendants of heroes to the descendants of despicable war criminals.
Card Games Book Set
Was: $9.98
Now: $8.97
Learn how to play some of the world's most popular card games!

Set of 5 books includes how to play: Rummy, Blackjack, Poker, and Solitaire (including fun variations on the traditional format).

Favorite Card Games teaches you how to play hearts, spades, canasta, and more.
Buckland's Book Of Spirit Communications
Was: $22.99
Now: $17.87
Experience for yourself the trance state, clairvoyance, table tipping, levitation, automatic writing, and more!

Guide and workbook for anyone who desires to learn how to communicate with spirits, you'll explore the nature of the physical body and learn how to prepare yourself for becoming a medium.
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