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Joke Toilet Paper
Was: $6.98
Now: $2.07
It's 50 feet of funny!

Laugh your buns off with quilted TP that tickles your funny bone and gives you something to read during your "down time."
Comicon Socks
Was: $7.98
Now: $2.07
Now you're ready to sock it to the bad guys (yeah, we went there)!

Crew socks feature fun comic-book sound-effect graphics and black polka-dot pattern on yellow background.
10 Minute Guide Bible, U.S. History, And Space Books
Was: $12.98
Now: $2.07
Learn about the Bible, U.S. History, and Space in 10 minutes each!

Condensed encyclopedias explore the history from creation to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Bible; major American historic events and policies in U.S. History; and everything from the origins of galaxies, stars, and planets, to the major figures and milestones in man's quest to understand the universe in Space.
Fear Of Giants Tee
Was: $15.98
Now: $2.07
Our orange tee reads: I HAVE A FEAR OF GIANTS Fee Fie Phobia.
Quitting My Job Tee
Was: $15.98
Now: $2.07
Our red tee reads: The Next Best Thing to Quitting My Job is FANTASIZING about Quitting my Job.
Into Fitness Tee
Was: $15.98
Now: $2.07
Our red tee reads: Yeah, I'm into FITNESS. FITNESS Whole Pizza In My Mouth!
3D Motokit Military Edition
Was: $5.98
Now: $2.07
Build your own wind-up military vehicle!

Punch out pieces from the parts sheets and assemble a fighter jet, helicopter, tank, or fighter plane with included gearbox. Then wind 'em up and watch 'em go!

Easy assembly with no glue or tools required. Vehicles vary; our choice, please.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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Nano Strong - As Seen On TV
Was: $14.98
Now: $2.07
Shield your valuable mobile devices with a super-strong, crystal-clear screen protector!

Easy-to-use protectant resists scratches, impact, and fingerprints; repels water, dirt, and grime; creates an anti-bacterial barrier; and is completely invisible with no bubbles or screen distortion!

Just clean your screen, wipe on Nano Strong liquid protector, and buff away excess residue. Protects screens up to 13" for up to one year!

Kit includes cleaning wipe, protector wipe, and microfiber buffing cloth.

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The Year Of The Geek Book
Was: $25.00
Now: $2.07
Discover a fresh take on the world of sci-fi and geek culture through stories, illustrations, and over 100 geek-approved infographics!

Each day tells a different story from the sci-fi universe, from famous franchises and figures such as STAR WARS, The Matrix, Peter Jackson and Luc Besson, to lesser-known stories include French cult classic City Of Lost Children, Japanese anime Akira, and bestselling German novelist Marcus Heitz.
God Loves You Tee
Was: $17.98
Now: $2.07
We all know someone who likes to tap dance on our last remaining sane nerve.

This navy tee lets others know the struggle is very real.
Self Working Handkerchief Magic Book
Was: $7.95
Now: $2.07
For magicians wishing to start a magic act with a dramatic visual effect, there is no better choice than a handkerchief trick!

Learn everything you need to know to quickly and easily perform 61 different illusions--no previous experience is necessary and most tricks require only a simple handkerchief!

Guide includes over 500 illustrations.
Members Only Book
Was: $14.99
Now: $2.07
Secret Societies, Sects & Cults - Exposed!

No need for secret handshakes or passwords--this is your all-access guide to the secret societies, clandestine cults, and exclusive associations that you've always wondered about!

Profiling 50 groups, from the centuries-old Freemasons, to the snooty Skull and Bones Society, to a club just for magicians, you'll learn the secrets of these mysterious organizations--including how to join up!
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