Quick Click Faux Snake Belt With Buckle
Price $34.98
Durable, quick-adjust belt features the look of real snake skin; a heavy-duty, snake-textured metal buckle; and no holes!

Micro-ratcheting adjustment in 0.25" increments makes it easy to adjust to the waist size you need. Just click to loosen, click to tighten.
The Secret Lost Diary Of Admiral Richard E. Byrd
Price $21.95
Is This Proof Of A Hollow Earth?

Admiral Byrd was a respected adventurer, and in 1947 he embarked on perhaps his greatest flight ever. Here is the secret diary of the man who claims to have visited the paradise that exists inside the Earth!

Plus, a "long-lost" manuscript detailing the phantom of the poles and more Hollow Earth theories.
Darwin's Skull
Price $44.98
With Secret Drawer!

Cyborg-style mechanical-looking skull sports loads of intricate, handpainted details from the metal-look scrollwork mohawk down to his jaw.

Quality figure features a drawer on one side, perfect for stashing coins, jewelry, small trinkets, and more. Drawer blends in to go undetected.