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Patriotic Eagle Caps
Features 3D embroidered bald eagle head on the center panel with an off-center embroidered eagle "silhouette" in blue or red.

Stitched American flag flows seamlessly from bill to crown, wrapping around toward back panel.
Poop Surprise Gift Box Set
Coal on Christmas morning makes one statement; this elegantly boxed set of 2 fake poops makes a stronger point.

A perfect stocking stuffer or gag gift, for the one who was naughty!
Fender Bottle Opener Keyring
Be prepared for the band's next "pause for the cause!"

Attach this plectrum ("pick" to the rest of us) shaped metal bottle opener to your keys and you'll always be ready for a break. A rockin' cool gift for guitar players, Fender fans, and music lovers.

Intended for the adult collector and not for children.
Casino Pen Set
Just click to spin and see if you win! Fully functional as a pen or a stress reliever! Set of 2.

Assorted colors, our choice please.
Stack The Poops Game
How will your doo stack up against the law of gravity? Arrange poops in a giant pile, then pull them out one-by-one until a tower of turds comes crashing down.

Includes 45 wood "poop" blocks and poop emoji-shaped topper.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Outwitting Squirrels Book
Bird lovers unite!

It's time to take our bird feeders back from the fast, greedy, crafty, fluffy-tailed little rodents that pillage our birdseed right in front of us!

Classic defense manual for the besieged birder gives 101 cunning strategies (serious & hilarious) for outwitting larcenous squirrels.
Tactical Girls 2019 Playing Cards
Reloaded for 2019 with 12 new images, these playing cards featuring exotic weaponry and beautiful women are sure to be a hit at your next poker night.

Standard-size poker deck; 52 cards.
Self Defense Kitty Keychains


Made of unbreakable lightweight ABS plastic--as strong as metal!

Fingers loop through the eye holes so that the tips of the ears can be used to defend against an attacker. Attach to keys or carry in your pocket.

Available in black or pink.

Buy any 2 or more, $8.98 each.
Jelly Belly Krispy Kreme Gift Box Set
$14.98 - $15.98
Now here's some good news, especially if you're a cop!

Savor 5 authentic flavors of the delectable treat: Cinnamon Apple-Filled, Strawberry Iced, Original Glazed, Glazed Blueberry Cake, and Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles! A little sweetness to go with your morning coffee (although we don't advise dunking!)

Set of 2 boxes so there's plenty to eat AND share!
Wash Your Nuts Soap
$11.98 - $12.98
Stay squeaky clean!

Shaped like a pair of shiny acorns, this luxuriously nutty soap-on-a-rope hangs in the shower just waiting to be grabbed.

Makes a great gag gift!
Money Maze Gift Box
$9.98 - $12.98
It's easy to make a deposit--but try to make a withdrawal!

Challenging acrylic box is a great way to give gifts such as money, gift cards, rings, watches, and small jewelry, because the recipient must first solve the tantalizing maze to open the box and retrieve their treasure!

Full instructions included in case they give up.