2019 Tactical Girls Wall Calender
Price $16.95
Fill that empty space on your man cave, garage, barracks, or tent wall with 13 months of girls and guns!

Beautiful women pose with some of the world's most exotic weaponry in realistic tactical settings.

You'll find sexy stunners cradling assault rifles, machine guns, pistols, and sniper rifles alongside specifications and trivia from military, law enforcement, and firearms history.
Donald Trump Out Of Office 2019 Wall Calendar
Price $13.99 - $14.99
It's 2 years down with 2 to go! (Maybe less?)

Whether you're an exasperated newcomer or you've been counting down The Donald's presidency since Inauguration Day, this calendar filled with hilarious and VERY SAD moments will help get you through year 3 (all in fun, of course--we respect the office of the president).

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