The Practical Witch's Spell Book
Price $17.00
What's the difference between a "good" witch and a "bad" witch? Only time.

Now that witchcraft and mysticism have gone mainstream, witches are sources of wisdom and healing, sought after for their knowledge of the mystic arts.

Learn everything you need to know about modern magic and spellwork including incantations for love, happiness, prosperity, health, vocation, and wealth.

Also discover the power behind crystals and ritual, learn to make potions, and more.
Crazy Sh*t Old People Say Book
Price $13.00
Book Of Barbs By The Elder Set!

With old age comes gray hair, creaky joints, and an apparent license to speak one's mind without fear of consequence. Laugh along, but be prepared for some uncensored, no-holds-barred, comments and opinions!

Warning: Contains risque adult humor.
Outwitting Squirrels Book
Price $16.95
Bird lovers unite!

It's time to take our bird feeders back from the fast, greedy, crafty, fluffy-tailed little rodents that pillage our birdseed right in front of us!

Classic defense manual for the besieged birder gives 101 cunning strategies (serious & hilarious) for outwitting larcenous squirrels.