Black Eagle Dollar Bill
Price $14.98
Uncirculated, genuine U.S. legal tender $1.00 bill is enhanced with images from the 1899 $1.00 silver certificate bank note, affectionately known as the Black Eagle.

Considered by collectors to be one of the most attractive U.S. bills, it is the only piece of U.S. currency ever issued that depicts portraits of 2 different presidents--Lincoln and Grant.

Includes Certificate of Authenticity and vinyl folio for display.
Peace, Power, And Patriotism Tee
Price $19.98 - $21.98
A bald eagle clasps the Star-Spangled Banner in a powerful talon as he lets out a cry of freedom!

Stunning artwork is a salute to America on the front of this black tee.
Tribal Eagle Tee
Price $23.98 - $25.98
A trio of bald eagles is surrounded by a dreamcatcher crafted of the claws and bones of their ancestors and a war-torn Star-Spangled Banner, creating a timeless display of the perseverance of the American spirit.

Black tee features front & back imagery.