Excuse Me Squirrel Tee
Price $17.98 - $19.98
You might have filled it for the birds, but it's the squirrels who come knockin' when the feeder is empty!
Ultrasonic Yard And Garden Protector - As Seen On TV
Price $27.50 - $29.98
Keep nuisance animals out of your yard and garden!

Simply set the dial to repel specific pests, including cats, dogs, skunks, rodents, deer, and more; and motion sensor activates an ultrasonic tone to keep them away.

Weather proof, detects movement up to 15 feet away, and ultrasonic tone covers up to 5000 square feet. Includes mounting hardware.

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Outwitting Squirrels Book
Price $16.95
Bird lovers unite!

It's time to take our bird feeders back from the fast, greedy, crafty, fluffy-tailed little rodents that pillage our birdseed right in front of us!

Classic defense manual for the besieged birder gives 101 cunning strategies (serious & hilarious) for outwitting larcenous squirrels.