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Animated Striking Snake
Scare the BeJebus out of your guests with this motion-activated striking rattlesnake!

Rubber snake's eyes glow as it lunges forward, hisses, and rattles its tail when movement is detected, certain to make your visitors wish they wore brown pants.
Pile Of Poop Soap
All right... who took a dump on the counter?!

Brown novelty soap is shaped like a real turd, but thankfully, this load is unscented. Makes a great gag gift--in a plain white box to surprise the recepient!
Animated Rip Von Kringle Farting Santa
Animated Santa Can't Stop Passing Gas!

Rip Von Kringle™ is tootin' & hootin' his way through the holidays! Squeeze his hand to hear his wisecracking spiel.

His cheeks light up and legs kick as he laughs each time he lets one loose.
Star Wars Princess Leia Slave Costume Stand Up
Little did Jabba the Hutt know that by forcing Princess Leia Organa into that metal bikini, he'd officially sealed his doom!

Life-size cardboard cutout of Slave Leia makes a powerful--and stunning--addition to any STAR WARS fan's collection.

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Donald Trump Pooper Keychain Set
Give this set of 2 mini Trumps a squeeze, and "poop" pops out his behind!

Great gag gift and stress reliever.

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Chia Pet Poop Emoji
The perfect gag gift for that friend who can always find the beauty in even crappy situations!

Fun Chia Pet clay planter is shaped like the popular poop emoji and includes removable expression sheet, enough chia seeds for 3 plantings, plastic drip tray, and instructions.

Full growth in 1-2 weeks.
Fidget Pen
$10.98 - $11.98
The perfect gift for pen clickers, pencils chewers, and fidgeters!

Fully functional ballpoint pen sports all sorts of tactile features including sliders, switches, clickers, and twisters.
Enchanted Spell Oracle Kit
Use your intuition and be guided by the natural wisdom of the medieval world with these 36 illuminating cards and accompanying guide, brimming with botanical information, symbolic meaning, and kitchen magick.

Create the life you want by using commonplace kitchen ingredients for bewitching recipes, rituals, and spells.
Donald Trump Splat Ball Set
$8.98 - $9.98
Throw Donald against any hard surface and watch him go SPLAT!

Flattens on impact and returns back to original shape to use again and again. Set of 2.
Things To Do While You Poo Toilet Paper Set
Don't just sit there... give your brain a workout while you're dropping the kids off at the pool!

Set of 2 rolls of TP feature puzzling brain teasers including mazes, hidden images, and more on every sheet.
Marilyn Monroe Showgirl Stand Up
Did you know Marilyn Monroe was originally supposed to wear this barely there bejeweled fishnet number in the classic Gentleman Prefer Blondes?

Life-size cardboard cutout depicts the blonde bombshell in all her diamond-encrusted glory.
Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch And Bus Stop Stand Ups
Welcome everyone's favorite blonde bombshell into your home with these life-size cardboard cutouts of the timelessly beautiful Marilyn Monroe!

Marilyn poses atop a subway grate wearing her iconic white cocktail dress from The Seven-Year Itch, and as sultry saloon singer, Chérie, from Bus Stop, wearing her sizzling red & black showgirl leotard trimmed in gold fringe.
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