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Halloween Things

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Reaper Sphere Tee
$19.98 - $21.98
We'll never listen to the song "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" the same way again!

Black tee features a sinister graphic depicting the Grim Reaper holding his scythe in one hand, and Earth in the other.
Many Faces Of Mike Myers Tee
$21.98 - $23.98
Why use facial expressions to convey your mood when you have a perfectly good butcher knife?

Black tee illustrates Michael Myers's chillingly void expression, perfectly capturing the psychotic nature of the infamous serial slasher.
Voodoo Skull
Place-this life-size stylized skull on your desk as a beautifully sinister accent, or to help prevent coworkers from slipping unwanted work in your in-box!

Skull features grimly realistic detailing and a wide array of carved runes, shapes, and voodoo-style designs. Perfect for fans of voodoo culture, the occult, and macabre décor.
Hear, Speak, And See No Evil Skulls
We've seen nothing, we've heard nothing, we know nothing!

Set of 3 skull figures are styled like the proverbial 3 Wise Monkeys, and look great on desk or shelf.

Intended for the adult collector and not for children.
Tethered Hex Pendant Necklace
A powerful talisman to help ward off evil, invite good fortune, and look a little more bad*ss.

Pentagram pendant is crafted of fine English pewter and includes a black embedded waxed cord for hand tying.
Skull Salt And Pepper Holder
This sinister skeleton is ready to serve up some flaming-hot flavor!

Figure is fashioned like a grinning skeleton clasping salt and pepper in its bony grip with stylized "flames" coming up from below.
Red Curse Pendant Necklace
We're not saying this sinister "evil eye" pendant will definitely ward off malevolent curses, and such, but it probably wouldn't hurt?

Also, the red synthetic snake eye set in a cast pewter human eye socket atop an arrow-headed pentagram looks pretty bad*ss.
Grim Reaper Mug
Coffee is called the Nectar of Life for a reason--because you feel like death until you get some!

Mug is shaped like the Grim Reaper with his deadly scythe forming the handle.
Prince Of Oblivion Clock
Was: $15.98
Now: $12.97
Even if you kneel to the Prince Of Oblivion, you're doomed!

Forboding artwork depicts a sinister fanged skull bearing a jewel-encrusted crown and exhaling a poisonous green fog upon his subjects.
Glass Skull Tee
Was: $17.98
Now: $14.97
Chilling "glass" skull grins from the front of this black tee, its transparent features illustrating death as the great equalizer.
Skull Box With Rolling Eye Balls
The all-seeing eyes on the lid of this trinket box may be all you need to keep snoopers from plundering your treasure!

Box with removable lid features 2 rolling plastic eye balls, and handpainted sinister details.
Grim Reaper Model Kit
Was: $39.98
Now: $34.97
The hour is at hand, the last grain of sand runneth out... The reaper has sharpened his scythe and sets his baleful gaze toward his next unfortunate victim.

Grim Reaper model kit features hourglass and scythe as well as a detailed base with gruesome headstones and appropriately gnarled foliage.

Crafted of easy-to-assemble styrene and includes instructions. Cement and paint not included.
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